Bermuda Taxi Tours

If you are in a small group of up to 7 persons or even just two of you, taxis in Bermuda can provide great options for private tours in the island. You can customize the tours as per your own interests and visit the specific attractions you want. It also gives you a lot of time flexibility. 
On top of it, if you consider a per person rate, this could be a cheaper option compared to the organized private tours by vans or mini buses. Usually the private van or mini-bus tours have fixed routes and coverage, and operate on fixed timings unless you charter the whole minibus for your private group. Taxis that way give you a lot more flexibility. 
Bermuda Taxi 
While you can take any taxi for a tour, ideally you should look for ones that have blue flags fluttering or a blue flag insignia on their bonnets. Then you know that the taxi driver is also a government certified tour guide of Bermuda. Such taxis are known as Blue Flag Taxis and the drivers are Blue Flag Certified Tour Guides. Their tour rates are the same as any other taxis which is fixed by the government. These taxi drivers usually have a wealth of knowledge about the island. They have successfully gone through the test and certification process laid by Government of Bermuda. 
Some of these drivers who double up as tour-guides have extensive knowledge in island’s history, art and architecture, flora and fauna, etc. During the tour, the taxi driver will narrate lots of untold stories of the island, its history and many other local lore that you will love to hear. 
Taxis in Bermuda come in two sizes - the smaller ones can carry up to 4 passengers and the larger ones up to 7 passengers. Taxi tours operate by hourly rate. 
Some taxis in Bermuda are wheelchair accessible and are suitable for persons having physical challenges or disability. Taxi drivers in Bermuda are not allowed to charge any extra for the persons with disability. Some of such taxis may be suitable for electrical wheelchairs and some for manual, but usually not for both. 
Taxis will wait when you take time to visit an attraction or plan to take your lunch. However this waiting time will count as part of the total time for which you book the taxi. While having lunch or snacks during your tour, you can invite the driver to join you, although it's not necessary. But if you invite him, then a general courtesy would be to pay for his bills. 

Rates/Fares for Bermuda Taxi Tours

The taxi tours take place on an hourly rate. You will need to book the taxi minimum for 3 hours. Typically island tours by taxis last for about 4 hours. 
The taxi tour rates were last revised on May 1, 2014. This was the first revision since December 2007. Up to 4 passengers, the rate is now $50 per hour (instead of earlier $40 per hour). For 5 to 7 passengers, the rate is $70 per hour (instead of earlier $55 per hour). Note that if a larger taxi agrees to carry 4 or less passengers for sightseeing tour, they should charge the lower rate (i.e. $50 per hour). This rate is fixed by the Government. The Blue Flag taxis should also charge the same. 
Unlike the case when you take metered taxis, the rates for taxi tours do not change even on Sundays or public holidays, or at night. The above rates are excluding gratuity or tips. A 15% tips is appropriate. You can also book a taxi for half-day or full day. But remember that the taxi drivers in Bermuda are all self employed. So they usually work based on their own convenience. 

Bermuda Taxi Tour Operators

While you can get taxis (including Blue Flag Taxis) at the taxi stands like in Dockyard, but it is advisable to book one in advance in case you want to ensure the tour. Blue Flag Taxi drivers are usually busier than the others.  
Here are some of the popular taxi tour operators in Bermuda who have been serving the tourists since several years in the island and have made good names for themselves (also read the reviews below): 
Millard Lightbourne of Mills Taxi Service 
Millard, known as Mills, has over 50 years of experience in the tourism industry. He worked in the 5-Star Elbow Beach Hotel in Paget for 55 years before retiring as the Assistant Chief Engineer. However he has also been a certified Tourist Guide and a driver since many years. Very well behaved, polite and having awesome knowledge of the island and its flora and fauna, Mills is one of the great drivers in the island for taxi tours. Phone: (441) 238 5690; Email: [email protected]  
Lewis Foggo 
He is the owner and operator of Reliable Taxi Services. He has had his taxi license since 1993 and has been driving part time up until 2001, and full time ever since. He specializes in island tours of Bermuda, and also offers services for corporate, weddings, parties and street pick-ups. Lewis is a Bermuda Government certified Blue Flag Tour Guide. Email: [email protected]; Call: 441/704-2109 
Access Bermuda 
(For physically handicapped) 
Keith Simmons of Access Bermuda organizes tours and airport pickups for people with disability or special needs. He has a custom built van with side entrance and an attachable ramp to make it easily wheelchair accessible. This purpose built vehicle also has auxiliary services for ventilators and recharging of electric wheelchairs. 
