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On Segway Fun Machines

Segway Tours offers two-wheeled hi-tech machines that are self balancing. They are easy to ride and you do not require any prior experience. They call these machines Segway Human Transporters. The machines are battery operated and therefore environmentally friendly. 
Touring the dockyard on Segway machines 
Photo: Viator 
Since this machine has carrying capacity limits, all riders must weigh between a minimum of 100 lbs and a maximum of 260 lbs. The tours begin with safety instructions which includes an introductory video and training session. 

Dockyard Segway Tour

Segway operates a tour of the Royal Naval Dockyard on its Segway machines. Segway's bus is usually parked at Dockyard Terrace in front of Oleander Cycle's outlet and this is where the tours start. 
There will be a guide and with your wireless headset, you will be able to clearly hear insightful historical facts throughout your tour. You will be gliding effortlessly through the dockyard, enjoying ocean views and exploring historical sites along the way. There will also be ample photo opportunities. 
Some of the sites that you will see inside the dockyard includes: 
  • The historic Casemates Prison
  • Victualling Yard, 
  • Dockyard Glassworks and Rumcake Factory, 
  • Historic Sail Loft, etc. 
  • The tour also continues to Lagoon Park, Sea Glass beach, and Black Bay that are at a short distance from the dockyard. 

    Tour Booking

    This is a 1.5 hour tour from dockyard and departs at 9am. Minimum 16 years of age. 
    Rates by Viator 

    Contact Info

    Segway Bermuda's Email: [email protected] 
    Local Booking Agency
    Island Tour Centre 
    Royal Naval Dockyard. They have a kiosk next to the piers. 
    Tel: (441) 236-1300; Email: [email protected] 
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