Cliff Jumping in Bermuda

Many large rocks jutting over the ocean make Bermuda a perfect place for those who enjoy cliff jumping (also known as cliff diving). There are plenty of places in the island where cliff jumping can be done. And in fact many locals have been cliff jumping since decades and it remains as a favorite summer sports for many in Bermuda. 
Cliff Jumping in Bermuda 
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However, there are inherent risks with cliff jumping. Although I don't want to sound negative, the fact is there have been several cases of serious injuries and even death out of this sport over the past years. And those have mostly happened because the divers did not take all measures of safety and in several cases had chosen unsafe jumping spots. 
The section below will let you know which are the safest cliff jumping spots in Bermuda and the safety measures you must take to avoid possible injuries. Bermuda government hasn't put any restrictions on cliff jumping, so it's up to you to ensure that you choose the right spots and take all necessary safety measures. 
If you are trying out a jump in a spot for the first time, or you are not sure about the water area and its depth, I strongly suggest that you should first swim in and examine the water area and understand the depth, timings of high tide / low tide etc before you go for the jump. 
The most popular cliff jumping spot is at Admiralty House Park which is located on North Shore in the outskirts of Hamilton. During summer (May to October) you will see lots of local children jumping off the cliffs here. The families come at the park on the weekends for picnics and the younger ones indulge in cliff jumping. There is a beach here. Across the water there are cliffs with higher elevations but those are not quite safe for jumping, so don't try them out. 
The best and the safest spot here is known as Canon where the rock-face has formed an arch-like formation (you can see that from the water). The jump is for about 20-ft. However ensure that you jump when it's high tide so that the water is deep enough and DO NOT jump head first. 
Canon, Admiralty House Park 
Admiralty House Cliff 
Having jumped into the water, you can swim through an underwater cave before coming up to the surface... great experience! You can then come back up to the jumping point using a steep rocky pathway. You need to wear shoes. 
The Blue Hole lake at Tom Moore's Jungle is a great place for cliff jumping. The lake is surrounded by cliffs, lush plantations and forest. Once you get to the viewing deck of the lake, follow the red dirt pathway to the right through forested area. There are two cliff jumping points here. But always jump with your feet touching the water first. The water is not too deep. If it rains, the approach to the jumping point could be slippery. Know more about Blue Hole and how to get there
Another safe rock is at Horseshoe Bay Beach near the entrance. From the main road, go down the pathway towards the beach, go past the cafe, further ahead and on your right you will see a hill. Climb the hill and midway go right. At the end you can jump off to the water. The jump is about 30-ft. You should try this jump only in high tide and do not jump head first. At low tide, the depth of water is about 6-ft which is unsafe. This jumping point is known as Crown
Towards the eastern end of Horseshoe Beach (i.e. left as you face the water), there is another large rock known as Peel Rock. It's also known as Flat Rock. Many locals jump off the Peel Rock, but this is not safe at all. Even at high tide, the water depth is only about 6-ft and it's highly likely that you will end up hitting the bottom. Several casualties have taken place here in the past. But another spot known as Launching Pad located across the Peel Rock is safe. The water is quite deep here but you should do it in high tide only and not go head first. 
Other than cliffs, there are couple of bridges in the island which are also quite popular with the divers and they are quite safe. One of them is Watford Bridge located in Somerset and going over a water channel. The water is quite deep here all the time and the jump is about 20ft. However before jumping check both sides to ensure that there is no boat passing. Another bridge where many youths plunge from is the Flatts Bridge at Hamilton Parish. This is located close to Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo (BAMZ) complex. The jump here is about 12ft and is quite safe. 
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