Snorkel Park Beach, Bermuda


About Snorkel Park

Snorkel Park is located at the western end of Bermuda in Sandy's parish and has a lovely beach with white sands. It is located within the Royal Naval Dockyard (the Kings Wharf port area) and a short walk from the cruise berths. 
With crystal clear blue water, the historic fort The Keep standing on one side and soft sands, it makes an attractive beach venue. 
Snorkel Park Bermuda 
Photo: James Willamor, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
You will enter through a limestone tunnel to get to this beach park that has been designed for all including families and children to enjoy a great beach day. 
Sunken cannons, many underwater features along with shallow waters really makes it an attractive snorkeling beach in Bermuda. 
The water is calm. There are two slides into the water. The water is excellent for snorkeling and you can see lots of colorful fish and corals. 
You can spot find parrotfish in the coral reefs, and also angelfish, doctor fish, blue tang, gray snappers, as well as many other types of fish. 
There are marked trails for snorkeling. You will find floating rest stations along the trail. There are also underwater signs so that you know what you are looking at. 
Snorkel Park Bermuda 
Snorkel Park Beach Bermuda 
This is a fun park for children where you can also feed cereal to the fish and see them come towards you and virtually eat out of your hands. 
Try to wear water shoes because there are some sections of the water that have underwater rocks and that could hurt your feet. 

Snorkel Park Facilities

  • You can get beach loungers & umbrellas, cabanas, snorkeling equipment and kayaks on rent. Rental charges are however fairly steep (indicative rates provided below).  
    Indicative Rental Rates 
  • Daily beach lounger with umbrella: $45 
  • Daily duo beach loungers with umbrella: $75 
  • VIP Beach cabanas for two: $135 
  • Snorkel Gear with mask: $15 for 2 hours. 
  • Kayak: $35 for 1 hour. 
  • Bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker facilities are also available here. 
  • There is a nice beachside Bar & Restaurant at Snorkel Park that serves casual food and drinks. The food menu includes burgers, wahoo nuggets, chicken tenders, hot dog, chicken wings, Mozzarella sticks, etc, all accompanied with fries. 
    The bar offers spirits, cocktails, beer, etc. There are non-alcoholic beverages as well. Food costs in the range $21 to $26. Beer costs $9. Rum and vodka are $10 each. 
  • On certain days of the week when cruise ships are in port, Snorkel Park transforms into a beachside open nightclub at nights when Island Beach Parties take place. Known as Snorkel Park Beach Club, it offers a high energy nighttime entertainment. 
    You can dance to the numbers played by the mixologists and live bands, enjoy food and drinks on the beach. The night club remains open until late night. Only 18-years and above are allowed. 

    Open Hours and Admission Fee

  • Snorkel Park & Beach is open daily between 9am to 5pm. 
  • The nightclub at Snorkel Park is open from 7pm - 3am (nights vary based on overnight cruise ship stays at Royal Naval Dockyard) 
  • Daily entry pass: $15 
  • 3-Day entry pass: $35 

    Location and Contacts

    Visit the Beach Map to see the location of Snorkel Park and several other great beaches. 
    Address: 5 Freeport Road, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys, Bermuda. 
    Snorkel Park is located at the north eastern end of Royal Naval Dockyard (in Sandys). From the cruise pier, it takes only 8-9 minute walk to Snorkel Park via North Arm and Maritime Lane. 
    Phone: 441-620-2000 / 441-705-2582 
    There are regular Bus Services between Hamilton City and the dockyard. Bus #7 or #8 takes about 1 hour to reach dockyard from Hamilton city. Direct ferry from Hamilton to the dockyard ferry point takes about 20 minutes. 
    Road Map 

    Nearby Attractions

    As you stand on the beach facing the water, you will see the 30-foot wall of the fortress on the right. The fort is home to National Museum of Bermuda which has exhibits and artifacts of Bermuda's maritime history and many other historical archives since the settlement took place in the island. The Dolphin Quest (a dolphin show and interaction center) is also located inside the fort. 
    Since Snorkel Park is part of the Dockyard complex, you will see a lot of things as you go around the dockyard. You will find art galleries that showcase the creative talents of local artists, glass blowing factory, pottery, craft market, Clocktower Mall with many boutique shops, several bars and restaurants, tour companies offering boating and island tours, watersport activities etc. 
    Check out Dockyard Attractions to know about all the attractions and activities at the dockyard.  
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    Visitors' Reviews