He operates several sightseeing tours including a 3 hour east end tours of the island, 3 hour scenic west end tour, and 5 hour full island tour with certified blue flag tour guides. All tours start and end at the Visitors Center near Hamilton Ferry Terminal. On request, he can also organize glass bottom boat tours for the physically challenged. Address: 1 Loyal Hill, Devonshire. 
Phone: (441)295-9106; Email: [email protected] 
Bermuda Island Taxi 
A popular large taxi service in Bermuda operating for over four decades. While they have a number of taxis which are engaged in transfers between places, they also offer great island tours and have knowledgeable drives who are excellent tour guides. They also have wheelchair accessible taxis. Their main office is in Hamilton City although they have operations in St. George as well. 
Phone: (441) 295-4141; Email: [email protected] 
Quinton Binns 
X unheard of since long 
A very knowledgeable and reputed taxi driver in Bermuda and based in Hamilton city. 
Address: The Glebe Road, Hamilton, Pembroke Parish. Phone: 441/297-0749 
Raj BhattacharyaBy Raj Bhattacharya 
Raj, a seasoned travel writer and Bermuda destination expert, has extensive global travel experience. This website reflects his profound insights, garnered over nearly two decades of dedicated findings and research on the island. Raj has assisted countless Bermuda-bound visitors by providing direct, personalized responses to their queries and imparting his wealth of knowledge through this platform. This site serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking informed and reliable insights into Bermuda's treasures. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Ed Ventura (July 2022) 
Yesterday we had a fantastic time touring Bermuda with Millard Lightbourne. Millard took us around the entire island on a full day tour which lasted over 8 hours! As others have indicated in reviews, he is truly a walking encyclopedia. We were given as much time as we wanted at the various sites and Millard was able to answer any question we asked. He took us to a secluded cove to enjoy crystal clear water and pink sand.  He is professional, well versed, knowledgeable and a good driver. Skip the excursion if you're on a cruise ship and go with Millard to explore the island. 
Susan Reed (July 2019) 
We highly recommend Bramwell Tucker for his fantastic tour of Bermuda! He is personable, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, accommodating, passionate, fun...the list goes on. We learned so much and saw spots tourists don't generally see. He was willing to wait at the Swizzle Inn while we enjoyed an afternoon beverage. My husband had recent TKR surgery and Bramwell was so helpful, not only getting him in and out of the van, but also altering tour stops so we could enjoy views and Bramwell's tour notes without getting out of the van. He was the best!  Contact him at:  [email protected] 
Cynthia Richmond (June 2019) 
Perfect with travelling with a lively 89 year old! We were with Mel Caines for 3 days and loved every minute. We saw Bermuda like a local! Thank you Mel! 
Cher Foth (May 2019) 
Millard's expert historical and local knowledge made our Bermuda visit a first rate experience. We took a five hour tour covering most of the island's important landmarks and wish we had booked for other days. We were a group of six and comfortably fit into his air conditioned van. His narratives were colorful and filled with historical facts and local culture. Also a few bits of gossip on the island citizenship - was fun and entertaining. He charges the standard island rate and highly recommend him. 
Nancy Spina (April 2019) 
My husband and I went on a delightful 3 hour tour of Bermuda with Sydney Robertson, Island Tours (email:  [email protected]). Sydney made sure to include all the sites I wished to see and so much more. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is an extremely knowledgeable source of all information regarding Bermuda. Would be impossible to find a better way to see Bermuda and get to know all about it and all it's beauty it has to offer. Kudos to Sydney for making our trip here such a memorable one. 
