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Golfing in Bermuda

Golf in Bermuda is something very special. Because you will probably not see such lush green expanses and the breathtaking settings with oceanic views in many other places in the world. Many of the Bermuda golf courses are designed by some of the greatest architects. If you take interest in following the well known architects of golf courses, here are some names you will love to hear: Robert Trent Jones, Charles Banks, Charles Blair Mcdonald are some of them who designed the courses in Bermuda. 
So what can you expect out of Bermuda golf? Great championship golf courses, stunning scenery, great climate, and elevated tees with spectacular ocean views. While golf in Bermuda is played round the year and the flowing ocean breeze will keep you comfortable, the demand for golfing surges during the high season (April through October). This is the time when most tourists arrive at the island. So finding Tee time may not be all that easy. But during winter, weather in Bermuda is simply excellent for golfing, and finding tee time is also relatively easier.  
So which are those spectacular Bermuda golf courses? Before I come to that, won't you like to know who out of the big names other than the top golfers of the world, have played golf in Bermuda? George Bush, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Winston Churchill, the list goes on... One more thing... you need to seriously factor in the unpredictable Atlantic breeze, if you are playing golf in Bermuda. Otherwise there is high likelihood of the ball dropping into the ocean. 

Bermuda Golf Courses

(Southampton Parish, 18 holes, 6842 yards, par 71) 
This golf course is known for its spectacular ocean views, lush greenery and ocean side cliffs. This is a venue of the PGA Grand Slam Golf. The course includes on-site dining options and a pro shop. 
(Southampton Parish, 18 holes, 2684 yards, par 54) 
This golf course, part of the hotel Fairmont Southampton complex, offers excellent marine and landscape views. This is a fairly challenging course with water hazards. The complex includes a pro shop, tennis courts, bar &restaurants. 
This is not a golf course, but has 40 practice bays with 320 yards driving range, and also a practice green. The place is great if you like to practice or take a learning session. It has both day &nighttime playing provisions on all seven days a week. 
(Warwick Parish, 18 holes, 5800 yards, par 70) X Closed in Apr 2016 
Some of the holes of this golf course are so close to the ocean that it imposes fair amount of challenges. In fact, they say that the first hole is the toughest in the whole of Bermuda. You get a pro shop and dining option here as well.  
(Warwick Parish, 18 holes, 6017 yards, par 70) 
This golf course has undergone a full renovation in the recent past. The course has now become much faster with use of Tiff-Eagle greens and also more attractive with lakes separated by a waterfall. The excellent ocean views and tropical landscaping also add to the new course's appeal. There is a pro shop and a snack bar and restaurant in the complex.  
(Devonshire Parish, 9 holes, 2940 yards, par 35) 
So you can easily guess why is this course called Ocean View. Yes, there are quite a few tees that are elevated and you get a spectacular view of the ocean from there. This 9 hole course has a driving range and is ideal for a quick game. 
(St. George's parish, 18 holes, 4043 yards, par 62) X Closed at present 
St George Golf course is located on a picturesque setting and overlooking the St Catherine fort and the ocean. It's a 18 hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones. 
(St. George's parish, 18 holes, 6548 yards, par 71) 
This Bermuda golf course is ranked by the experts as one of the best in the world. Other than fantastic views, this course is accompanied by guest rooms, full-service clubhouse, tennis courts and beaches. 
(St. George's parish, 18 holes, 6361 yards, par 70) 
The holes and the entire greens have been redesigned. The course has dramatic views and re-contoured fairways and bunkers. It now has new practice facility, a driving range, practice putting green and short game area. All greens have been rebuilt with Tiff-Eagle to make the course much faster and better. 
(Dockyard - Sandys Parish, 18 holes, par 65, fun mini course) 
A mini Golf Course (Bermuda Fun Golf) has come up in the dockyard area. This 18 hole golf course is touted as the best mini golf course in the world and has been designed by the one who designed the one in Denmark which was voted as the best mini course. 

