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Well known for its pink south shore beaches, national parks, reserves, golf courses and other great attractions, Warwick is a parish that has a perfect mix of everything. Warwick, pronounced as wah-rick, was named after the Earl Sir Robert Rich. 
Warwick Bermuda 
Photo: kansasphoto/flickr 
He was a major British investor in 1600s to colonize Bermuda and the parish. Over the years, Warwick parish has developed into one of the top tourist places in Bermuda with its many natural resources such a lovely pink beaches, great attractions, facilities, and several quality hotels. 
Warwick is located in the western part of Bermuda between Southampton and Paget parishes. It takes only about 20 minutes by bus to reach Hamilton City from Warwick. 
Check out Parish Map to see the location of Warwick and other parishes in Bermuda. 

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Hotels in Warwick Bermuda

There are excellent and relatively cheap hotels in Warwick. It will be actually wrong to say that accommodation in Bermuda can ever be really cheap. But, during our many vacations in the island, we had found several hotels in Warwick that are reasonable in charges and offer some great values. 
Here are our top selections of hotels in Warwick. 
Category: $ 
With an excellent view of the harbor and wonderful accommodation, this BnB in Bermuda is a great place for a romantic vacation. It is owned and run by a Bermudian lady who is an artist herself. 
Category: $ 
This is an excellent guesthouse accommodation. Granaway is a fairly old mansion and you get a taste of old Bermuda here. There are rooms with different colors and having different facilities, like some have exclusive terrace or patios. There is also a nice cottage in Granaway. 
Category: $ 
This is a great place if you are looking for apartments in Bermuda. However the accommodation is quite limited here. You have a choice of suites or apartments with separate living rooms. The apartments are clean and well appointed. Clairfont is close to some of the best beaches in Bermuda (some like Warwick Long Bay are within easy walking distance). 
Azura Bermuda 
Category: $$$$ 
The former hotel known as Surf Side Beach Club was renovated, converted into a beautiful upscale boutique hotel and has opened now under the name AZURA. It is situated directly at the wonderful southern coastline. All rooms offer either a balcony or a terrace and therefore a great place to watch the ocean. Rooms, Suites and Villas are available and a private beach to enjoy the Atlantic ocean. 
90 South Road, Warwick, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 232-9000 
Category: $$$ X Closed 
Surf Side Beach Club is a nice secluded hotel overlooking the south shore beaches. 

Restaurants in Warwick Bermuda

Although not many, but there are some really great restaurants and pubs in Warwick parish. Among the upscale ones, Blu Bar and Grill is one of the best and very popular. It has wonderful views of the Belmont Hill Golf Course. The famous pub Swizzle Inn has a branch in Warwick. And there is a take away outlet of Wok Express which serves excellent Chinese cuisine as well as Sushi. 
Check out Restaurants in Warwick to see more details about restaurants and bars in the parish. 
The neighboring parish Southampton too has several excellent restaurants and eateries. For more options, check out Southampton Restaurants

Warwick Beaches

If you are a beach lover, you will love Warwick parish. There are some superb pink sandy beaches in this parish, plus all the wonderful beaches of Southampton parish are also within close distance. Here are our favorite beaches in Warwick. 
This wonderful and secluded beach is half a mile long stretch of pink sands and dunes. It's a great place for snorkeling. 
A lovely cove usually remains secluded. Several weddings have taken place here. 
This is a small wonderful and secluded cove surrounded by steep cliffs. The romantic setting of the beach often makes it a wedding venue. 
This is a stunningly beautiful cove at Warwick. The cliffs here are home to many long white-tailed tropical birds. There is a park above the cove called the Astwood Park. There are Picnic tables, parking space and toilets in the park. The park is a great place to observe the annual migration of seabirds. You can occasionally see Bermuda's national bird - the longtails during season. 
Quiet and ideal for relaxing, this beach stretches across the boundary between Warwick and Southampton parishes. 