Mary Ann Miller (October 2018) 
I highly recommend a private tour with Lewis Foggo! He is the perfect Bermuda guide. We covered every highlight of the Island in 6 hours with a shopping stop in Hamilton and a Dark n' Stormy (drink) stop in Tobacco Bay. Lewis's knowledge of the history, architecture, economy and politics is amazing. He is kind and considerate and we couldn't have chosen a better way to enjoy our time in Bermuda. 
Harry Sullivan (August 2018) 
My wife and I took a 4 hour taxi tour with a gentleman named Sydney Robertson. We started by planning a 3 hour tour but enjoyed it so much we decided to go the 4th hour. Syd is not just really knowledgeable about all things Bermuda (he's been doing this for over 30 years) but he is really a great guy with a terrific sense of humor, articulate and smart. I want to recommend him in the strongest way and you can set up your tour in advance via email, which is what we did, and he was waiting to pick us up as we got off our cruise ship. If interested, his email address is [email protected]
Richard Waters (July 2018) 
Lewis Foggo Tour - My wife and I had the pleasure of Lewis' tour. It was more than we had expected. The tour lasted 6 hours and cost $60/hour, and was worth more in our opinion. He was one minute early, which gave us a feeling that he was indeed conscientious and professional. The tour was very flexible and took us off the beaten track. My wife had been to Bermuda over twenty times and she had not seen many of the locations Lewis took us to. We stopped at many sites and took some wonderful photographs. 
On a more personal basis, Lewis was very open and knowledgeable. After just a hour or two, we felt like friends. We even invited him to lunch with us, and that gave us even more time to get to know him. We strongly recommend him to other travelers. We recommended him to our hotel, and they were glad to know about our wonderful experience. Thanks again Lewis, and we wish you well with your taxi business. 
Stella McClintic (July 2018) 
Five of us took a tour with Bramwell Tucker on 7/3/2018. I contacted him at [email protected]. On a scale of 1-10, we all gave Mr. Tucker an 11.  He picked us up at Kings Wharf as scheduled. He was friendly, courteous, and had a sense of humor.  What knowledge......he gave us information on history, culture, plants, architecture, and even golf courses. He was very accommodating and made stops as we requested.  He had a set itinerary but is willing to customize a trip to meet your needs. I strongly recommend Bramwell Tucker to anyone looking for a memorable tour of Bermuda. I hope to return someday and will get in touch with Mr. Tucker for another tour of Bermuda. 
Lillie Wong (May 2018) 
Six of us so happy to have Millard as our 4 hours taxi driver on 4/30/18. He picked us on time, very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of the whole island. We strongly recommend him to everyone looking for Bermuda local guide. 
Bernard Burnette (April 2018) 
Just back from first visit to Bermuda. After reading many positive reviews about private tours by Millard, we were able to book him about a month in advance for April 12th. My wife, Elizabeth, and I were amazed at Millard's vast knowledge about every thing on the island. He was prompt, he was courteous and friendly, and he went out of his way to provide us with any personal wishes. We both liked him and his tour very much, and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a comprehensive tour of this beautiful island. We learned that he is justifiably very popular, so book early if you want to get the best. 
Kathy Love (September 2017) 
Raj, We are arriving by Royal Caribbean cruise into Bermuda on Sept. 11, 2017, and on August 8 we arranged a handicapped accessible taxi tour by phone with Mr. Keith Simmons, but have not been able to hear back from him by internet at [email protected] or to reach him again by phone to (441) 295-9106, references we got from Bermuda Attractions. Do you know another phone number we should use to re-confirm our reservation or a time of the day we can reach him? Perhaps we are needlessly concerned, but we do think it is wise to re-confirm and our time to do so is short. Thank you very much. 
Raj ( September 2017 
Hi, regret I have no other contact information. It's always a good practice to take an email confirmation when you make a booking over phone. He may be busy with tours though... try to contact him again. 
