Bermuda Beaches for Kids & Families

Whenever we took our child to the beaches in Bermuda, we would like shallow and calm beaches that are safe for swimming and snorkeling. Another consideration is that the basic facilities should be available like bathrooms or changing rooms, some eating places and such. And if there is also an adjacent playground, nothing like it. With this in mind, here are the beaches that we recommend for kids & families in Bermuda: 
The beach is located at Hamilton Parish. With a long stretch of shallow waters and lots of shades from the trees, the beach is ideal for families and kids. The shallows extend to about 30 yards into the water. There is a beachside cafe serving nice Caribbean and local cuisine. The cafe has good changing and bathroom facilities. There is also an adjoining park with climbing frames and swings. 
This is beach is located within the dockyard. So if you are docked at Kings Wharf, you can walk down to this beach in few minutes. The beach has tiny waterslides, beach concessions, water splash playground, and a bar & restaurant called Hammerheads Bar & Grill. You can rent beach chairs & beds, umbrellas, snorkel gear and water toys to keep the whole family engaged for hours. There are beachside cabanas as well. Many underwater features and fish make the beach excellent for snorkeling. Snorkel Park also offers Jet Ski safaris. Paddle boats and kayaks are also available on rent. 
Another advantage here is that you can go around the dockyard and visit many attractions including museum, Dolphin display & training center, art & craft, pottery & clay works, glassworks and lot more. There is also a mall (Clocktower Mall) with several boutique shops as well as many restaurants in the dockyard to have a good family day. 
This beach is on a small safe bay and offers excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunity. It's located at St George at the eastern end of the island. There is a beach bar and The Buzz cafe offering a nice menu of food and drinks. The beach has toilet and changing facilities. The shallow water and columns of rock formations on the water make it a great place for snorkeling and very attractive to families with children. 
Located in Southampton parish, Horseshoe bay beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Towards its western end, there is a small cove surrounded by cliffs, known as the Baby Beach. This has shallow waters and is excellent for snorkeling. This had been one of my son's favorites. 
The Horseshoe bay beach has a cafe, bathrooms and shower facilities just off the beach. Beach and lounge chairs, umbrellas etc are available on rent. You can buy snorkel gears (no rentals). A shop also sells many different souvenirs and gift items. And if you want to catch up with your emails while your family is engaged in beach activities, there is also paid wi-fi service available here. 
Located close to the dockyard in Sandys, this is a nice beach that offers stunning sunset views. The beach is also good for snorkeling and if you love sea glasses, you will find plenty of them here and of different colors. It has a concession stand renting snorkel gears, water toys, hammocks, paddle boards etc. You can have water, soft drinks and even beer. There are portable toilets as well. 
It's a lovely shallow water beach located in Cooper's Island off St. David's Island. The beach park covers an area of 12 acres and has a playground, nature trails and nice views of small islands out in the ocean. During the summer months, a lifeguard is on duty until sunset. Bathroom facilities are available. There is also a nice beach bar and restaurant on the beach. 
Located in Warwick parish, the beach is quite secluded and great for snorkeling. There are public restrooms here towards the end of the beach. During summer, a lunch wagon supplies snacks. There is also a nice playground here next to the beach having swings, slides and ropes. We like this beach for children mainly because they get both the playground and the beach here. 
Be warned that Warwick Long Bay is not an ideal beach to let the kids loose. You’ll need to keep a close watch. The sea can turn quite rough at times and there may also be undercurrents causing problems. 
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Visitors' Reviews & Comments

Kara (May 2015) 
Thank you for this wonderful information. I was wondering if you could answer a specific questions. We are a family of 10 with 3 kids under age of 6. I am looking for good beaches. Although we will probably check out Snorkel Park, it did not look very big. I would like a beach with easy transportation (one bus or ferry, no changeovers). It should ideally be within a half hour travel and not super busy. It needs to have bathrooms and food. Can you think of any non crowded beaches with shallow water (no rocks) that is easily accessible? Thank you!! 
Raj ( May 2015 
Other than Horseshoe Bay Beach, no other public beach will meet all your requirements. From Horseshoe main beach walk down to the Port Royal Cove (baby Beach), it may not be that crowded.