Warwick Attractions

This is the entire stretch of the south shore beaches and trail area, and is part of national parks of Bermuda. It starts from Southampton Parish and stretches all the way towards east. At Warwick, it begins at Chaplin Bay, goes past Stonehole Bay and Jobson's Cove, and ends at Warwick Long Bay. 
This is one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in western hemisphere and dates back to 1719. This beautiful church with a large graveyard is located on the Middle road opposite to Belmont Hills Club. You can reach by Bus #8. Sunday service is held at 8am and 11am. 
Christ Church, Warwick, Bermuda 
Photo: Christ Church 
The church has taken a step forward to engage with the community more closely. A facility known as Loads of Love has been opened within the church premises to help the homeless with free showers and laundry services.  
Located at Warwick parish, this is the oldest Methodist building in Bermuda that still exists. It was built by the free blacks and the slaves in 1827 to have a place of worship of their own. They worked mostly during their free time at night to complete the construction. 
This is a 9-acre Nature Reserve and is the second largest freshwater pond in the island. It's a sanctuary for resident and migratory waterfowl. The eastern hillside borders the entire length of the Warwick Railway Trail. The forest at the hills has some of the largest all-spice trees in Bermuda. You can also see Bermuda cedars here. 
Update Jan 2010: Since December 2009, name of Warwick Pond has been changed to Sherwin Nature Reserve in memories of Dennis Sherwin, an ex-president of Bermuda National Trust
Harbor Road, Warwick 
This is a stretch of narrow winding road full of some spectacular views. Buses can't take you here. Your option is to take a scooter or walk. But you will be treated to some marvelous views including Darell's island with Burt island just behind it. You can also get an end-to-end view of Granaway deep and the Belmont Ferry stop. 
View of the Great Sound from various points in Warwick is spectacular. The water area has a number of tiny islands. Some are privately owned, some are often used by locals for picnics. There are recreational cruises from Hamilton City that organize evening barbecue at several of these islands. Sometimes local boaters get together, anchor and have cockpit cocktails and picnics. Often week-end yacht racing takes place at Great Sound. 
Great Sound, Bermuda 
Great Sound, Bermuda 
Photo: Yingna Cai, Shutterstock 
Darrell's Wharf 
This is a ferry dock located on the Harbor Road and at the border between Warwick and Paget parishes. The ferry takes 15 minutes between Darrell's wharf and Hamilton. From here, on some days you can see cruise ships entering the Hamilton Harbor from the north shore channel or leaving the harbor, and escorted by tugboats. This narrow channel to enter Hamilton Harbor is called Two Rock Passage and is being used by cruise ships since 1896. 
Darrell's Wharf, Bermuda 
Darrell’s Wharf, Bermuda 
Photo: Yingna Cai, Shutterstock 
This is a wonderful marine area in the Great Sound and surrounded by several tiny islands. 
This is the oldest school in Bermuda originally built in 17th century and the one to first allow black students. The old two room building can still be seen in a surrounding of palm trees. Campus tours can be organized by contacting them. Check out the link for details. 
A narrow road with historical significance that goes out from the Middle road, cuts through a hill, and goes all the way towards the south shore beaches. 
This is the head office of Bermuda Regiment stretching across a large area on the south shore and having rifle ranges, officers mess, barrack rooms etc. Although Warwick Camp is not open to visitors, special visits can be arranged on permissions. 
Higgs Nature Reserve and Park 
This 2 acre parkland is maintained by Bermuda National Trust and was opened in December 2008 to the public. It was designed by David Wingate, a former conservation officer. One of the main attractions here is the Jack's Pond. You will see many different kinds of plantations and rare flowers in the park. 
Longford House 
This is a private house located on Longford Road in Warwick, and is owned by the famous Hollywood actor Michael Douglas. This 2.5-acre hilltop estate on the south coast has been a long-time home of Michael and his celebrity wife Catherine Zeta Jones. 
Riddell's Bay 
You get a wonderful view of the water area. There is a golf course here with an exceptional view and I have described that separately below. Take bus #8 and get down at Heron Bay Plaza. Walk along Riddell's Bay road and you will see the golf course on your right. Take a left to the Fairways Road and you will get superb views. 
Riddell's Bay, Warwick Bermuda 
Riddell’s Bay Bermuda 
St. Mary's Anglican Church 
Located off Middle Road, this is one of the old and historic Anglican churches in the parish. It has its own nice graveyard. The cemetery has one Commonwealth burial from World War-I and one from second World War. 2, St. Mary's Road, Warwick. Phone: (441) 236-2304. Bus route #8. 
Spithead House 
This is a historic private house in Warwick located on Harbor Road and facing the Great Sound water area. The house was built by Hezekiah Frith, one of Bermuda's richest privateers of late 18th and early 19th century. Frith was a master in smuggling and hoarded a huge booty from two stolen ships. He had also kidnapped a French woman and kept her here as a mistress. Both are said to be haunting the house. Frith died in 1848. The house was later owned by several famous persons successively including dramatist Eugene O'Neill, actor and playwright Sir Noel Coward and Charlie Chaplin. The property is not open to public. 
This is a 37 acre estate in Warwick having wonderful woodland areas, a main house, pools, garden quarries and a secluded beach of its own. 
Marley Beach at Southlands 
Marley Beach Bermuda 
Source: Wikimedia Commons 
Tivoli Estate 
This is an 11.2 acres area maintained by Bermuda National Trust as a nature reserve. The estate includes Tivoli Pond and Tivoli House. The house was built in the early 19th century and is a great example of Bermudian architecture. 
Tour of Warwick 
Take this self guided tour of Warwick to explore the entire parish and all its attractions. 

