Horseshoe Bay Bermuda: A Stunning Beach

With a curved stretch of pink sand on turquoise waters of the Atlantic and a cliff line with lush greenery fringing it, this beautiful beach on the south shore forms shape of a horseshoe and hence its name. It has been repeatedly ranked among the top beaches of the world. The main beach is about quarter of a mile but extends to several other excellent and relatively secluded beaches and coves to the east. 

The Beach and Activities

The beach has pink sands, more so near the water line. The water is usually great for swimming and snorkeling during summer. In fact snorkeling can be quite rewarding if you are willing to go a little offshore towards the rocks... you can spot many colorful fish like parrot fish, angel fish, wrasse, sergeant majors, snappers etc. However the ocean can swell quite high at times. So try snorkeling offshore at the rocks only if you are a good swimmer. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 4.0 
Being one of the most famous beaches in the world, Horseshoe bay beach can get quite crowded during the summers and fall (i.e. May to October) and this is when many cruise ships make calls to Bermuda almost daily and offload large number of tourists most of who head towards this beach. During high season, early morning is the best time if you want to avoid swimmers and sunbathers. 
Crowded Horseshoe bay beach in summer 
However during the winters and spring (i.e. December to April) the beach mostly remains free of tourists and you can really enjoy the sand and the views all by yourself along with may be a few locals. But swimming and snorkeling is difficult in winter unless you wear a wet suit. You can see the beach quite empty in the picture below. It was during morning hours in early March. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach in low season 
About 40 yards to the west of Horseshoe beach (i.e. to the right as you face the water) is Port Royal Cove also known as Horseshoe Cove. The cove is surrounded by large rocks that isolate the main sea, as a result the water is calm and shallow here. 
Horseshoe bay beach Bermuda 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Locals also call this 'Baby Beach' because it's ideal for kids to swim and snorkel in the shallow and calm water here. One can even hand feed the parrot and angelfish near the rocks. But be careful... the openings through the rocks that lead to the main sea can some times have water currents and kids should not be allowed to go there. The place is really picturesque and a photographer's paradise. 
Port Royal Cove 
Port Royal Cove Bermuda 
There are several beautiful and secluded coves and small beaches within easy walk from Horseshoe Bay Beach. If you want to avoid the crowd on the main beach, just walk a little to the east (i.e. to the left as you face the water), the crowd thins out and you will find the gems. 
The first one is Butts Beach, a beautiful calm water cove with rock formations... it's like a pool that opens to the ocean. A long rock goes into the water and separates the cove from Horseshoe bay beach. Butts beach is great for children to swim and snorkel, it is isolated and you will hardly find crowd here. Further to the east are Middle Beach, Water Rocks Beach and Angle Beach which are all secluded havens. 
There are couple of great cliff jumping opportunities in Horseshoe bay beach. One such point is known as Crown... as you enter the main beach having passed by the washrooms, you can see a large rock ahead slightly towards right, walk up the rocky pathway and you can find the jumping spot. There is another jumping point near the Butts beach known as Peel Rock
Read Cliff jumping to know all about cliff jumping in the island including at Horseshoe bay. 
There is a lovely walking trail to several other lovely South Shore beaches from Horseshoe Bay beach. To the east the trail passes below the cliff and through sandy dunes. Walk along the trail and you will reach wonderful beaches like Chaplins Bay, Stonehole Bay, Jobsons Cove and finally Warwick Long Bay Beach. The trail is only about 1.25 miles.  
Read South Shore Trail and Beaches for complete information about the trail. 
Families and children are often seen making sand castles on the beach. Every year in August or September, there is a Sand Sculpture Competition held at Horseshoe Bay beach. 
Sand Sculptures on Horseshoe Bay Beach 
Source: Wikimedia Commons 
On Good Friday, an annual Bermuda Kite Festival is held at the Horseshoe Bay Beach where thousands with families and children gather and participate in kite competition. Locals and visitors come with lots of colorful kites of all shapes and sizes, and there are prizes given out for various categories. 

