Dolphin Quest Bermuda

One of the surveys conducted by BBC clearly showed that swimming with Dolphins was one of the top dreams for many before they die. If you share the same dream, there is no better place than the Dolphin Quest Bermuda. It's a center for dolphin display and training. 
Dolphin Show at Dolphin Quest Bermuda 
Dolphin Quest Bermuda 
Photo: Dolphin Quest 
Well if you are scared to swim with Dolphins but like to only enjoy hand feeding or touching them, or if you are the type only to watch the spectacular Dolphin shows from a distance, Dolphin Quest could still be a great place to visit and fulfill your wishes. 
There are very few Dolphin training and display centers in the world where you can view such amazing Dolphin activities as in this center. Originally the Dolphin site was opened in 1996 at the Fairmont Southampton hotel complex. 
However, it was completely destroyed in 1999 by Hurricane Gert. The Dolphin Quest was subsequently moved to Royal Naval Dockyard and has remained there ever since. 
During our first experience here, I was a bit nervous at first. I heard that after all Dolphins were wild creatures and could sometimes be quite dangerous when they are in off mood. 
However, the expert trainers at the center do a great job and demonstrate the lovable and friendly nature of the dolphins. We were soon swimming and playing with the dolphins. 
Dolphin Quest Bermuda 
Here are the few most popular programs at Dolphin Quest: 

Underwater Adventure

This is an hour-long program. It offers most dolphin time (45 minutes) out of all programs. You are able to meet, feed the dolphins, have fun and even enjoy a ride on an underwater scooter or use snorkel gears to see dolphins under the water. 
This program only allows small groups and offers greater flexibility to cater to your own individual interests. 
So you can decide how much time you would like to swim alongside dolphins in the deep water, or use the underwater scooters or simply spend more intimate time with the dolphins at the submerged platform. 
This program runs daily (April to November) at 11:30 am. An additional program is sometimes offered at 1:45pm depending on demand. 
Indicative Rate 
The program charge for one hour is $355 per person. Age 6 and above. 
The charge includes free admission to National Museum of Bermuda.  

The Dolphin Encounter

This program is similar to the Ultimate Adventure, but for a lesser duration. The program lasts for 45 minutes and offers 30 minutes close interaction time with the dolphins. 
Out of many options, you can sit on an underwater platform and experience how the dolphins come close and touch you. 
Indicative Rate 
Age 6 and above. $265 per person. 
Includes free admission to the National Museum of Bermuda. 

Dolphin Dip

This is a 30-minute program out of which the dolphin interaction time is about 20 minutes. You will swim close to the dolphin. You will also sit on an underwater platform where the dolphins will come close to you and you can touch them and see their activities. 
Indicative Rate 
Age 6 and above. $225. 

Discover Dolphins

This is a shorter program of 20 minutes with 15 minutes of Dolphin time. You will meet and interact with the dolphins in shallow waters. 
Dolphins will come right up to you as you sit on an underwater platform. You can even feed them and of course touch and feel them. Age 3 and above. 
Indicative Rate 
$165 per person and includes free entry to the National Museum of Bermuda. 

Dolphin Moment

For a shorter experience with the dolphins, you can meet the dolphins in a brief 5-minute dockside interaction. This program at the Dolphin Quest is held only on-demand and reservations are done on the spot. 
So once on-site, you need to walk into the Dolphin Deck gift shop to ask for the next available time. Groups range from one to five participants at a time. 
The dockside experience is captured in a photo that will be printed and given to you as a take-away memento. It’s ideal for those who do not want to spend much time or get too wet in a dolphin interaction experience. 
Indicative Rate 
Program duration is 5 minutes and costs $49 per person. Every additional person costs $20. Children ages 3-5 must be accompanied by a paying adult. 

Open Hours

Dolphin Quest is open daily from 
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm in summer (i.e. between April to October), 
  • 10am - 3pm in winter (i.e. between November to March). 
  • Special pricing and programs are available between November to March. 

    Admission Fee

    Entry to Dolphin Quest is included as part of the admission fee for National Museum of Bermuda. However the entry does not include any dolphin interaction activity which are separately charged. You can only watch the dolphins at play. 
    Note that Personalized photos are offered in all programs at extra charge (both in print and digital). 


    It's better to reserve your dolphin time in advance, particularly during the high season. You can either reserve online through their website or call one of the following phone numbers: 
    Call the Central Reservations office at 1-800-248-3316 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm EST).  
    For International callers please dial 540.687.8102. 

    Location and Contacts

    15 The Keep, National Museum of Bermuda 
    It is located in Royal Naval Dockyard complex, Ireland Island, Sandys Parish.  
    Check out Royal Naval Dockyard map to see the location of Dolphin Quest Bermuda within the Dockyard and several other attractions nearby. 
    Phone: 441/234-4464 
    Bus routes to dockyard: #7, 8 
    Ferries from the Hamilton City operate to dockyard (takes 20-minutes one-way). Buses (no. 7 or 8) also operate between Hamilton and Dockyard. The bus trip takes about 1 hour. 
    Road Map 
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