Beautiful secluded beaches in Bermuda

So looking to get away from the crowd and find a sandy piece of paradise in Bermuda? There are actually plenty of them in the island. Even during the high tourist season, you can find beaches that are seldom visited. 
Almost always you will have these beaches to yourself. But why are these beaches spared? Because several of them are a little away from the main tourist areas and do not have much amenities like cafe or beach bar, changing facilities etc, some are not easily accessible and require a bit of hike or walk from the nearest bus stop or car park, few are accessible only by boat and others are simply not known to the tourists. 
So when you find such a beach and in sheer ecstasy before you begin to undress, think what may be sensible thing to do here. Bermuda is by no means like United States. Nudity is not allowed in the beaches neither accepted publicly. 
The secluded beaches listed below are our personal favorites. Many have rocky formations along the shoreline making them look gorgeous and also giving enough lounging areas from where you can enjoy the beach privately. 
If you time it right, you can have the beach to yourself for about 3 to 4 hours in a day. After that this tiny beach disappears. Because this beach is available only during low tide. So you will need a tide chart. And you will also need to hike through a parkland in Sandy's for about 10-12 minutes (the trail is steep at some places and may not be suitable for the old). 
But this hike will lead you to a heavenly piece of sandy area. You can find great sea shells here on the sand. The underwater sea grass also attracts turtle in this area. And you can also see many different fish in rocky pools. This beach is also great for snorkeling. 

Bay Island Beaches

There are two tiny but lovely beaches adjacent to each other in a small island known as Bay Island off the north shore. You can enjoy the beaches and crystal clear blue water all by yourself. But how do you reach? Easiest way is to first reach Bailey's Bay in Hamilton Parish on north shore. Bus #10 or #11 (operating between Hamilton City and St. George) will get you there. From Bailey's bay the Bay Island is a short swim (about 200 meters). However note that the beaches disappear during high tide. So find out the low tide time (usually in the morning). 
This is a small beautiful beach on the south shore. While there are several other beaches and coves nearby, this one stands out with its scenic settings with rocks and cliffs surrounding it. You can either take bus #7 and get off at the stop for Chaplin Bay Beach (this is the twin beach of Stonehole Bay), then walk down to Chaplin bay beach, and you will find Stonehole right next to it and to its east. 
Another way to reach Stonehole is to get off at Warwick Long Bay beach bus stop (western end). From the car park walk down to the beach and keeping the ocean on your left, walk along the sandy trail. You will first reach Jobson's cove and then Stonehole beach. 
This beach is located at the western coastline in Sandys parish. Although it's quite close to the dockyard where the large cruise ships dock, very few know about this beach and therefore it remains as an unspoiled beautiful heaven. However there is no public transport right up to the beach. It requires some 20 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. It's actually best accessible with a scooter. The beach is excellent for snorkeling. There are several other private beaches that line up the western shoreline close by. 
This is a fairly long stretch of sand and located at the western end of Bermuda in Somerset. Hardly known to the tourists, this beach is mostly visited by locals (but that too seldom). The beach faces the western waters and offers an excellent view of sunset. The water is also shallow for about 100 yards into the sea and good for swimming and snorkeling. 
The beach has an adjacent nature reserve and parkland which is full of different kinds of birds. A great place to take a quiet romantic stroll. After viewing sunset, you may consider taking your dinner at one of the nearby restaurants that are locals favorites: Salt Rock Grill and Somerset Country Squire. 
This is a wide stretch of beautiful sand and located in Smiths parish at the eastern part of the island. One of the reasons this beach remains secluded is its distance from the cruise port (dockyard) and time to reach by bus. Otherwise this would have been easily as invaded as any other popular beach. The water area particularly the west-end reef area is excellent for snorkeling just few yards offshore. From the beach, you can also easily walk down to one of the most popular nature reserves and bird watching locations in the island - Spittal Pond. 
Located in Warwick parish, this is another stunning secluded cove on south shore. Like several other secluded beaches, Astwood Cove also requires a hike down a steep winding road. Surrounded by rocky cliffs and with a park above it, the setting is beautiful. You will hardly find anybody on this beach. The water gets rough at times and there are rocks on the water, so swimming and snorkeling should be done with care. 
This beach is located at the western part of Bermuda in Southampton. You will need to walk down for about 10 minutes along the Whale Bay Road to reach this small secluded pink beach. Other than a fort nearby on top of a hill, there is no other attractions around which makes it quite secluded. This beach is also available during low tide. You may find only a few fishermen here when they bring in their catch of the day or some locals fishing from the shore. The view of the sunset is excellent. 
Although located quite near Royal Naval Dockyard (about 5 minutes by scooter), this is a pristine little beach surrounded by a parkland, lush foliage and overlooking the great sound. Sometimes you can only find a few locals here. The beach has remained virgin and secluded because there is no direct bus route serving it. You need to get a rental scooter or walk from the dockyard. 