Reserving Tee time

You need to keep one thing in mind... unlike in many other countries you can not just walk into a golf course in Bermuda, pay and play golf. Except for few Bermuda golf clubs, most of the others are private clubs. Port Royal, Ocean View and St. George's clubs are the ones that are Bermuda Government owned. At the private Bermuda golf clubs, in general you need to be introduced by an existing member. 
Few of the private clubs do entertain non-members, but you need to book well in advance directly with them. However, many of the hotels have corporate memberships and can introduce limited number of their guests. And therefore, during winter time it becomes that much easier for you to get tee times. Cruise ships also make arrangements for golfing as part of their excursion packages. 
The website and offer booking of tee time in Bermuda for most of the prime golf courses. Update: Both these online services have closed down. 
You should call up the Golf Club directly, take their guidance and book tee time. Most Golf Clubs in Bermuda support online booking of Tee time through their own websites. 

Golfing expenses in Bermuda

Well it certainly used to be so once. In fact, it's still more expensive compared to USA or parts of Europe. Few years back, I had paid up some $250 to play a round of golf. But the pricing have been revised with economic challenges coming in. These days you can play a round of golf in Ocean View Golf Course (9-hole) for $50 with a cart and at Turtle Hill Golf Course of Fairmont Southampton (18-hole) for $99 with half cart. Port Royal Golf Club (18-hole) charges $180 including a cart. Most courses have lower rates for tee time in the second half of the day. 

Dress Code

Bermuda golfing is formal. That means you need to wear collared shirts. Shorts in most cases need to be of Bermuda length, that is up to your knee. Jeans and cutoffs are not allowed. 

Golf Tournaments in Bermuda

Golf's most apex event, the PGA Grand Slam of Golf where the winners of the year's four major golf championships compete to become the 'Champion of Champions', is held in Bermuda. 
Check Bermuda Golf Tournaments to know all about the different tournaments that are played in Bermuda round the year, the club venues where they are held, the available packages, and many other details. 
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Visitors' Reviews &Comments

