Canada Day in Bermuda
A Beach Party

Held in the month of June/July, Canada Day is organized by the Association of Canadians in Bermuda. So what is Canada Day? It is on this day when the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada joined together to form the country Canada in 1867. So how is Canada day celebrated in Bermuda? 
Itís usually a 12-5pm grand beach party held at the Chaplin Bay. Mainly the Xpat Canadians working in Bermuda and their families participate in this beach party. The event offers BBQ and Bar, Kids Events, Face Painting, Sand Castle Competition, Beach Volley Ball, Tug of War, DJ and Cakes. The Canadian National Anthem is also sung at the event. 
Association of Canadians that organizes the event, is a voluntary organization that works towards: 
  • Holding Canadian events in Bermuda, including the annual Canada Day celebration and Thanksgiving Dinner  
  • Providing useful information to Canadians living in Bermuda and those considering to move to Bermuda 
  • Develop stronger business and†cultural links between Canada and Bermuda. They work closely with the Canadian Commission in Bermuda to achieve this. 
    There is a $10 membership fee and most of the events are discounted to the members. If you are not a member, you can still join the party or any other events organized by association, however, the event charge in such case is higher. 
    Update July 2013: Canada Day was celebrated on July 1st. This year the venue was changed from Chaplin Bay Beach to Warwick Long Bay Beach. More that 600 expat Canadians joined the beach party and there was loud Bryan Adam's music playing on the beach. It was a great day of bright sunshine. A Canadian merchandize stall was put up on the beach. A musician from Canada was flown in. There was even a Canada Day Cake shared. So overall the day was about a great patriotic spirit, singing Canada's national anthem, Canadian music and great party. 
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