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Kings Wharf or Dockyard Bermuda

Although it sounds just like a port area, the Kings Wharf area or the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda spans across a land area of about 24 acres and has become a tourist hot spot by itself. 
Mainly due to the large influx of cruise ship passengers, the area has developed into a place with many tourist attractions including museums, historic buildings, art andácraft centers, beaches, theaters and bustling with activities such as land andáwater tours, water sports, and many other activities. And of course there are plenty of shopping and restaurants to compliment the experience. 
You can easily plan a full day to go around the attractions in the dockyard area itself and also indulge in some of the great recreational activities and tours that take place from the dockyard. You can either take leisure walk to visit the attractions, or alternatively take the free train trolley ride which completes a full circuit within the dockyard several times a day starting near the cruise berths and stopping at important landmarks. You can hop on and off. 
There is also a Train Trolley Tour that takes you around the dockyard and outside covering several attractions with on-board audio commentary explaining the places and their history. You can also take a Segway two-Wheel battery operated transporter to get around the dockyard complex. 

Museums andáHistoric Buildings

Some of the islands' best preserved fortifications are located here that reflect the 200 years old maritime history of Bermuda and its connections with the British Royal Navy. 
The main fort building in the dockyard The Keep was converted into Bermuda Maritime Museum in 1974 where you can learn and visualize the fascinating stories of Bermuda's maritime heritage through numerous exhibits and archives. 
The museum has been further expanded in 2009 December covering some of the surrounding areas and additional exhibits. It has now become the National Museum of Bermuda
One of the greatest historical buildings within the dockyard is Commissioners House. Located within the National Museum Complex, this house was built in 1820s and was the residence of the Dockyard Commissioner who was overall in charge of the port. It now houses many exhibits and artifacts of Bermuda's Slavery Period. 
Towards the southern side of the dockyard near the gate, the Casemates is one of the oldest buildings that was once the barrack for the men of Marine Infantry who guarded the dockyard against enemy invasions. Later it became the main prison for convicts in Bermuda. 
As you walk around the dockyard complex, you will pass by the Victualling Yard (between the Dockyard Terrace and Maritime Lane). When the British Royal Navy operated out of the dockyard until mid 1900s, this is where food and other supplies used to be prepared and packed with salt for taking to the sea for the naval officers. It is surrounded by high walls and has now become a park. 
Here you will find the old Cooperage building. This is where once barrels were made to store perishable goods (like pork, biscuits etc.) and were loaded into the ships. It was built in 1831 and is now home to the Crafts Market. 
On October 21, 2017 Bermuda Transport Museum opened in Royal Naval Dockyard and is located just inside the main gate. It was earlier located in Hamilton and moved its location here. With a floor area of 6,500 sq ft the museum houses large collection of vintage transports including bicycles, motorbikes, mobylettes, horse carriages, vintage cars, engines and parts of boats, trains etc. You can also see the foiling wing used by Oracle Team of USA during the America's Cup race in 2017. There is an entry fee of $5. Chicane Building, 2 Smithery Row, Sandys, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 799-2886. 

Beaches Near Kings Wharf

There are several great beaches located in an around the dockyard. While some are within walking distance (like Snorkel Park Beach and Black Bay Beach), others including the famous pink south shore beaches such as Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay etc can be reached easily by public bus, scooter, or beach shuttles. Entry to public beaches is free. However Snorkel Park Beach is part of a commercial complex and has an entry fee. Here are the Beaches near Kings Wharf andáDockyard 

Art andáCraft at Kings Wharf

Dockyard is a gold mine when it comes to exquisite art andácraft work from talented local artists and artisans. 
Bermuda Craft Market is located within the old cooperage building where multitude of handicraft items from several local artisans are showcased. Items include cedar work, dolls made with banana leaves, jewelry, paintings etc. These are ideal souvenirs to take back home that reflect original talent and skills of local craftsmen. 
Stop by the Dockyard Glassworks to see craftsmen showing their skills and making lovely glassware items from hot molten glasses. You can see free demonstration and then buy if you like. 
Head over to Jon Faulkner Gallery to see artists crafting beautiful pottery and ceramic items. 
Visit the Bermuda Art Center. This is a creative workshop of talented artists. It exhibits wide range of artwork including paintings, sculpture, pottery etc. You can chat with the resident artists to know about their creations and styles. 

Other Attractions Nearby

You must not miss the Dolphin Quest within the dockyard complex. This is a fantastic Dolphin display and training center. If you have a dream to swim with dolphins, touch or feed them, there is no better place than the Dolphin Quest in Bermuda. We experienced it ů itĺs amazing. 
Fort Scaur is located in Sandys and near Dockyard. This fort was built by the British in 1870s to protect the Royal Naval Dockyard fearing attacks from the US, which of course never took place. 
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is located in Southampton and is easily accessible from dockyard by bus. This is the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world. Climb the 185 stairs to the top and from the balcony you get sweeping views of Great Sound water area and the island landscapes all around. 
Heydon Trust Park andáChapel is another place which you should not miss. The 43 acre beautiful unspoiled parkland with wonderful view of the water is located in Sandys and quite close to the dockyard. The park has fruit groves, gardens and lovely landscapes, and a quaint chapel which is the smallest in the island. 
Somerset Bridge which is the world's smallest drawbridge is located at Somerset (Sandys). All buses and road transports leaving the dockyard towards Hamilton go over this tiny bridge. 
A Historical Re-enactment andáTour has been introduced at the dockyard during the cruise season (until October). It starts at Victualling Yard. There will be actors in costumes of early period showcasing life in the dockyard dating back to 1863. The tour guide explains the background of the fort, the warehouses, workshops, barracks and many other features of the dockyard. 
This is designed as a fun filled family event where you also get a piece of historical knowledge of the island. During the show, a canon is also fired as an added attraction. This is then followed by walking tour of the Dockyard where you will explore the historical places and landmarks that you learned during the re-enactment session. During the tour you will learn about how ship repairing was done in the dockyard, how food prepared and loaded, how the convict labors andáslaves were used in building the dockyard, and lot more. The Re-Enactment starts at 9:30 am and the walking tour starts at 9:50am and ends at 10:30am at Clock Tower Mall. It's held on Mon, Tue, We and Friday. Cost: Free. 

Kings Wharf Activities andáTours

The dockyard area offers a host of recreational activities including island tours, boating andásailing, all kinds of water sports and many other sporting activities including golfing, fishing etc. 
Visit Kings Wharf Activities for full information. 
After enjoying the attractions at the dockyard, you can relax and watch a movie here at the Neptune Theatre, a 118-seat cinema showing a night movie twice over. On Friday through Sunday, you can catch an afternoon show too. It's located at the Cooperage Building in Victualling Yard. Update: Neptune Cinema at dockyard closed down in 2018 due to declining audience. 

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