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About Astwood Cove

Astwood Cove is one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in Warwick parish. Itís a small but beautiful and†secluded beach surrounded by steep cliffs. 
Astwood Cove Bermuda (Looking East) 
Astwood Cove Bermuda 
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There is a fairly steep winding trail from the park above that goes down to this picturesque beach. Itís a bit of a hike to get to the beach. But this actually helps to make the beach less crowded, and the hike is well worth the reward you finally get. 
It's a perfectly romantic beach and ideal for couples. The cliffs in Astwood Cove are home to many white tailed tropical birds. Itís a great sight to watch the cliffs full of bird nests and the birds swooping in from the sky. 
During summer when most of the beaches in Bermuda get crowded, Astwood Cove can give you the privacy and seclusion that you could be looking for. 
Since there are no life guards here and there is an added danger of many rocks in the water, swimming is probably suitable for more advanced swimmers. 
Astwood Cove Imagery, Bermuda 
Our Snorkeling experience here has been quite good. On a clear day when the water is calm, you can see parrotfish and several other types of fish. However, at times the water can get very rough. 

Facilities at Astwood Cove

There is no concession stand, food or beach rental facilities at the Astwood Cove. 
There is a park above, known as Astwood Park, overlooking the beach and the ocean. It has picnic tables, chairs, toilets and car/scooter parking. 
Astwood Park Bermuda 
The park also has fun nature trails. But, there are dangerous cliffs as well... avoid them. 
This picturesque park has been traditionally a great outdoor wedding site in the island. 
Bring along everything that you need including snacks and towels. The park and the beach remains secluded unless a private function like a wedding is held at the venue. 

GettingAstwood Cove Park &†Beach

Go to the Beach Map to view location of Astwood Cove and several other great beaches. 
Astwood Cove is located below Astwood Park on South Road, Warwick Parish. Bus #7 that runs between Dockyard and Hamilton has a stop nearby. It takes about 45 minutes by bus from the dockyard and 15 minutes from Hamilton. 
From the bus stop on South Road, a narrow paved road leads down to Astwood Park which is about 250 yards away. 
From the park, you can go down to the beach below. There is a steep trail through the cliff to get to the beach, but it can be risky. There are steps on the trail carved on old rocks, but they are not well maintained and eroded by nature. 
So, access to the beach is not suitable for children and is not as straight forward as some of the other beaches. You will find the steps on the left side of the beach (as you face the ocean). There is no life guard at Astwood Cove beach. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews

Joan L. Smith (Sept 2012) 
We'd visited Bermuda 26 times before discovering the spectacular beach at Astwood Park. I'll never forget seeing artists perched on various rock formations attempting to paint the scene. We thought we'd seen every beach until someone tipped us off on beautiful Astwood.