Sports and Recreational Activities in Warwick

(Warwick Parish, 18 holes, 6017 yards, par 70) 
This golf course has undergone a full renovation in the recent past. The course has now become much faster with use of Tiff-Eagle greens and also more attractive with lakes separated by a waterfall. The excellent ocean views and tropical landscaping also add to the new course's appeal. There is a pro shop and a snack bar and restaurant in the complex.  
(Warwick Parish, 18 holes, 5800 yards, par 70) 
Some of the holes of this Bermuda golf course are so close to the ocean that it imposes fair amount of challenges. In fact, they say that the first hole is the toughest in the whole of Bermuda. There is a pro shop and a restaurant in this complex. 
Spicelands Riding Center X Closed 
A Horse Riding center in Warwick Bermuda that offers guided rides along five great trails. One of them is along the coastline of Warwick Long Bay. This is probably the only guided ride along the water edge. Riding on the beaches is generally not allowed in Bermuda during the summer time. Check out Bermuda Horseback Riding for details like rates, timings etc. 
A great Kids and Family place spread across 4 acres of land including children playground, nice trails, a zoo and picnic areas. The playground has slides set up on tree style, swings etc. The zoo has guinea pigs, parrots, lambs and goats, dwarf horses and such. The facility has a broader mission towards the disabled and those having special needs. There are toilets and other amenities like wheelchair access. 
Warwick Playground 
A nice clean park maintained by the government and popular to families and children of all age. There are rope ladders, swings, tunnels and even a wooden fort on the playground that are favorites to the kids. All these are surrounded by white soft sands to make them safe for the children. There is also a resident flock of chickens in the park and you will often see kids chasing them. There is also a mobile toilet here. A trail from the park leads to the Warwick Long Bay beach. Location: South Shore Road. You can take a bus or a taxi and get down at the parking area on South (Shore) Road located south west of the playground. 
Warwick Railway Trail 
The part of the scenic Bermuda Railway Trail that goes through Warwick starts from the Cobb’s Hill and goes past the Belmont golf course. This picturesque stretch is ideal for walking, running and cycling. You will see lots of plantation like jasmine and fiddle wood. You will also pass through limestone quarries, residential areas and farmlands on the way. 
One of the few 10-pin bowling facilities in Bermuda, Warwick Lanes has 24 modern synthetic lanes and an associated bar and restaurant. It is owned by the Bermuda Bowling Club. 

Shopping in Warwick

There is not much for the shoppers in Warwick parish other than some roadside stalls selling small souvenir items. However, there are some stores worth noting: 
Lindo's Family Foods 
This is a grocery store having a wide range of stocks... fresh produce and meats mostly from local farms. There are also products imported from places like US, U.K., Europe, Canada, Portugal, Caribbean etc. They also offer a Deli menu that includes items like Fish Chowder, Breaded Scallops and Shrimps, Meatloaf, Buffalo Style Tenders, Seafood Casserole, Smoked Pork, Sausages, Fried Chicken, Chicken Wings, Salad etc. 
Store Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8am-7pm; Wed, Fri, Sat: 8am-8pm; Sunday Closed. 
Address: 128, Middle Road, Warwick, Phone: 441/236-1344. 
Price Rite Warwick 
In 2016 The MarketPlace group has opened Price Rite - a large wholesale store with 13,000 sq ft retail area offering bulk purchase to customers. Other than offering a range of bulk food items including frozen food, vegetables, meat, alcoholic drinks etc, it also offers a wide range of household items including electronic goods such as TV, fridge, audio systems etc and also furniture, toys and lot more thus providing a one-stop shopping experience. 
There is enough car parking. It's located at the place where the erstwhile White’s Supermarket used to be at 22 Middle Road, Warwick. The original Price Rite store opened in Pembroke (Mill Reach Road) in 2007. The one at Warwick is a much larger wholesale outlet. 
Address: 22 Middle Road, Warwick, MB, WK 03 
Phone: 441-232-0010 
Store Hours: Monday - Saturday: 8am - 9pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm 
The Sports Source 
A shop selling shoes of various leading brands including Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. 49 Middle Road, Warwick. Phone: 441/236-9981. Email: [email protected]. There is ample parking at the adjacent supermarket area. This is a branch and their main store is at Hamilton city in Washington Mall. 
Hayward's Supermarket  
49 Middle Road, Phone: 441/236-8610. (Update: Haywards too closed down in 2012). 
White's Supermarket 
22 Middle Road, Warwick West, Phone: 441/238-1050 (Update: Whites Supermarket went bankrupt and closed down in 2012). 

Buses and Ferries

There are regular services of bus #7 and #8 that come from Hamilton, go through Warwick and all the way up to the Dockyard at the west end. Bus #7 takes South Road, whereas bus #8 takes the Middle road. Some of the buses terminate at Barnes Corner. The routes cover most of the attractions I mentioned above. There is no bus on Harbor Road. 
Check out Bermuda Bus Service for details on routes, schedules and fares. 
There is also a ferry service (Hamilton-Paget-Warwick, known as Pink Route Ferry) that stops at Darrell's wharf and Belmont Wharf, both located off Harbor Road. 
Check out Bermuda Ferry Service for schedule, routes and fares. 

Warwick Bermuda Map

Check out Map of Warwick to see an interesting map of the parish. This is an expandable map and you can zoom in to see great details including attractions and places of interests. 
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Cindy Petrilli (May 2013) 
Hi, I was wondering what places in Warwick sell bus passes. Thank you, 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, May 2013) 
Hi, You will get bus/ferry passes and tickets at Warwick Post Office (Bus route #8). Here is the address and contact details: 
Warwick Post Office 
70 Middle Road, Warwick Parish. 
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm 
Phone: 441/236-4071