Kathy Love (September 2017) 
Thank you for responding, Raj. I will continue to try to reach Mr. Simmons and be happy to let you know about our experience after our trip. Just to let you know, I did, in fact, send him an email confirmation after talking by phone with Mr. Simmons, but sadly I made an error in my message and referred to our date of departure from the US rather than our arrival/tour date in Bermuda.  I imagine he still understands the correct date, but that is one additional reason I had hoped to re-confirm with him.  On the phone he said he had responded by email to my very first communication (which was by email), but I explained that I had never received it.  So in my re-confirming email, I even sent my husband's email address in case mine had been mis-read, again without an answer from him. Thank you again. 
Kathy Love (September 2017) 
Words cannot adequately express our deep gratitude and appreciation for Keith Simmons, his driver Ganetta, and her amazing island family for the fantastic effort and professional skill they showed in conducting our island tour. They took such good care of us, were so competent and friendly, and extended themselves in so many ways to treat us and our daughter with kindness and afford her every dignity. We thank you for including them in your references and highly recommend them to future travelers. 
Corinne (August 2017) 
Arrived in Bermuda on the Summit. Made arrangements with Millard via email. He was prompt in answering my questions. He was waiting as soon as we left the ship. He took us to several interesting places and was very accommodating in taking us to the places we requested. I would highly recommend his tour as he is very knowledgeable and willing to please his clients and their requests 
Laraine Pascarella (July 2017) 
My husband and I just returned from a cruise to Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit. One of the highlights of our stay was an extremely enjoyable tour with Millard that we had prearranged with him by email. He picked us up at the ship and we set out on a four hour tour. Since it was extremely hot that day we appreciated the comfort of riding in his comfortable and air conditioned taxi. And, by the way, he is an excellent driver! Millard is very pleasant, accommodating and has a wealth of knowledge about the island - its history, real estate facts and an impressive ability to name all the flora and fauna in the Botanical Gardens and elsewhere without pausing! I called him the Bermudian Encyclopedia! He showed us the highlights - and more - of the island and will customize a tour to include your areas of interest. You'll have a great time with Millard and come away feeling that you've really seen Bermuda. 
Brian Kramer (July 2017) 
Avoid Theron G Smith like the plague. He's a blue flag taxi from a company oddly called expect the best. He took days to respond to emails but finally got everything arranged only to have him cancel at 5pm the day before a noon tour leaving us trying to find a blue flag taxi last minute. Totally unprofessional. 
Sandra, Edie, Rose (June 2017) 
We were referred to Mr Bramwell Tucker for our tour by Mr Millard who was booked on the day we needed. Our experience with Mr Tucker was exceptional. He was very knowledgeable about all things Bermuda, it's history and culture, plus he was very pleasant and had a good sense of humor. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a excellent quality tour of Bermuda. We still have pink sand in our toes after this wonderful experience! Thank you. 
Sandra Fleming (June 2017) 
I want to take a minute to rave about the wonderful Bermuda tour we took will Mills. He was a fantastic guide. He was well versed in the history, architecture, geography and culture of Bermuda and better yet he was excited to share it. This was a bucket list tour for my elderly mom and turned out to be just to 3 of us. He was able to personalize the tour to fit our needs (wheelchair) yet made sure we saw all we wanted. Really, he made it clear that we were the boss. Such a great day...the weather started bad but quickly became a typical Bermuda day of sunshine. Thank you Millard, you made our entire vacation. I hope one day to see you again and thank you in person. DON'T MISS THIS TOUR 
Mary K (May 2017) 
We were lucky enough to have Millard as our taxi driver on May 15, 2017. We were with him for the whole day and although we had been to Bermuda several times in the past; he showed us things we had never seen on excursions we had been on. He is very knowledgeable about the history of the island and will make sure you see everything you desire to see. We highly recommend him. 
Bill Butler (May 2017) 
Our cruise to Bermuda only gave us a 24-hour period to see the island. Four of us were interested in seeing as much as we could and the cruise excursions would not provide that. I found Bermuda Island Taxi on the internet and  booked a cab tour. While it cost more than the shore excursions, it was well worth the price.  Our driver, Kenny, grew up on the island and knew every off-the-beaten track. He give us great information and showed us areas that most people do not see. 