A short video on Horseshoe Bay


Beach Safety

While Horseshoe bay beach is usually quite safe, sometimes there can be unpredictable ocean swelling resulting in large waves. And occasionally large jellyfish like creatures known as Portuguese-man-o-war are washed up the shore... although they might look harmless, the stings from their long tentacles can be very painful and sometimes poisonous. 
Do not leave your valuables unattended on the beach and go out to the water. There have been a few cases of theft. There are life guards on Horseshoe bay beach during summer (May through October) when there is lot of crowd on the beach. 
Read: How to safeguard yourself on the beach to know about all beach safety measures in Bermuda. 

Beach Amenities

  • There are free public restrooms, changing rooms and foot showers at Horseshoe bay beach. They are located on the sandy passageway before entry to the main beach. Entry to the main beach is near the western end of the beach. 
  • There are no locker facilities at Horseshoe bay beach. Do not leave any valuables unattended on the beach. There have been few cases of theft here in the past. If you have a waterproof pouch or a bag, bring that and carry your stuff as you go for a swim, unless someone is keeping a watch while you are away. 
  • There is a beach concessionaire Horseshoe Bay Live that operates from the building of the old Horseshoe Bay Beach cafe. The erstwhile Rum Bum Beach Bar has closed down. They also have an outdoor beach bar with a thatched roof that has a typical Caribbean vibe. There are tables and chairs scattered around the beach bar. You can also get your snack and drinks from the bar counter and carry your food and drink to the beach.  
    The food is simple beach fares like burgers, French fries, sandwiches, hotdogs, fish n chips, etc. You get beer, alcoholic beverages, ice cold drinks etc. Price is moderate and comparable to island standards. The beach bar is open daily from 10am to 6pm. There is also a rental desk outside. The day rate for a beach lounger and umbrella is $10 each. Once you pay for the beach chairs and umbrellas at the desk, simply walk a few steps to the beach and you can see the stacks of loungers and umbrellas. There will be young staff out there who will set it up for you. Cash and credit cards are accepted (not Amex card though). 
  • There is a parking lot area at the entrance of Horseshoe Bay Beach which is used by the shuttle buses and taxis. Several sun canopies with seats have been installed at the parking area in July 2019 to relieve the tourists and locals from the summer heat while waiting for their transport. 
  • On the main road and near the bus stop there is a nice restaurant Gulfstream. It serves Pizza, Panini, fresh seafood preparations, Sushi and other international dishes, and is a good place to have proper lunch or dinner. 

    Entry and Hours

    Horseshoe Bay Beach is a public beach and entry is free, in fact all public beaches in Bermuda are free. The beach is open from sunrise to sunset. All must leave the beach by sunset. 

    Guided Tour

    Viator offers a nice 3-hour Horseshoe Bay Beach Nature Trail Tour that lets you explore this beautiful beach, relax and swim if you want, explore the beach trail that leads out of this beach to several other lovely coves and beaches, know about how the locals hand-line fish, catch crabs and lizards, see wonderful rock formations and get to know about Bermuda's fruits, flowers and wildlife. 
    You can check rate and book this tour online through this Viator site

    Location and Transportation

    The Horseshoe bay is located in Southampton Parish at the western part of Bermuda and on the south shore. See this Beach Map to visually understand the location of Horseshoe Bay Beach and many other great beaches in the island. 
    The public bus stop is on the main road (i.e. South Road). Bus #7 caters to Horseshoe bay beach and operates between Royal Naval Dockyard (cruise port) and Hamilton City. From the dockyard it takes about 35 minutes to reach the beach by bus and from Hamilton about 30 minutes. Public bus fare from Dockyard/ Hamilton to Horseshoe bay stop is $4.50 by token and $5.00 by cash. For unlimited rides on public transportation, you can also purchase a Public Transportation Pass
    From the bus stop, you will need to walk downhill along an access road (known as Horseshoe Road) for about 400 yards and then through compact sand to get to the beach. While the downhill walk may not be difficult, but for many the way back up can be tiring and cumbersome. 
    Plenty of metered taxis are also available at dockyard and Hamilton. Approximate small taxi fare (up to four persons) from dockyard to Horseshoe Bay beach is $38 without tips and takes about 25 minutes. 
    Privately operated minibus shuttles are also available at the dockyard (usually with a capacity of 15 persons) taking cruise passengers to Horseshoe bay beach and back. Minibuses start when they get full and operate daily during the daytime in summer and make several return trips. One way minibus fare is $7 per person. You need to pay the fare to the driver in cash. Minibuses and taxis take passengers all the way down to the car/scooter park of Horseshoe bay beach and also pick them up from the car park... this helps avoiding the walk between the beach and the bus stop on main road. 
    Note: There is no public ferry service to Horseshoe Bay Beach. 
    Road Map 

