Stonehole Bay Beach Bermuda

This is another lovely beach along the south shore and often called the twin beach of Chaplin Bay Beach
It is hard to believe that even being so close to the famous and the most crowded Horseshoe Bay Beach, Stonehole Bay mostly remains a secluded piece of paradise. 
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This small little cove and the beach area is surrounded by rocky cliffs and rock formations. The name of the beach is derived from a hole in a stone. 
Like several other south shore beaches, Stone Hole beach also has exceptionally pink sands. However the pink hue is more towards the edge of the water than towards the shore. 
The water here may be rough at times, but mostly remains good for swimming. During high tide, much apart of the beach can't be accessed though. 
There is a public toilet facility nearby (you can walk down to Warwick Long Bay Beach and avail the toilet facility and there is a concession stand as well). 
Like all other public beaches, Stonehole bay beach is also opened to public everyday from sunrise to sunset. 

How to reach Stonehole Bay

There are two ways you can reach Stonehole Bay Beach. Either take the bus #7 (takes about 40 minutes from Kings Wharf / Dockyard and about 20 minutes from Hamilton) and get off at the bus stand for Chaplin Bay, and then walk down to the beach.  
But our favorite way of getting to stonehole is from Horseshoe Bay Beach. Once you take bus #7 and get off at the bus stop for Horseshoe, walk downhill towards the beach and then take a left turn into a trail. 
This is a lovely trail that goes along the south shore. Alternatively you can go right up to the sandy beach of Horseshoe, turn left and start walking along the beach. 
The sandy cliff-side trail leads through dunes and offers a wonderful view of the waters. However if you decide to walk along the beach, you will at places need to wade around some water areas and rocky formations on the way. 
You should preferably wear some beach shoes although many walk barefoot to enjoy the experience. After about 700 meters, you will reach Stonehole Bay Beach. The beach is located near the boundary of Southampton and Warwick parishes. 
Road Map 
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