Nancy Deal (May 2017) 
We reserved a taxi with Millard Lightboune's service. Our driver was Mr. Tucker. What a memorable 4.5 hour trip from one end of Bermuda to the other. Mr. Tucker was professional and delightful. He took us to a cave at Grotto Bay resort, stopped anywhere we wanted, and gave a history of everywhere we went to include plant life, real estate, etc... Will give 5 thumbs on this wonderful adventure. I can truly say I've seen Bermuda. 
Craig and Nancie (March 2017) 
Millard does an excellent job of showing you the whole island of Bermuda, from the popular sites, historic landmarks, and the everyday interests. He is ever so pleasant and accommodating, full of information about the island and history, and very reasonably priced. His taxi/minivan is very comfortable. He knows the island well and is a good driver. And bottom line, he is a super nice man! If you want to see the island we'd highly recommend him.  
Cliff Roberts (December 2016) 
We used Millard Lightbourne as our driver and guide on two separate days.  We were on a Celebrity cruise and were lucky enough to find him on day one at the taxi stop and booked him again the next day. What a gentleman - Very reasonably priced for all the time taken taking us around and a well versed educated man of the island.  Really - it was a pleasure spending two days of our vacation with him and it makes us want to go back to Bermuda every year.  We will be calling him again on our next trip to Bermuda.  
Guides like Millard show the real difference between going to Bermuda compared with other Islands.  I felt safe, at home, well taken care of and at ease to enjoy my time on the island. Thank You Millard for make our vacation really special. 
Dennis and Donna Szeba (September 2016) 
Since our cruise ship was going to be in port for 3 days in September, we decided to take a private tour based on good reviews about Millard Lightbourne. His email response was fast, detailed and he sent us a four page itinerary of what we would be doing. We contracted in writing via email for a 7 hour tour and went with another couple - which was $350 split 4 ways - much cheaper and longer than a ship excursion. He met us at the pier with our name on a card and stated that he would adjust the tour any way WE wanted - not based on a schedule. 
Long story short - we made several leisurely stops - including an inexpensive award winning locals restaurant he dropped us off at. For the stops that we got out of the car for - he waited patiently for us to return. We wound up taking 9 full hours and we were still only charged what we agreed on earlier. He said that the extra time was on him. He is a walking encyclopedia about all things Bermuda, and is worth every penny you pay him. We can't say enough good things about him. 
Kevin Tucker (September 2016) 
My wife and I booked a tour with Lewis earlier this week based on the recommendation on this site. We communicated via email to set and confirm the date; he always responded promptly. Lewis was already waiting at the agreed upon time at the pier and we enjoyed a 6 1/2 hour island tour with him. He is very personable and made us feel very relaxed; he was very knowledgeable about the island and kept checking with us to make sure we were enjoying the experience. He gave us great beach recommendations for later in our trip. 
For lunch he suggested a nice place, including what to order; everything was great. I would highly Lewis to anyone looking for an informative but relaxing tour of the island by a tour guide with a great personality. PS - My wife left her camera in the van and Lewis contacted us, as well as, drove to the pier the following morning to return it. 
Rody Kemple (September 2016) 
I'm so glad I came across this website and learned about Lewis Foggo. I booked his services a month in advance after learning about him here. He gave my family a fantastic 5-hour tour of Bermuda a couple of weeks ago, and showed us some great beaches to choose from for the next day. His tour was much cheaper and more personal than a bus excursion we could have booked through the cruise line. 
Lewis is a very personable gentleman with great knowledge of Bermuda and its people. It was amazing to me how much and how many people he knew across the islands. He tries to customize his tour for the particular interests of his passengers. At $75/hour, he was a steal in comparison to the cruise tours. We made regular stops to get out and see different places and things, as well as to take pictures at many of the seemingly endless picturesque spots in Bermuda.  