    Nearby Attractions

    Nearby attractions includes Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, one of the oldest cast iron lighthouses in the world that was built in 1846. You can take a short ride on bus #7 or walk along South Road and get on to Lighthouse Road (about 1.2 miles from Horseshoe bay beach to its west). Climb the 185 stairs of the lighthouse to go to the top and get lovely panoramic view of the great sound and the parish around. 
    From Horseshoe beach, you can also walk along the South Shore Trail to the east and get to several wonderful beaches and coves including Chaplin's Bay, Stonehole Bay, Jobson's Cove and the famous Warwick Long Bay Beach

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    Visitors' Reviews/Comments

    Sue (March 2022) 
    I noticed that the Rum Bum Beach Bar says it is closed when I clicked on the link. Will it be open in May 2022? We are cruising to Bermuda and want to spend the day at Horseshoe Beach and be able to rent chairs and umbrella and get food and drinks. 
    Raj ( March 2022 
    Hello, Rum Bum Beach Bar has closed down its operations permanently... they lost the bid for the next 5 year's lease. There is now a new concessionaire operating out of the old Horseshoe Beach Cafe. There is also an outdoor bar and a rental desk that rents out loungers and beach umbrellas. 
    Kristy AW Farnsworth (January 2020) 
    My family of 4 are coming to Bermuda on a cruise. We are only there for the one day and want to go to horseshoe beach. I have been reading about transportation around Bermuda and wondering about the public bus. We will be arriving at 8am on a Saturday and departing at 4pm. What are the best options of getting from the cruise terminal to horseshoe beach and back. 
    Raj ( January 2020 
    There are several ways you can get to Horseshoe bay beach from the cruise port at Royal Naval Dockyard. You can take public bus #7... takes about 35 minutes one-way, pay $5 by cash or $4.5 by a token which you can purchase at the Visitors Service Center located at the port area. The bus will drop you on South Road stop and there is a 400 yard downhill walk from there to the car park of the beach (the walk back up can be cumbersome). There are also plenty of taxis at the dockyard stand... takes 25 minutes right down to the beach car park and the fare would be about $38. A good option is to take a shuttle minibus from dockyard ($7 one-way) which too goes up to the car park and picks up passengers from there. 
    Tasha (April 2019) 
    Does anyone know if jet skiing are available at Horseshoe Bay Beach? Also, what other water activities are available? 
    Raj ( April 2019 
    There is no jet skiing available at Horseshoe Bay Beach and practically no watersports (other than snorkeling, Cliff Jumping etc). For good water sport facilities on the beach, you can visit Snorkel Park in Royal Naval Dockyard, or Tobacco bay beach in St. George or even better go through a watersports operator (like KS Water Sports or Fantasea Diving and Watersports, they have kiosks at the dockyard). 
    Paul (August 2017) 
    Can you bring your own chair and umbrella to horseshoe beach. 
    Raj ( August 2017 
    Yes, but how will you carry? Buses won't allow (unless they are really small and foldable). You may need to consider a taxi. 
    Winifred Stewart (July 2017) 
    Hi, I would like to know how many zones between horseshoe bay and the ship terminal in dockyard, are the tokens sold by zones and can they be purchased at the ships terminal, also is credit cards accepted. Can you also get transfer by bus when using tokens. Thank you so much. 
    Raj ( July 2017 
    Hi, more than 3-zone fare (i.e. all zone fare) will apply between dockyard and horseshoe. There are 3-zone and all-zone tokens. You can get tokens at Visitors Information Centers at dockyard, there is one right next to cruise berth (only cash accepted). Transfer by bus at Hamilton is applicable for tokens as well. 
    Gina (July 2017) 
    How do I find out which ferry to take once I get off the cruise ship, to Horseshoe Bay Beach? I hear it is quicker to take a ferry. 
    Raj ( July 2017 
    There is no ferry to Horseshoe Bay Beach, you need to take a bus, shuttle or a taxi. 
    Ann (July 2017) 
