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About the course

Located in Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf) at the western end of Bermuda, Fun Golf is a mini course which has been set up in an area of over 1 acre land with wonderful 180 degree views of the ocean. A board here says that this is the best mini golf course in the world. Although this is technically the second mini golf course in the island (there is another one at Bermuda Golf Academy), this is by far a superior course in terms of its standards and overall appeal. 
Fun Golf Course, Bermuda 
 Mini Golf, Dockyard Bermuda 
Photo: Fun Golf, Bermuda 
The course was designed by Hogan Lindgren who also designed the one in Denmark and that was voted as the best Mini Golf Course in the world. But after having designed and worked on this course for about 2 years, Lindgren remarked that this one is even better than the one in Denmark. 
Although there is no official system of rating mini golf courses around the world, from the time you step into Fun Golf and look at the splendid colorful layout, lush greens, and the contours with changing elevations, you know that this is not only a great mini courses, it is also quite challenging. 
Photo: Fun Golf, Bermuda 
Fun Golf is an 18-hole par 65 mini course, and as the name suggests, it aims towards entertaining both experienced and average golfers (and even beginners) with lots of fun while making it just as exciting as in proper golf through a number of challenges. 
All the 18 holes have been modeled after signatures holes in professional courses around the world. The first 6 holes are designed replicating the holes from the best courses in Bermuda, the next six from the US and the last 6 from courses in Scotland. 
Photo: Fun Golf, Bermuda 
These holes however are not miniaturized, they resemble the ones as laid out in the original courses. So if you have played in any of the original courses, you should be able to recognize the holes. And the final hole (the home hole) is considered the best in Bermuda. 
The course features mini fairways and nice greens, several small hazards in form of bunkers and water bodies, a nice waterfall which feeds into several salt water pools full of fish. There is also a tiny bridge on the course and heaps of rocks at several places. So, this course is not for playing long drives unless you want to land the ball into the ocean. It's all about chipping and putting. In fact, it is quite common to make a 'Hole in One' at least once during a round. 
Photo: Fun Golf, Bermuda 
While this is a mini course, the golfers need to read the elevations correctly, factor in the flowing breeze and ample hazards, and hit with accuracy. However, putting is the main skill required here. 
From various vantage spots in the course, you can see the ocean and also the cruise ships docked at the piers. So, if you are waiting for your turn behind other golfers, watch the views of the ocean and take some selfies. There are ample photo opportunities here. If you are playing in the second half, then stay back for the stunning views of sunset and enjoy a drink at the bar. 

The Tees

Hole 1: modeled on hole #5 of Mid Ocean Club, Bermuda (par 4) 
The original hole in Mid Ocean Golf Course is known as one of the best 'Cape' holes in the world sitting on an elevated tee and requiring a long drive over the Mangrove Lake. Here of course, the lake is a smaller manmade version and all you need is a short but good approach shot. 
Hole 2: modeled on hole #18 of Belmont Hills Club, Bermuda  (par 4) 
This is an uphill shot towards the green which is protected by bunkers front and right. 
Hole 3: modeled on hole #16 of Port Royal Golf Course, Bermuda  (par 3) 
A crescent shaped sloping fairway that drops down to the left with the hole below. 
Hole 4: modeled on hole #1 of Ocean View Golf Course, Bermuda  (par 5) 
An elevated tee that needs a shot over an artificial 'Baker's Hill Road' into a long narrow fairway. 
Hole 5: modeled on hole #8 of Riddell’s Bay Golf Course, Bermuda (par 4) 
This is a dogleg around a water area and requires a good putting skill. Note: The original course at Riddell's Bay has been closed down. 
Hole 6: modeled on hole #9 of Tucker’s Point Golf Club, Bermuda (par 4) 
The green is elevated and fronted by a pond. Requires an accurate approach. 
Hole 7: modeled on hole #17 of TPC Sawgrass, Florida, USA (par 3) 
Hit from an elevated tee and over 'Baker's Hill Road' into the long narrow fairway. 
Hole 8: modeled on hole #6 of Riviera Golf Club, California, USA (par 3) 
The green is two-tiered and there is a bunker in the middle. 
Hole 9: modeled on hole #7 of Pebble Beach, California, USA (par 3) 
A straight hit from an elevated tee towards the ocean but not too far. 
Hole 10: modeled on hole #3 of Oakmont Country Club, Pennsylvania, USA (par 4) 
You need to putt around a bunker (the famous 'Church Pews' in Oakmont) to get to the green. 
Hole 11: modeled on hole #13 of Pine Valley Country Club, North Carolina, USA (par 4) 
There is a large 'wasteland' bunker on the left of the fairway and you need to stay clear of that. 
Hole 12: modeled on hole #12 of Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, USA (par 3) 
You need to hit over the "Rae’s Creek" bridge to get to the narrow green. 
Hole 13: modeled on hole #13 of Gleneagles King's Course, Scotland (par 4) 
A narrow approach to the green. The original course was designed by James Braid, who used to sign his name on the best hole of each course he architected. 
Hole 14: modeled on hole #8 of Royal Troon, Scotland (par 3) 
This hole here offers a split fairway, you can go either way depending on your position. 
Hole 15: modeled on hole #8 of Royal Aberdeen Golf Club, Scotland (par 3) 
The ridge fringing the green at the original course is replaced by a large deep bunker here. 
Hole 16: modeled on hole #13 of Muirfield Golf Club, Scotland (par 3) 
Long narrow green and well bunkered. 
Hole 17: modeled on hole #9 of Turnberry Golf Resort, Scotland (par 4) 
This is a bunker free hole. 
Hole 18: modeled on hole #17 of St. Andrews Old Course, Scotland (par 4) 
In the original course, this hole is known as the 'Road Hole' because a road passes the fairway and is one of the most difficult holes in golf. Here, you need to avoid a 'Road Bunker'. 


