Restaurants in Warwick Bermuda

Warwick parish is not a place where there is a large concentration of restaurants and eateries like in Hamilton City. But out of the handful that exist, some are top notch and feature prominently in our list of favorites. 
(American &  South Western Cuisine) 
This Bermuda restaurant, one of our top favorites, has an impressive view of the Belmont Hill Golf Course. You get standard American cuisine, including steaks and ribs, but the chefs like to add bold flavors with lots of exotic herbs and spices. You also get a wide variety of fresh seafood here. 
This is a Branch of the original Swizzle Inn in Hamilton Parish, which is the oldest pub in Bermuda and creator of the Bermuda’s well known cocktail drink - The Rum Swizzle. Essentially pub food served. 
X Closed 
This is a nice restaurant & bar overlooking a pool and the ocean. It's located in the Surf Side Beach Club.  
(Bermudian) X Closed 
The restaurant is located in the Surf Side Beach Club and has both inside and outside terrace seating. The sunset view from the terrace is wonderful. This is a great place for a romantic dinner. 
This is a bowling alley having a fast food restaurant with a bar. 
If you are still not satisfied with the above options and want more, there are loads of fantastic restaurants in the neighboring parishes. Take a look at all our favorite restaurants I have described under Southampton Restaurants, that are quite close by. 
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