    Hi. We are coming to Bermuda on a Cruise. There are 7 of us who want to go to Horseshoe Bay. We can sign up for an excursion on the ship at a cost of $210 round trip for  all 7 of us. How much is the mini bus per person one way and round trip and would the 7 of us fill it? Finally how long does it take to get from the Kings Wharfs dockyard. 
    Raj ( July 2017 
    Hi, the beach minibus shuttle is $7 one way per person and can accommodate about 15. Takes around 30 minutes one-way. 
    Erica (July 2017) 
    Horseshoe Bay has been completely redone. They installed a wooden walkway to make it easier to get up and down the hill. There is more parking available and the taxis and mini buses pull right up to the entrance. There was a lot of beach erosion because of storms but still beautiful.  There is a cafe with finger food and ice cream, reasonably priced. The line was ridiculously long and service was slow. Across from it was a bar and there was a patio and even a band playing on the stage. There is a very small souvenir shop too. 
    The lifeguards were plentiful and they along with concession staff were wonderful to my daughter when she had the misfortune to be stung by the Portuguese Man of War. It was easy enough to rent a chair and umbrella for $15. 
    James Bacheller (May 2017) 
    Hello. We will be traveling via cruise to Bermuda next week. What's the best way to get to Horseshoe Beach with the time limit that we have? We wanted to do snorkeling and cliff diving? Also, can we use credit card or US Money? Thanks. 
    Raj ( May 2017 
    You can take the minibus shuttle to the beach. You can use US money but not credit cards while paying for transports. 
    Melanie (April 2017) 
    Hi, I'm looking to take the bus from kings wharf to horseshoe bay beach.  Does it cost 4.50 in change to take the bus to and from each location? Or is it round trip 4.50? Is this going to be only one bus ride or multiple to get to my location? Thank you. 
    Raj ( April 2017 
    Hi, It's $5 in cash (in exact change) one way. It's one bus-ride on #7. 
    Erica (March 2017) 
    Horseshoe Bay is beautiful as always and climbing the cliffs allows for breathtaking views. I plan on going back to horseshoe. 
    Carla (August 2016) 
    The information you provide is very informative and helpful. Thank you! Do the private mini-vans from the Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay take you down to the beach (parking lot) or do they drop off on the road (and we have to walk down)? Do we need to arrange for a return minivan trip when we are dropped off, or are their minivans waiting at the beach to take people back to the dockyard? 
    Raj ( August 2016 
    Hi, the dockyard minibus shuttles take you right down to the parking lot at Horseshoe bay beach. There are several pre-scheduled return trips. Find out the timings from the bus driver and be there at the parking lot to get back. You should however purchase a return ticket, otherwise the driver will allow depending on availability. 
    Karen (August 2016) 
    Hi Raj, I have mobility issues (can only walk for short distances) and was depending on being able to use hill shuttle van service at Horseshoe bay, but I've read that it's no longer available.  Is this true?  
    If so, What are my best options for conquering the hill? I am planning on using public bus transportation, but realized this may not be an option for this beach stop. Thank you so much for your help and advice:) 
    Raj ( August 2016 
    Hi Karen, Unless you want to take a taxi, your next best option would be to take the horseshoe bay beach minibus shuttle that operates from dockyard (applicable if you are taking a cruise to Bermuda). The minibus shuttle drops passengers at the parking lot and picks up from the same location for return. But if you are not a cruise passenger, I'm afraid taxi would be the only option to avoid the hill walk. You can of course take a taxi from the horseshoe parking to drop you at the main road bus stop, and pay the minimum fare ($7.90). It can however a take a while to get a taxi. You won't usually get taxis at horseshoe late in the afternoon or after sunset. 
    Anjanette (June 2016) 
    HI!  We will be in Bermuda this week as one of our stops. We want to get to Horseshoe Bay ... do you think taxi is the best way to go?  And if it drops us off, is it easy to catch one back to the port ... or do they come back for you? Thanks so much! 
