Parson's Bay Beach, Bermuda

Why is this lovely little gem of a beach located close to the dockyard so secluded? That's a fact. The small white beach with coarse sands, shallow waters and surrounded by lush green sub-tropical foliage is only 5 minutes by scooter from the Royal Naval Dockyard (you can also walk it). But other than a few locals, you can hardly find any tourists. The beach would be mostly to your own. 
The reason why this beach has so far been spared is because it's not located directly on a bus route and there are no facilities here like bathrooms or snack stalls. And that's exactly the reason why the beach has remained so pristine and beautiful. The stretch of the beach is small, but has excellent views of Great Sound water area and the wonderful plantations around. The shallow and calm water makes it perfect for families with kids to swim. Snorkeling is also excellent here. 
Parson's bay is located in Sandys parish in Ireland island south and adjacent to Lagoon park. While there are no facilities here, there are concrete picnic tables nearby on the open green grassy lawn and next to that are trash boxes. Having enjoyed the beach you can stroll around in Lagoon park. Nearby in the same area is Royal Naval Cemetery where many navy officers who died out of Yellow Fever were buried during the British colonial days. 

How to reach

Best way to reach Parson's Bay is to take a rented scooter (you can get one from Oleander Cycles at Royal Naval Dockyard). The other option is to walk (about 25-minute from dockyard). While approaching from the dockyard, head along Pender's road out of the main gate. It leads to Cockburn's road. Just before reaching the Lagoon Park, take left into Lagoon road which leads to Parson's Bay Beach. Nearest bus stop is on Cockburn Road. You need to walk for about 350 meters from the bus stop along Lagoon road to get to the beach. 
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