Bermuda Golf Academy

Located in Southampton parish, Bermuda Golf Academy is not a regular golf course. But it provides some great facilities if you are looking for some practice or learning sessions. It's not always easy to get tee time at the Bermuda golf courses. The academy provides an excellent alternative to keep your practice going at a reasonable rate while you prepare your game for a regular course. There are nigh lighting provisions and you can play both during day &night time. 

The main features of Bermuda Golf Academy are

  • It covers a total area of 12 acres. 
  • 40 practice bays with driving range of 320 yards. 25 of them are covered so that you can also practice even if it rains. 
  • There is a 3,000 square feet practice green area. 
  • Night Lighting equipment are set up for nighttime play. 
  • There is an automated system that tees up the golf balls automatically and also cleans them up, and if necessary rejects the ones that are unusable. 
  • There is a 18-course miniature golf course. It takes about 40 minutes to complete a round of fun golf in this miniature course. 
  • There is a sophisticated video and recording system available that can analyze your swings and postures. The owner of the academy Richard Farge offers personalized instructions and lessons based on such analysis. 
  • Club rentals are available. 
  • There is a restaurant East Meets West at the complex that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner offering Indian, Chinese and American cuisine, as well as Sushi. It is a combination of a restaurant, a bistro and a budget take out service. 
    Bermuda Golf Academy 

    Academy Open Hours

    8am - 10:30pm daily 
    Rates vary depending on the time of practice. 

    Location &Contacts

    On Industrial Park Road (off Middle Road), Southampton, Bermuda 
    Phone: 441/238-8800 
    Bus route #8 comes to the point where Industrial Park Road begins. You will need to walk from here. Note that you can not carry golf clubs in a public bus. If you have your own clubs, take a taxi instead. Otherwise, you can rent the clubs at the Academy. 
    Road Map 
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