    Raj ( June 2016 
    Hi, yes taxi would be the most convenient option to go. Public buses and private shuttles are also available and would be cheaper on fare per person. Usually you should get a taxi from Horseshoe to get back. Otherwise shuttles and buses would be available. 
    Dan Nacin (June 2016) 
    Hi Raj... I will be coming to Horseshoe Beach with a group, but will be unable to traverse the sandy beach. Is there a place that is handicap-friendly with a view of the beach while the rest of my group frolics on the beach? 
    Raj ( June 2016 
    Hi, from the car park at Horseshoe there is a pathway of compact sand for about 100 yards towards the beach. If you can reach up to the end of the sandy pathway, you can sit on a chair in front of the beach cafe and watch the view of the beach and water. You can get beach chair and umbrella rentals right next to the cafe. 
    John Fiorentino (June 2016) 
    I am handicapped and want to know if I can be dropped off down at the beach. Can't walk down steep hill where buses drop you off. 
    Raj ( June 2016 
    There is usually a shuttle that takes people down to the beach and back up for $2 one way. 
    Laurie Franco (April 2016) 
    Hi! We are heading to Bermuda the first wk of May and are trying to get in as many activities as possible. I'm wondering what time (if any) the beach closes and if we stay past 6pm when the last shuttle leaves, what is the easiest way to get back to the dockyard? I'm finding it very hard to do everything we want to do since many attractions close at 5. I'm surprised the island isn't more tourist friendly during the cruise ship season. It's rather disappointing to say the least. Thanks 
    Raj ( April 2016 
    The last dockyard shuttle leaves the beach at 6pm and all public beaches in Bermuda including Horseshoe close by sunset. There are public bus services (#7) after 6pm (other than Sunday) but infrequent. The next bus to dockyard would be at around 7:40pm. You can also get a taxi at Horseshoe. 
    Chris (July 2015) 
    'To the Top' shuttle is great $2.00 to get you to the top after a hot day at the beach and 2 kids under 10 ride for free and he gave a great tour in 3 minutes, what a great polite guy!!!! Keep him going 
    Allison L. (May 2015) 
    Love your site. Used it for last year's cruises and doing research for an upcoming sailing. I noticed a change to the beach shuttles since my last visit. Last year, pre-WEDCO shuttles, I took a mini bus/shuttle to HSB and the driver came back at a set time. Are these shuttles now running on a constant schedule? 
    Raj ( May 2015 
    The WEDCO Shuttles make several round trips during the day. The first one from dockyard is at 8am, the last one at 3pm and the last return from the beach is at 6pm. You can get the timings from Beach Shuttle Ticket office at dockyard which is open from 8am to 2pm. 
    Carol Lassonde (April 2015) 
    We will be arriving by ship the last week of May--are there any ferries that travel to Horseshoe Bay Beach from the Naval Dockyard? Since mobility is an issue, taking the bus would be difficult as there is a 15 minute walk down the hill to the beach from the road. Can you offer any suggestions? Thank you 
    Raj ( April 2015 
    There is no ferry to Horseshoe bay beach, or for that matter to any beach. A good option is to take the dockyard shuttle (if that starts operating by the time you arrive). It takes you right down to the beach (you don't need to walk down or up the hill), and the shuttle will bring you back. It makes several trips between Dockyard and Horseshoe bay beach. Otherwise, take a taxi. You should get taxis on your return as well. Alternatively, there is another shuttle which brings passenger from down below up to the main road (Dean Ming's Shuttle). Once you are on the main road, you can take a bus back to the dockyard. 
    Pat Fleming (March 2015) 
    Can you take the ferry from the dockyard to horseshoe bay beach? 
    Raj ( March 2015 
    Brenda (September 2014) 
    Hi, I am visiting your island in November on a cruise ship which is docking over night. Could you please tell me if the transport to Horseshoe Beach will still be I understand it is a new service. Many thanks 
    Raj ( September 2014 
