Sea Glass and Black Bay Beach

If you have passion for sea glasses, then these are the two beaches you want to keep in your 'must do' list when visiting Bermuda. 
You can find loads of colorful sea glasses on these two tiny beaches. These beaches are located in Sandy's at the western end of Bermuda and quite close to the dockyard. 
Seaglass Beach Bermuda 
Sea Glass Beach Bermuda 
Sea Glass Beach and Black Bay Beach are next to each other. As you come up the stairs from the Sea Glass beach, turn right, after a few steps you can get down to Black Bay beach. 
In fact there are three tiny beaches at Black bay (in three natural coves) which you can easily access as you walk over the grassy area. 
And from any of the black bay coves you can actually snorkel along the shore and reach the Sea Glass beach. You will find loads of sea glasses here but mostly green, white and clear ones and some brown. 
Although we have heard that some visitors have been able to find even blue glasses here, we have had no such luck until now. 
Black Bay Beach Bermuda 
Black Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: nathanmac87, flickr 
Note that WEDCO (West End Development Corporation) has put up a board at Sea Glass Beach saying that collection of sea glasses from the beach is unlawful. 
The beach is a Wedco property and this notice means that you are no longer able to collect sea glasses here. 
This step was taken because large number of visitors (mostly cruise visitors) have taken away sea glasses from the beach. If this continued, this beach would be left with none eventually. 
The water at the Sea Glass Beach is quite shallow and calm but has rocks with sharp edges and therefore can be a bit risky for swimming. Unless you are careful, you may end up getting bruises and cuts. 
Sea Glasses at Sea Glass Beach, Bermuda 
Sea Glass Beach, Bermuda 
But with proper care, swimming and snorkeling can be a good fun here. Also, this is a beach at low tide and almost completely disappears during the high tide. Most of the sea glasses can be seen at the high tide line. 
Locals say that once there used to be a glass making factory here. All the glass wastes were dumped into the sea and eventually the sea gave them back in form of lovely sea glasses. 
There are picnic tables at Black Bay Beach where you can relax and soak in the views. There are no other facilities here presently. 
Other than sea glasses and nice snorkeling opportunity, a great attraction at Black Bay beach is its amazing sunset views. This is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. 
Sunset view from Black Bay Beach, Bermuda 
Sunset at Black Bay Bermuda 
Photo: nathanmac87, flickr 

How to reach

Black Bay and Sea Glass beaches are located at Ireland Island South in Sandy's Parish and off Cockburn Road. If your cruise ship is docked at Kings Wharf (Royal Naval Dockyard), then the beach is quite convenient to access. 
From the dockyard Clocktower Mall it takes about 20 minutes walk. However, keep in mind that there are no side walks and walking along the narrow street with vehicles speeding in from behind can be quite scary. So I won't recommend a walk. 
Rather take any bus that goes out from Dockyard (#7 or 8) and ask the bus driver to drop you at Royal Naval Cemetery located on Malabar Road. 
It's only a few minutes bus ride. The moment you see the two stone pillars on two sides of the road, you know you have entered Ireland Island South. 
Shortly thereafter you will reach the Naval Cemetery where you need to get off. From here it's only about 300 yards walk to the Sea Glass beach. 
Across the cemetery you need to take the Albert Row for the Sea Glass beach. This is a narrow road along the coastline that veers off the main road towards right behind a cluster of bright blue houses. 
But before entering Albert Row look towards left. You can see Black Bay beach below few yards away and accessible from a circular scooter driveway across the main road and through the rocks. You will come back here after a visit to the Sea Glass beach. 
Walk down Albert Row towards right. You will come to a patio... you may think you have reached a private property. Actually there is only one private house here on your right that belongs to a local Bermudian. 
Right next to its gate, there is a stairway that leads down to the tiny Sea Glass beach which is a public beach. But before you go down the steps, notice sea glasses that are embedded within the concrete. 
Locals have created funny structures and faces with concrete and having sea glasses embedded on them. You will appreciate the skills. 
Now once you climb up the stairs back to the narrow road, walk towards right and you will reach Black Bay beach on the main road and very close to and across the Royal Naval Cemetery. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments...

Jerry VanLoo (June 2016) 
This stop is a GEM. The locals have taken lots of glass pieces and made walls, walks and interesting creatures. Hold on to the shaky handrail as you go is really worth it.  
Dionna Dugan (October 2011) 
We cruised to Bermuda in Oct, 2011, and stopped at Black Bay beach. I'm intrigued by sea glass, and never had actually seen any until that day.  I was very excited to see all the glass! It was inches deep in places! I found lots of smooth greens, browns, ambers, and whites/clears. I even found about 4 small blues and 2 lavenders! The beach was very easy to find... take bus 7 or 8 from the Dockyard, and there is actually a stop right across the street from the beach. Just walk between the blue/turquoise houses towards the beach, and look for the patio area with concrete benches and paths. Go down the narrow steps and you are there!