Joe Lafornara (February 2018) 
I will be in Bermuda on celebrity cruise in may. My son &wife are joining my wife &I who will be celebrating our 50 anniversary. The men want of golf 2 of the 3 days. We wanted to go to port royal golf, but the travel agent says it is 90 minutes away by cab. It doesn't look like its that far. What are the closest courses to the cruise pier and what are the approximate cab fares. We want to have tee times in advance . We are also interested in Turtle Hill. We will need to rent clubs and cart. Thank you for your assistance. 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) February 2018 
Hello, Port Royal Golf Course is only 20 minutes drive (8 miles) by taxi from Royal Naval Dockyard, and Turtle Hill Golf Club is further 10 minutes away along the same route. Both are in Southampton. 
Marianne Paoletti from Canada (June 2015) 
Hi Raj, I have been reading many of the forums but have not been able to get all of my questions answered based on what information I have read. My husband and I are arriving via NCL on July 12th and are hoping to golf Monday (July 13th) and possibly Tuesday, the day we leave. I have already contacted the courses for fees and tee times; however, we are finding everything very expensive and are trying to find the most economical and time efficient way to travel to the courses, both Port Royal ( which I see is near King's Wharf) and Tucker's Point, which is much further away. My questions are: #1- how long would it take and what would it cost to go to Tuckers Point golf course from King's Wharf (Monday, July 13th p.m.) and by which method of transportation? #2 - how long would it take and what would it cost to go to Port Royal golf course from King's Wharf (Tuesday, July 14th a.m.) #3- is there a pass (bus/ferry) that would work for both trips on these 2 separate days. #4 - are scooters affordable (cost $) and can they be combined in our excursion(s) to the golf courses, seeing that we are renting our clubs? We would appreciate any help you can give us as our trip is fast approaching and we would like to confirm our Tee time(s) 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) June 2015 
Hi, You haven't mentioned your tee time. You can take the morning ferry to St. George (35 minutes) and then bus #1 or #3 for Tucker's Point Golf Course (6 miles, about 20 minutes). From the bus stop you will need to walk for about half a mile to reach the course. Port Royal is about 6 miles from dockyard and will take around 20 minutes by bus (#7 or 8). From the bus stop, you need to walk for about 600 yards. You can buy 2-day transport passes which will give you unlimited access to both public buses and ferries for two days. Since you will be renting clubs, you can also rent a scooter from dockyard (Oleander Cycles has an outlet there). You can have lots of flexibility with a scooter and easily adjust your time. Indicative scooter rental rate is $55-60 per day for a double seater, while a 2-day bus/ferry pass will cost $31.50 per person.  
Linda (May 2015) 
Hello, Just ordered your ebooks! We are planning a golf excursion while we are in Bermuda. Do you have any suggestions on which courses and how do we get there from the dockyard? Thanks so much, 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) May 2015 
Hi, if you are taking a cruise, then Port Royal in Southampton and Riddell's bay at Warwick would be convenient. If you are not carrying golf kits, then bus #7 or 8 from dockyard, otherwise take a taxi. 
Dave Coffey (April 2015) 
I would like to play 2 rounds while in bermuda next month. I am playing Port Royal and looking for a suggestion of another course. Although Mid Ocean is top notch, it's a bit too expensive. Can you recommend 1 or 2 courses ? 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) April 2015 
Hi, you can consider Riddell's Bay Golf Course in Warwick. 
Dave C (April 2015) 
Will I be allowed to carry my golf clubs on the bus to get from Hamilton to Port Royal or Riddells Bay Golf courses? 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) April 2015 
Bus drivers usually won't allow golf kit. You should plan on a taxi instead. 
Katie (March 2015) 
Hello, I will be coming in Sept via cruise ship. I would like to send my boyfriend to the golf outing at the Fairmont. what would be the best way to get him to and from the Fairmont from the dockyard in your opinion. From what I see is it true a taxi would be 40-50 bucks each way????? thank you 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) March 2015 
Hi, taxi is the only way as you can't carry golf clubs etc on a public bus. Yes, taxi fare would be around $40 each way. If he plans to rent the golf clubs, then he can take a bus from the dockyard. 
Celeste Harlacher (July 2013) 
Thank you for this incredibly detailed website. I have been pouring over getting even more excited about our upcoming cruise to your island paradise docking at the Navy Shipyard. We will be exploring July 23-25th. We have two golfers with us who are anxious to try your one of your courses. We know there are private and public ones. Any suggestions as to which one(s) to contact, since we know the prices are steep, especially if they book it through the cruise line? Can they bring their clubs on a ferry/bus to get to a course? Should they book a tee time before we go to ensure availability? Thanks so much for your assistance. 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) July 2013 
Hi, I suggest that you book the tee time in advance. There are two local companies that offer online booking of tee time. You will get the rates for all the courses in their websites and then decide on the one that fits your budget. Here are the websites:; 
Frank A Ruggiero 
My family and I are celebrating my wife's and our 40th wedding anniversary my son-in-law and my other daughter's boy friend and my self would like to play golf. We need a tee time for 3 in July will it become difficult to get one and when should we notify you .we will be coming in by cruise ship the summit to St. George's. any help or suggestions will be mostly appreciated. 
Raj (Bermuda-Attractions.Com) 
Frank, July falls in high tourist season of Bermuda. So the golf courses are likely to busy that time. However the good news is that St. George's Golf Course has been reopened. It was earlier closed due to construction work. I would suggest you book the tee time well in advance. There is now a facility to book the tee time online. Visit or alternatively call up 441/234 4653 which is a central number for reservation. 
David Taylor 
We will be in your country for 3 days in November. We will play golf on Wednesday Nov. 9th, 2011 and would like to consider playing at your course. Please send us the fees that you would charge for that day. Please include greens fees, cart rental, club rentals and any other fees or taxes. Thank you 
Please contact the Golf Club directly for the rates and other information. Since I do not know which course you are planning to play at, please choose the course in this page. You will find the contact numbers there. Unfortunately most of them do not have email address. So you will need to call them up over phone. For reservation at any of the Bermuda government owned courses, there is a central phone number: 441/234-4653. You can also visit the website for reserving tee time.