There is no Clubhouse here as such. Instead there is a Bar and Grill known as 'Caddy Shack' where you need to check in. The holes are arranged in such a way that after every 6 holes, you are back near the starting point which is in front of the bar. So, after every 6 holes, you can refill your drink if you want. In fact, the staff here encourage you to carry your drinks on to the course. 
The drinks at the bar are among the cheapest in the island. They serve beers as well as nice island cocktails such a Dark n Stormy and Rum Swizzle which are excellent. A beer like Heineken, Corona, Bud Light, Coors Light etc costs $7. Dark n Stormy / Rum Swizzle costs $8. They also keep weekly selections of wine ($10) and locally brewed beer ($9). 
The Bar and Grill also serves Bermudian snack food such as wahoo nuggets ($14), wahoo fish sandwich on raisin breads, chicken and cheese sandwiches ($12 - $16), wraps ($13 - $15), salads ($14 - $18), burgers ($10 - $14) etc. The staff are friendly, always smiling and cooperative. Chat with them to get some tips about getting around the island. 
There are gazebos with seats that are placed at few places in the course where you can sit for a while and watch others play and enjoy the beautiful landscapes around. 

Why play at Bermuda Fun Golf?

Other than honing your skills in chipping and putting, there are several other reasons to play here: 
  • If you are a cruise passenger docked at Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf in Royal Naval Dockyard, this is an easy 10-minute walk and great fun to have a light exercise and at the same time spend a couple of hours enjoying the lovely manicured landscapes. 
  • You get sweeping views of the ocean, and the course itself is very attractive with its many features including fish ponds, waterfall, bridge, sand traps and manicured greens. It's a great place to enjoy with your family and kids. 
  • This is also one of the best places in the western end of the island to watch sunset. 
  • There is a bar and grill and you can have great cocktails or chilled bear accompanied by Bermudian snack as you play a round of golf. In fact, you can carry your drinks as you play. And the drinks here are among the cheapest in the island. 
  • A round of golf here is relatively inexpensive when you compare the fees with similar such mini courses around the world. 
  • If your cruise ship is leaving in the afternoon and if you take interest in golf, it's a great way to spend your last day because you can't do much of sightseeing. 


    A round of golf will cost $15 per person and $12 for kids (1 year or under). 
    There is no need for any tee time reservations unless you are in a large group (of more than 10). You can simply walk in and pay the fees at the bar. Golf Clubs are included in the fee. There is no provision for any cart, so you need to walk all the way around the course. 
    If you want to book tee time for a group of more than 10, or like to book the venue for any private or business function, you can email [email protected] or call at: (441) 400-7888. 

    Open Hours

    Daily 10am to 10pm during high season (summers, starting in April). 
    October – November 17 Open Daily from 10am until Dark. 
    Starting November 18 Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am until Dark. 
    You need to budget around 2-hours+ for a round of golf including photo breaks and enjoying some drinks at the bar. There are usually more players during the morning hours and there can be wait time at the tees. 
    In summer, mornings are better and cooler. It can be very hot during the mid-day, however, you will usually get very few players during the later part of second half when the cruise ships starts leaving. You can also play at night (up to 10pm in summers). Although there are no flood lights, the pool lights and standing lamps create a nice nightly ambience. 
    Fun Golf at night 
    Photo: Fun Golf, Bermuda 

    Location and Contacts

    Bermuda Fun Golf 
    9 Sally Pport Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Parish, Bermuda. 
    Fun Golf Mini Course is located at one end of the dockyard and next to Snorkel Park. It will require about 10-minute walk from the Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf cruise pier. 
    Phone: 441/400-PUTT (7888);  
    Caddy Shack Phone: 441) 400-5902 
    Road Map 
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