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The Restaurant and Ambience

Wahoo's Bistro is another feather on the cap for St. George. As the numbers of restaurants have been reducing at the eastern end of Bermuda, Wahoo's has added a welcome option, particularly when it comes to seafood specials. The restaurant is owned by two Bermudians Alfred Konrad and Geza who have decades of experience in the restaurant industry. 
Alfred was the owner of Mulligan's restaurant located at the St. George Club for 10 years before it was closed down by the Government. He was also the winner of the VIP Excellence Award for best Chef in 2006 and have many local followers. 
Geza on the other hand had been the owner of Beer Garden in Hamilton and later the owner of one of the best catering services in the island called The Flying Chef. The two Wahoo's on the restaurant logo represent the two owners. So what do the owners bring on the table? 
Wahoo's Bistro Bermuda - Waterside Patio 
Wahoo’s Bistro Bermuda 
Photo: Wahoo's Bistro 
Wahoo has actually replaced the earlier restaurant Cafe Gio. It has taken over the same waterfront space overlooking St. George's Harbor where the earlier restaurant used to be located. 
The new restaurant with a casual relaxed atmosphere offers a terrace, an open waterside patio (with roof cover) and inside dining for enjoying your food. They have decided on an open kitchen so that the guests can see the chef cooking and Alfred has a chance to interact with them. The restaurant always seems to be well patronized by families, couples and groups and much liked place on the island. 
Inside Dining 
Wahoo’s Bistro Bermuda 
Photo: Wahoo's Bistro 

Food and Drinks

As starters or soup, the Wahoo Chowder is probably one of the best to try. While they prepare the traditional fish chowders, application of Wahoo is quite novel and worth a try. It's more cream based and more like a New England clam chowder and includes potato and celery.  
A salad as simple as the shrimp with arugula and tomato balsamic tastes extremely fresh and great to get you started. The conch fritters here are arguably some of the best you will find on the island. We even tried the Jerk Caesar wrap which was outstanding. The watermelon croutons along with the Caesar salad in the wrap lent the perfect amount of coolness to the spiciness of the hot wahoo which also cooked beautifully. The Jerk flavor was spot on. 
While the menu is not extensive, there are various fish specials. A nice dish is Smoked Wahoo Pate served with fresh vegetables and bread. While it's not too heavy, it can serve as a light meal. Grilled Wahoo is heavier and served with potato fries. You can almost taste the freshness of the fish in their seafood dishes (in some cases they were actually in the ocean a few hours back!). 
Red Snapper Special 
Red Snapper Special 
Photo: Wahoo's Bistro 
We tried the grilled swordfish here and can say it was beautifully done. The choice of spices was perfect and the fish was extremely moist with a lovely crust. The schnitzel sandwich, fish cake, wahoo nuggets and for that matter any of the fresh fish platters are all delicious. 
Another great item on the menu is the seasoned yellowtail snapper served over a bed of rice and a side of coleslaw. The rockfish casserole is a specialty here and a must-have if you can find it. It is crunchy on the surface and almost melts on the inside. It has a mild zing, is extremely fresh and tasty. The Fish Trio or the Bermuda Triangle dish brings to your table three different fish in three distinct flavors, each complementing the other wonderfully well. 
Honey Fried Chicken Special 
Honey Fried Chicken Special 
Photo: Wahoo's Bistro 
Dinner specials also includes rockfish with fresh fruits and ginger, herb crusted lamb racks, grilled lamb chops, Tuscan style pork, chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto and sage, 16oz rib-eye steaks, shrimp harissa, pasta dishes and more. We particularly liked the lobster meal. You will get it during the lobster season only (i.e. starting September). 
Actually, during the lobster season, you will find lobsters simply pouring out of the kitchen. Alfred really prepares them well. Dishes also include wahoo tacos and wahoo burgers with mozzarella sticks and cheese burgers which children especially enjoy. The rice and peas are good and the steak and fries is quite delicious with a perfectly cooked, juicy and flavorful piece of meat, sauteed onions and mushrooms and thin golden fries.  
And then there is large selection of Italian ice creams. The chocolate bread pudding with Gosling's rum custard is very nice. Vegetarian options here are few with mostly veggie burgers and salads on offer. They have a nice selection of Australian wine. Wines are available by the glass or bottle. You can even try the frozen cocktails as they taste great. 


The service is a highlight here being friendly, prompt and professional. They can make great recommendations on the menu, explain the specials of the day and give good advice on the portion sizes too. The servers are personable and makes you feel at home. They are also very helpful if you have questions. Orders are carried out with accuracy and ease.   


Wahoo's Bistro accepts credit cards. Reservations are recommended. The restaurant is a bit small so it could get quite crowded and the wait long if you do not have reservations. Dress code is smart casual. Prices are comparable with other similar venues on the island, though it is less expensive than dining in the Hamilton area. Besides, the portions on all the courses are large (be aware of that while ordering extras, sides etc) and the quality of food is great, so the prices seem quite in line with it.  
However no prices are displayed on the specials board, so beware. The chef comes out sometimes to the deck area to feed the fish. It makes for an entertaining sight. In 2014, Wahoo's won the Best of Bermuda Award for Porch and Patio Dining. 


Ideally located on the water and close to the ferry service, Wahoo's offers you a great ambience along with delicious food. Indulge in some delightfully grilled fish and  fresh crisp salads and wash it down with an island brewed delicious drink. Rejuvenate in their terrace or indoor dining where the atmosphere is lively especially in the evenings with some local music and warm lights. Watch the action in the kitchen while enjoying your meal. This makes for an exciting experience. You will see a lot of locals frequent the place and this is almost a stamp of approval in itself. 

Indicative Prices

Appetizers: $8-$14, Salads: $8-$14,  
Main courses: (Lunch): $15-$24, (Dinner): $23-$45 
All Desserts and Gelato: $9 
Wines by the glass: $8, Frozen drinks: $9 

Open Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: Lunch - 11:30am to 5pm; Dinner - 6:00pm to 9:30pm 
Monday (Lunch only) 11:30am - 5pm (April to October. Closed on other months) 
Bar is open from 11:30am until the kitchen closes. 

Location and Contact

36 Water Street, St. George, Bermuda. Phone: 441/297-1307. Email: [email protected] 
Bus # 1, 3, 10 or 11 operate between Hamilton City and St George. 
Check out St. George Dining Map to see the location of this restaurant and others around. 
Road Map 
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