    Hi, The beach shuttle from the dockyard has been introduced mainly to avoid overcrowding in the public buses (route #7). In November if cruise traffic is low, the shuttles are unlikely to run or may run with reduced frequency. In any case, you can then easily board the public buses. The only advantage with the shuttle is, it takes you right down to the beach and picks you up from there while the public bus drops you on the main road, and then it's a downhill walk to the beach. 
    Sarah Sill (August 2014) 
    We are traveling to Dockyard in Aug. 2014, how much does it cost for a round trip bus to Horseshoe beach? Looking for the most economical travel. Thanks. 
    Raj ( August 2014 
    Hi, Bus fare from dockyard to horseshoe bay beach (one way) is $4.0 per adult by token (you can get tokens at the visitors information centers at the dockyard) or $4.50 by cash (exact fare in change) per adult. Child fare (age 5-16) is $2.50 in cash (one way). 
    Robert Tart (March 2014) 
    Hi, I am along with my family, visiting Bermuda July of this year, 2014. Would you be able to tell me when the first bus is available from the Royal Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay and or Hamilton and when is the last bus from either. Is this in the schedule. I did not see it or maybe looking in the wrong area. Thank you in advance for your help and look forward to my trip to Bermuda. Good Day! 
    Raj ( March 2014 
    Hi, You will find the timings in the schedule for bus #7. From dockyard the first bus is at 8:20am (Mon - Sat); on Sunday at 10:50am. It takes about 35 minutes by bus to reach Horseshoe from Dockyard. You will get return buses until late in the evening (except Sundays). The last bus from Hamilton passes by Horseshoe at around 9:40pm. But all public beaches close after sunset. 
    Peter Rayner (March 2014) 
    You mention the option of a Minibus from The Cruise Dock to Horseshoe Beach for $15 per person return. Is this seasonal? We are arriving at the end of April on Ruby Princess, which docks at 8am. Where would we go to take this option? The ship offers a minibus excursion, but this is twice the cost and cannot be cancelled if the weather is bad. Any other tips for a day trip to this famous beach would be welcome. The ship leaves at 3pm. 
    Raj ( March 2014 
    Hi, The beach shuttle is operated by Michal Tucker of Affordable Ride Minibus. It leaves from the dockyard and close to the cruise ship berths. Please write to him to know the schedule. You can get his contact info here. There is also regular public bus service from the dockyard (route #7) that goes by the south shore beaches (including Horseshoe bay beach) to Hamilton and returns. You can pay by cash in exact change or buy tokens from the Visitors Info Center at the dockyard. Token will cost $4 one way. This is easy and you need not book any beach tour in advance. 
    Robert Meininger (July 2013) 
    Thank you so much Raj for the information! We are looking forward to our first visit to Bermuda. I have another brief question - if we take the bus from the Dockyard to Horseshoe Beach, are their taxis for the return? Which bus is best to go down and back to Horseshoe?  Many thanks! 
    Raj ( July 2013 
    Hi, You may or may not get a taxi from Horseshoe while returning. Bus #7 from dockyard goes to the beach. Another good option is to take the minibus service at the dockyard run by the company Affordable Ride (Mike Tucker). They make several round trips during the day to the south shore beaches including Horseshoe. So you can go and come back any time. Per person round trip fare is $15. 
    Jeff Kerby (July 2013) 
    We will be traveling soon via NCL Breakaway, and have Horse Shoe Bay Beach on our list of destinations. Is the rental rate for umbrellas and chairs per hour or per day? Also, what's the round trip bus fare from the cruise ship dock to the beach? Thanks 
    Raj ( July 2013 
    Hi, The rental rates mentioned in my site are per day rates. One way fare from the dockyard to Horseshoe bay beach is $4.50 by cash (in exact change) and $4.00 in tokens. So the round trip fare would be $9 in cash and $8 in token. You can also alternatively buy a pass (1 day, 2 day ... etc) which will give you unlimited access to both buses and ferries. Regards, 
    Laura (June 2012) 
