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Chaplin Bay beach is located to the east of Horseshoe Bay Beach. This small and secluded beach actually stretches across the boundary between Warwick and Southampton parishes. It's a quiet beach and a perfect location to relax, unwind and read a book. 
The beach disappears almost completely during high tides. There is coral barrier reef above the water surface that partially separates one half of the beach from the other. 
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Like Jobson's cove, Chaplin bay beach is also surrounded by cliffs. While the water here may be rough at times, but safe for swimming close to the shore. 
Chaplin Bay Beach is part of South Shore Park... a 1.25mile sandy trail from Horseshoe Bay Beach, passes by Chaplin Bay Beach and goes all the way to Warwick Long Bay Beach. 
The beach is named after Edward Chaplin, an early British settler who came to the island in 1635. He made major contribution to the local militia and was later rewarded with this part of the island. 
While there are no facilities at Chaplin Bay Beach, you can walk down to Warwick Long Bay Beach and use facilities like public toilets, concession stand (in summer) etc. 
If you come to Chaplin Bay on Canada Day, you will find lots of people here and the beach gets quite crowded with Canadian population of the island. Many fun beach activities take place on that day. The Association of Canadians in Bermuda usually holds the Canada Day every year on this beach 

How to reach Chaplin Bay?

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Bus #7 that runs between Dockyard (Kings Wharf) and Hamilton City, goes by Chaplin bay. The bus takes about 38 minutes from the dockyard and 20 minutes from Hamilton.  
Get off at Warwick Camp on South Road and on the opposite side a narrow road leads down to Chaplin Bay through a parkland full of trees (about 6-7 minute walk). 
Road Map 
There is a fairly large car park at the end of this road through the park, and then a short sandy trail from the car park leads down to the beach. 
There is also a scenic trail from Horseshoe Bay beach and you can walk up to Chaplin Bay. Itís about half a mile walk. 
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