Beaches near Kings Wharf (Dockyard) Bermuda

Most cruise ship passengers docked at Kings Wharf or Heritage wharf at the Royal Naval Dockyard look around for beaches close by. Cruises dock at the port here for hardly 2 and 1/2 days or even lesser and therefore time is of great essence. 
One should be able to quickly get to a beach and avoid wasting time in transportation. Well the good news is that several great beaches (in fact some of the best beaches) are located close to Kings Wharf. While some are within easy walking distance, the others can be reached easily by bus or taxi. 
Snorkel Park Beach: This is the closest beach located within the dockyard itself at its north eastern corner. From the cruise ship pier (Kings Wharf) you can easily walk down to this beach venue in 5-6 minutes. It's a manmade beach and has an entry fee. The beach venue here is complete with all facilities including bar &árestaurant, rentals like snorkel gears, beach chairs &áocean front beds, umbrellas etc. Activities like Jet Ski Tours, Kayaking, Paddle Boats are also available. As the name of the beach suggests, it's a great snorkeling beach featuring many underwater features and colorful fish. 
Sea Glass and Black Bay Beach: These are the next closest beaches and located adjacent to each other. It's just a few minutes away outside the dockyard gate and located in Sandys, the same parish as dockyard. Although you can walk down to the beach in about 20 minutes from the dockyard, there is hardly any sidewalk and walking can be difficult. It is better to take a short bus ride to the nearest bust stop and then walk down to the beach. The Sea Glass Beach is well known for great sea glasses that are available in abundance. New facilities have been added at Black Bay beach including concession stall offering rentals like hammocks, snorkel gears, water toys, beer, soft drinks etc. There are also portable toilets. The beach offers excellent sunset views. It's a nice family beach. 
Somerset Long Bay Beach: This beach is located in Somerset and in the same Sandys parish where Dockyard is located. It takes 10-minute bus ride by bus#7 or 8 from the dockyard to the bus stop near the beach. From there it is a 10-minute walk to the beach. 
Daniel's Head Park &áBeach: This beach is also located close by in the same parish (Sandys). It's best accessible by a short scooter ride (you can rent a scooter). Otherwise a 10-minute bus ride from the dockyard takes you to the nearest bus stop (the same bus stop for Somerset Long Bay) and from there it is about 20-minute walk. This is a beautiful small beach facing the western waters and often remains secluded. It's a great beach for snorkeling. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach: The most popular and the attractive pink sandy beaches and coves are mostly located along the south shore of Bermuda. And all these beaches can be reached easily by bus (#7) within 35 to 50 minutes. Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most popular amongst tourists which is also rated as one of the best beaches in the world by several magazines. It is located in Southampton and can be reached within 35 minutes by bus. There are several other great beaches on south shore which can be easily reached from the dockyard by bus #7 or taxi. 
Warwick Long Bay beach is a beautiful south shore beach. It's half a mile stretch of pink sand and located in Warwick parish. A trail from here towards west leads to various coves and small beaches like Jobson's Cove, Stonehole Bay, Chaplin Bay and all the way to Horseshoe Bay Beach. 
How to reach south shore beaches 
Bus #7 operates between dockyard and Hamilton City that goes past most of the south shore beaches. Plenty of taxis are also available at the stands in Dockyard. Private minibuses operate between the dockyard and Horseshoe bay beach. 
The first mini bus leaves at around 8am and the last bus returns from the beach at 6pm. Fare is $7 one way. The shuttle goes down the hill from the main road at Horseshoe bay and right up to the beach. You can also avail Bus #7 from dockyard to reach the south shore beaches. 
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