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Khyber Pass is a narrow road in Warwick that cuts in from the Middle road and goes all the way up to the south shore beaches near Astwood Cove. It has been named after the pass in Afghanistan where the Bermuda based military regiment took a very heavy casualty during the Anglo Afghan war in 1841. Khyber pass in Warwick cuts through a hill. As you walk along or ride a moped, you can see soaring cliffs on both sides of this narrow road. 
At the foot of a hill, there is Warwick Post Office, and just outside that is the landmark rubber tree. There is a memorial here for the slaves who were denied the basic human rights during the slavery period in Bermuda. There was a time when this place used be the site for the slave market, where slaves were sold. 
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Today there is a country market held here between April and September from morning to evening. Lot of vendors set up their stalls selling various items including homemade jams and jelly, plants, shoes, clothing, vegetables, fresh fish, baked food etc. 
A tent is also set up for the children to play computer games. The country market is organized by Bermuda Small Business Association (phone: 441/292-5570). 
As you move along the Khyber Pass, you will see that it passes through limestone quarries that was once used heavily for construction of houses and buildings in the island. Continue on the road and you will finally reach the south shore beaches. 
Note that there is another road in St. Georges which is also called Khyber Pass that passes by the St. George's Golf Course. However that road is of not much significance and its name is more coincidental. 
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