    Rhonda (September 2018) 
    I do not recommend Snorkel Park for families. We were there last year and discovered lots of broken glass from empty beer bottles and cigarettes. This beach hosts parties at night and you can definitely tell. 
    Erica (March 2017) 
    I was actually there 2 years ago and I DISLIKED snorkel park across from the ships.  The beach was dirty with straws and cigarette butts. 
    Stew (October 2015) 
    We were there in Bermuda 2 weeks ago had a great time. Weather was 85 sunny very hot. Snorkel beach was good, rented kayaking with grandkids and paddle boats, had a great time. Yes there were rocks at the beach but way do you want! It was clean and didn't see any sign of glass. Love Bermuda  
    John Carr (June 2014) 
    Hi Raj; This is a fine web site. I have been to Bermuda many times over the past forty years, always for vacation. I usually stay near the South Beaches, but this time I am coming by cruise on the NCL Dawn. As I get older I am amazed at the changes in the region where the ships dock. As I age, physical limitations have caught, and I can not do as much as I would like. Please tell me if the beach nearby that costs $5.00 is cluttered with broken glass. I have read several comments from customers who say it is dangerous. Honestly, what is your professional opinion? (I am aware of your lack of liability, just wanted to try to get the most honest information possible. Thank you for considering my question. Cheers, John 
    Raj ( June 2014 
    Hi John, In my personal opinion the beach has improved since the time they stopped the island beach parties there. Until last year there used to be on-beach parties where all could participate for a fee. Empty beer bottles thrown into water and smashing on underwater rocks largely contributed to such problems. Although the staff tried cleaning them up, it was far from being safe. While a major source of the problem is removed, it's difficult to say if the beach is now completely free of glasses. But there are certainly underwater sharp rocks and shells close to the beach. 
    Tracy (August 2013) 
    Snorkel beach - located near the ships, is terrible. There is a $5 charge, and a lot of rocks. Don't recommend the time or money to go there. It's convenient, but then so is the transportation to the other beaches. Get a 2 or 3 day pass. Works for the ferry and bus. Taxi's are a rip off if you get sucked in... (I didn't) but they tried. 
    Lena (June 2013) 
    Just visited Snorkel Park last week and had a horrible experience! After spending only 5 minutes in the water, our son stepped on broken glass and cut both of his feet! I had to run around trying to find a worker to help and after the fourth person, I was handed a first aid kit and no real concern! We had to wrap his bleeding feet ourselves just so we could carry him back to our ship to receive 14 stitches!! 
    While trying to carry him off the beach someone approached us from Snorkel Park and said that there wasn't anything they could do about the glass! Wrong Answer!!! After returning home I have been doing some research and found that this has been an ongoing problem for at least a few years! Other friends and family members that were traveling with us gathered up handfuls of very sharp (freshly broken) glass from everywhere!!  It was even at the bottom of a "kiddie slide" that was in the water! 
    Apparently they are not enforcing a "no glass" policy nor are they making an attempt to pick any of the glass up or warn visitors!  Hopefully somebody is able to do something about this problem before someone else gets seriously injured!! 
    Ms. Ming (June 2013) 
    Upon arriving at Snorkel Beach on Friday June 21, with a group of school children, we were told that groups of students were not allowed on Fridays. I saw no sign that confirmed this, nor have I seen any thing written anywhere that can corroborate that. They also ask for $5. from children and I see that children under 12 are suppose to be free. What is really going on at this Beach? Do they not want Bermudian children at the beach and how is that allowed in this day and age? I will be making inquiries about this incident to see if this was even lawful. Show me somewhere where it bars children on Fridays because once I walked around and read all the signs, I saw no sign that stated that rule. 
    6/11--Just returned from Bermuda. Decided to check out Snorkel Park because of its proximity to the ship. Reviews also sounded favorable and my daughter loves to snorkel. We paid the $5 cover charge for the adults but were sadly disappointed once we got down to the beach. There was glass everywhere...sand, water.  I wouldn't let my kids take their shoes off. My son wanted to make a sand castle but every time he would dig in the sand, more glass surfaced. There is a sign about "No Bottles" on the beach but because Snorkel Park becomes a night club each evening, it is obvious this rule is not enforced.  I would think twice about heading over and paying to visit this beach, especially if you have kids.  
    We were in Bermuda on the NCL Spirit last week and were very dismayed to find that Snorkel Park is now charging a $5 per person cover charge. With this charge we expected better than average experience and what we found was broken glass (which we reported but never saw it cleaned up), slow service (had to wait over 15 minutes to rent a chair), broken water faucets (trying to clean off the sand as we made our way tot he exit) and attitudes that did not make us feel welcome but that made us feel taken advantage of.  
    The news of these new charges is making it's way to the cruise "boards" and people are not happy with the new policy - this may cause Snorkel Park to see quite a decline in business - instead of buying a cocktail or two as we planned, we spent our money on admission instead. And we do not understand why we were asked for our Cruise ID on admission - what reason was there for seeing our cruise card? Very disappointed in the new policy.