Turtle Beach

Another way to escape the tourists and enjoy a day in an exclusive beach is by making it to Turtle Bay Beach. This beach is located in St. David's Island at the eastern end of Bermuda and adjacent to Clearwater Beach. While Clearwater beach is also quite secluded, Turtle Bay Beach is simply out of the world. You may only find a few local kids in the water here. The Turtle beach is so named because it's quite popular for turtle sightings. 
The Rocky outcrops fringing the beach makes it an awesome sight. There are plenty of sandy areas between the rocks where you can lounge, enjoy the views and go for swims. You can reach Turtle bay beach by taking bus #6 from St George. It's located on Coopers Island road. But all services of the bus do not reach up to Clearwater or Turtle beach. So ask the driver. Otherwise you can take the minibus service from St George or a taxi. If you want a taxi on your return then call a taxi from 'BTA Dispatching' who are located close by (24x7 call center: 441-296-2121). 

Soldier Bay Beach

Just south of Turtle Bay Beach in Cooper's Island (St. Davids) is Long Island Bay Beach. From the southern end of Long Bay beach, a thin strip of land leads to Soldier Bay Beach. As you stand on the strip of land you can see the ocean on one side and the small beach on the other side with ocean beyond.... it's simply a mind blowing sight. The beach with rocky outcroppings surrounding it looks simply awesome. Just get your snacks and umbrellas, and you are on your own for hours. 

Drew's Bay Beach

This is a small romantic beach located at the north eastern coast of St. George's. This beach is hardly known to anybody and as expected, it will be your own for most times. Snorkeling and swimming is also excellent here. There is no bus service to this beach. The beach is located on Barry road. From Kings Square in St. George get to Duke of York street, continue along barrack hill and then take a left turn to Old Military Road, and then right to Grenadine lane, continue walking towards the ocean and you will reach Drew's Bay. It takes about 20 minutes walk from Kings Square. A narrow almost natural looking stairway from the road leads down to the small beach below. 
This is a small nice beach hardly visited by anybody other than few who are interested in collecting sea glasses. The beach is located at north eastern shore of St. Geroge's on Barry Road. You can walk down to the beach from Kings Square in about 30 minutes. There is an adjacent fort - Alexandra battery. 

An unnamed island beach

Well this is probably the most secluded and exclusive of all beaches in Bermuda, and expectedly it won't be easy to find or reach. This small pink sandy beach is located in a tiny island at the north eastern water area called Castle Harbor. The place is known as Castle Roads which is a water channel that was earlier used by the vessels to enter Castle Harbor. It is located in between St. David's island and the north eastern part of the main island of Bermuda. 
There are several tiny islands here which have 17th century forts on them that once guarded the channel. In a tiny island of Castle Roads, there is this lovely pink beach with crystal clear turquoise water. It is unnamed. The shallows extend for a long way into the water. And on the sandy bottom as you walk, you will see Sand Dollars (flat sea urchins). Just lounge on the beautiful beach and enjoy the sun shine and the view all around. It's a marvelous experience.  
You can reach this beach only by taking a boat tour or a rental boat. While there are several boat rentals in Bermuda, Blue Hole Water Sports would be one of the best to reach out to this island beach. They are located at the premises of Grotto Bay Beach resort in Hamilton parish and has easy access to Castle Harbor and all its islands. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Robin Gallo (February 2016) Subject: The best UNCROWDED beach in Bermuda 
First of all, I really have enjoyed your website. I've been coming to Bermuda on and off for about 2 years. Originally, I stayed at the Princess Hotel in Hamilton. They had a private beach which was exquisite and I absolutely loved it. But, since I cannot afford the Princess any longer, I stay at a friends house and do not have access to a private beach. I am arriving again mid to late June and would like to find a beach as uncrowded and secluded at the aforementioned one. It doesn't have to have a bunch of amenities since I plan on just some swimming and a little snorkeling perhaps. I am staying at Tucker's Point but use Sam Matthews as my driver when there and Sam can take me anywhere you recommend. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work on the website. 
Raj ( February 2016 
Hi, you can consider Astwood Cove in Warwick. This small beautiful south shore beach with rocks offshore and around usually remains free of tourists and locals, it can be almost yours exclusively for most times. The reason is, it's a bit off the South road (away from public bus stops) and the access to the beach is through a steep trail with steps from a parkland above. The trail is not easy to negotiate for all. But once you go down below to the beach, it's excellent. You can swim in the shallows and snorkeling is usually good unless the water rough. Toilet and seating facilityes are available at the park. 
Will Davi (August 2013) 
We arrive 10/2 to Bermuda and staying through 10/5. Planning to rent a Boston Whaler one day and curious if Hog Bay Beach is accessible by this method? Is Somerset Water Rental the closest vendor for this plan? Thanks - 10/2 is our 10 yr wedding anniversary so it would be great if we could find a secluded spot to just relax and enjoy a few hours of serenity away from the cruise ship crowds. 
Raj ( August 2013 
Hi, You can reach Hog Bay Beach by a boat if you can time it right. You will need a tide chart as the beach is visible only for about 3-4 hours a day during low tide. We haven't tried this method. Somerset Water Sports is a convenient place to get a boat rental for this and accessing the western water areas. Why not take a boat to the unnamed beach at Castle Roads (in Castle Harbor), enjoy the sunshine from the beach in absolute exclusivity, walk on the shallows, see sand dollars ... it can be a special experience. But you will need to go the eastern part of the island for the boat rental and accessing the beach (Grotto Bay Beach Resort).