    Hi... it is very very important that my twin sister and I have an umbrella and a beach chair at horseshoe bay beach. we are coming in on a Royal Caribbean cruise and they have an excursion to this beach but no one can tell us if we can rent a chair and umbrella. both my twin sister and I have had a bit of skin cancer so it is so important to us. Can you tell me if we can reserve ahead of time and the cost/ and where do we reserve a chair and umbrella? Is it at the beach itself? Thanks for your help ... 
    Raj ( June 2012 
    Hi, You can rent umbrellas and beach chairs from the concession located at Horseshoe Bay Beach itself. You can't reserve them in advance. If you are visiting during the high season, there are chances that stock may be over. The beach gets very crowded during the high tourist season. Indicative rates are (for a day): Lounge chairs:$11, Umbrellas: $11. Note these are only indicative figures. The rates can change depending on demand. Regards, 
    Carole Helgesen (March 2012) 
    I will be cruising to Bermuda the first week in May. My question is, if I take a taxi over to Horseshoe Beach, is it easy to find a taxi back to the cruise ship at the Dockyard? Thank you. 
    Raj ( March 2012 
    It may not be easy to get a taxi back to the dockyard unless you are lucky to find one dropping off other passengers. You can try requesting the driver who drops you to pick you up after certain time. He may or may not agree. The other option is to book a taxi by the hour (usually you need to book for a minimum of 3 hours, $45-50 per hour). 
    Kristen (March 2012) 
    Hi, just need some info on how once I get off the ship, how do I get to horseshoe beach, can I walk or taxi and if taxi, how much? If walking how far a walk? 
    Raj ( March 2012 
    Hi, Horseshoe Bay Beach is not in a walking distance from the dockyard. It's in Southampton parish. Taxi ride costs about $30 from the cruise ship dockyard and takes about 25 minutes to reach. Best is to take bus#7 which starts from the dockyard itself for Hamilton City. It takes about 35 minutes to reach the beach by bus.  
    Harold Davis (August 2011) 
    I have a pre cancerous condition of the skin and cannot be in the sun period, however, I still want to visit Horseshoe Beach while I am there in Sept of this year. My question is, can I rent umbrellas or are there cabanas to rent? Thank you so much for your help!!!! 
    Raj ( August 2011 
    There is a concession that rents beach chairs and umbrellas at the Horseshoe Bay Beach. It closes down by late afternoon. There is also a beach cafe. 
    Anita Menegay (May 2011) 
    It's a beautiful beach, but I want to mention that during the few hours we were there (April 26, 2011), we saw numerous dead Portuguese Man of War washed up on the beach. I understand their sting is bad even after they are dead. There were lots of people on the beach who easily could have stepped on them with their bare feet, yet no warnings were posted. So my advice is, watch your step on that beach. 
    Zig (September 2010) 
    Just came back from Bermuda today on the Norwegian Spirit and their staff was exemplary with our 3 year old daughter. We visited Horseshoe Bay on recommendation of the locals. We were not disappointed by the setting. The little bay was perfect for our daughter and the scenery was beautiful. Did some snorkeling there which was nice but not as nice as the Cayman Islands. To be fair though we were limited in time, so I couldn't go exploring very far. I also went to Snorkel Park which has a cover to get in and has "private parties" on certain nights. Saw 6 jellyfish in 1.5 hours of snorkeling and everyone was freaking out! It is within walking distance of the dockyard which was real sweet time to kill. 
    Louisa (May, 2010) 
    My husband and I just returned from a cruise on the Norwegian Dawn. We are both very much Beach People. We visited Horseshoe Bay Beach and I have to say it's the closest thing to HEAVEN! We can't wait to go back again! 
    Peggy Slaughter (August 2009) 
    My husband and I are coming to Bermuda by cruise in about two weeks. we have been to Horseshoe bay many times and love the beauty of the beach and water. Is the beach open all hours of the day, I would love to see the beach at sunset. can't wait to be back on Horseshoe bay. 
    Raj ( August 2009 
    All public beaches in Bermuda are open from Dawn till sunset, and so is Horseshoe Bay beach. Public beaches are closed after sunset.