He showed us most of Bermuda, from the Royal Navy Dockyard to Hamilton to St. George's. Stopping to feed bread to the fish was a strangely fantastic experience for my kids. Fish were jumping out of the water to eat bread! Who knew? Honestly, for anyone visiting Bermuda, I highly recommend booking Lewis Foggo for a tour! 
Michele (August 2016) 
Fabulous, professional prompt service with Millard. For my mother-in-law's 89th birthday - he even brought a happy birthday balloon. Totally customized and so knowledgeable, touring with Millard was the best way to see the island - the way we wanted and needed to with "us" the customer in mind. He knew all the special, key areas to show us - the sea turtles at the aquarium (free), cathedral caves (free) and lighthouse. What a way to cut through the red tape and have someone waiting for you caring about your trip. Thank you Millard --- you are a true professional and highly recommended.  Millard went above and beyond for us and will do the same for you. The best in Bermuda! 
Margaret Rich (July 2016) 
Millard Lightbourne of Mills Taxi Service took our four-some on a terrific 5 1/2 hour taxi tour of all of Bermuda's highlights, but he excelled in driving us on the back roads and to out of the way areas. He is entertaining (and speaks clearly - not always the case with tour guides) while providing lots of information about the island. Very knowledgeable about everything Bermuda. He was quick to respond to emails and set up a tour date and time. Without a doubt the highlight of our three days in Bermuda! 
Gerald and Lynne Osborne (June 2016) 
We had received an email confirmation from Mr. Millard Lightbourne that our group would be taken on a 4-hour tour of Bermuda. We were disappointed when Mr. Lightbourne did not show up.  However, after speaking to one of the taxi drivers at the Kings Wharf dock, he contacted Mr. Lightbourne, ,who then sent his brother-in-law to take us on the tour. Our tour guide/driver, Mr. Bramwell Tucker, gave us an outstanding tour. His in-depth knowledge, friendliness, and sense of humor provided us a superb educational and entertaining experience. It was the one of the highlights of our trip and we will recommend Mr. Tucker to our friends. 
Wilburn Fitch (May 2016) 
My wife and I and another couple took a tour of Bermuda in April,2016 with Millard Lightbourne and we can honestly say he is the best guide we have ever had. He took us on a private tour for over 4 1/2 hours with excellent commentary and the best use of our limited time. Greatly recommend his service. 
R. Mills (April 2016) 
Took a tour from Kings Wharf with Mill's Tours and Millard Lightbourne was our driver. He was great. Very knowledgeable, polite and took us from one end of the Island to the other. Showed us all points of interest, beaches, resorts, explained vegetation, etc. Great tour. Highly recommend. If you want to be picked up at ship, you may want to book ahead. [email protected]  
Marion Watt (March 2016) 
Raj, we have booked a tour for September 2016 with a blue flag taxi driver and the fee is 60$ per hour. Everything I have seen online is 50$ per hour. Has the rate gone up? Love all of the information that you have provided. Thank you! 
Raj ( March 2016 
Government stipulated rate is $50 per hour for small taxis. However some drivers can ask for more. 
Susan Kluthe (November 2015) 
We recently took a tour of the island with Lewis Foggo. He was an excellent tour guide, very informative, accommodating whatever we wanted to see or do. Kind and considerate of my husband who has an injured knee. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see the island with limited time or a longer tour. 
John Draper (August 2015) 
My wife and I returned to Bermuda June 16-22, 2015 for our first visit since 1988. As a former resident of Bermuda, this was a nostalgic trip down memory lane to show my sister-in-law and her 3 daughters, along with her 2 sisters and cousin, where her recently deceased husband (also my brother, Colin) had grown up. Per your website recommendation, we selected Lewis Foggo to drive their party of 7 ladies on a 5 hour taxi tour of Bermuda on my brother's birthday, June 18, with my wife and I trailing behind on a motor scooter. As Lewis had promised, it was a Bermudaful experience. He was professional, knowledgeable, good humoured and a real gentleman. Our 7 ladies loved him. We would recommend Lewis Foggo absolutely to anyone contemplating taking a taxi tour of Bermuda.. John and Cyndia D. 
Carol Blecker (July 2015) 
Took a tour with a blue taxi driver, 4 hours to get to St George's. Some great stops but not all I expected. Should have been done in 2 or 3 hours. Finally told him wanted to be in St George's for lunch by 1, which he stretched to 130. Cash only no credit cards. If I ever do this again would  tell him how long I want to tour, what I want to see. 2 stops were resorts, which I'm sure they gave him a perk to take us there. Stop at a store for bread to feed the fish, he should have done that on his time not ours. Drove 30 mph. I'm sure if we had not stopped him we would have had an  8 hr + ride. I'm sure he expected a tip and I felt like we had been taken for an extra hour($50), so no extra. 
Jim Hartman (June 2015) 
Sailing on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas we docked in Bermuda 6/20/15. It was our first trip to Bermuda. Four of us (my wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law) had made arrangements for a taxi tour of Bermuda with Lewis Foggo. Lewis was in London when we arrived but he arranged for another driver, Jerry Smith, to take us.  Jerry was great! He provided an outstanding tour of the island taking us places where no bus would go. After spending 4 hours with Jerry our desire is to return to Bermuda for a week. 
Keith Andrews (May 2015) 
On the quay at Bermuda we received a warm introduction to Millard Lightbourne of Mills Taxi Service - he made us so welcome and made our tour of the island so interesting. His knowledge of the island history and its plant life was amazing. He met our every need in a most pleasant manner-we had 3.5 hours of his time @150 dollars - he provided real value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending his services. I have told my tour operator to phone him -- she arranges very personal tours and Millard fits that description to the word. 
Raj (, May 2015): When I asked Keith Andrews... how did he find Milliard, this is what he said... "Hello Raj - We simply came off the Norwegian Breakaway looking for a taxi tour of the island - within 50 yards there was Millard with his company board in his hand and a friendly smile. We told him what we would like to do, he explained the Island policy on taxi fares and off we went. He was so good other taxi drivers were asking him questions to help their clients at the stopping points" 
Karl Davis (May 2015) 
The driver Terrence St P. Smith not only took the longest way around ..from Dockyard to Hamilton.....but slammed our favorite restaurant.....hyping up Ascots. This man talked non stop about how we needed to take a tour. Our party of 6 were very intimidated by him..... Shame on you guys.  
Bob Briggs (October 2014) 
My finance and I had a awesome tour of Bermuda with Lewis Foggo.  He  seemed to tailor the tour as we went and showed us some things that I believe few other tourist would see.  He is highly recommended by us and  hope we can travel to Bermuda again in the next few years.  
Felix Nieves (September 2014) 
Raj, I contacted Lewis Foggo for a tour, he was great. He took my wife, daugther  and myself, On a wonderful 5 hour tour of this beautiful island. He asked questions of what we were interested in and curtailed the tour to those interests. I highly recommend his tour to anybody who wishes to visit the  island. Thank you for your review, that let us to Lewis. 
Larry Marro (March 2014) 
Your webpage says that the rate for taxi tours is fixed by the government and mentioned in an update dated August 2013 that the taxi tour rates are currently under discussion with the government of Bermuda and may get revised. Do you know if the rate changed and if so, what is it now? I emailed a taxi tour service and was told the rate for 3 people is $65 an hour. You listed a rate for 1-4 people at $40. Is the rate I was given the new revised rate? 
Raj ( March 2014 
No change yet. Private tour operators can ask for higher rates. If you take a taxi from the stand (i.e. from taxi rank), then they should charge the same rate as mentioned. Sometimes the Certified Blue Flag taxi drivers ask for a higher rate since they are also qualified guide. 
Hi Raj, we took your recommendation and scheduled a taxi service for our fist day there. He would take us around Bermuda (as a tour) for about 4 to 5 hours. Can you tell us several points of interest that we should stop to see, such as restaurant, remote cities, beaches, etc., where it's not too touristy. Thank you very much. 
Raj ( 
If you plan to tour around Bermuda in high season while trying to avoid the rush of tourists, here is a suggested taxi tour: Touring Bermuda while dodging tourists