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Touring Bermuda while dodging tourists

During the high season (i.e. May until October), you can't escape the tourists in Bermuda. They will be there virtually everywhere. But you still want to get a great taste of Bermuda while avoiding the tourists as much as possible. 
You have a taxi and you want to see some of the lovely serene places, the great historical landmarks, view the scenic landscapes &pastures, visit some of the lovely beaches, take your lunch, and all that without having to wrestle through the tourist rushes. Sounds absurd? Well may not exactly be so. While there is no such formula that can ensure tourist free places in Bermuda, here are some thoughts of touring around the island while trying to dodge the tourists: 
Visit St. George's town (the UNESCO world heritage site), spend about an hour and get a flavor of the historic town. Then drive down to St. David's island (part of St. George's parish). On the way visit St. David's Lighthouse.  
Drive down further and reach Coopers Island Nature Reserve (great view of the Castle Harbor from here). Also see the adjacent Clearwater Beach and Turtle beach here.  
If you plan to have lunch, then try out Black Horse Tavern in St. Davids. Nice Bermudian food to get a flavor of local cuisine. Update: Black Horse Tavern has closed down. 
On your way back, visit Tom Moore's Tavern in Hamilton Parish (a restaurant, quite costly though, where the poet Thomas Moore used to visit and once proposed to Nea Tucker). See the old fireplaces, casement windows, shipbuilders' cedar joinery, English silver, German crystal and Luxembourg china that all contribute to a great romantic ambience. 
Also take a quick look at Swizzle Inn, Bemuda's famous pub also in Hamilton Parish. If you like to indulge, have a shot of its famous Rum Swizzle :) 
Ask the driver to take you through Flatts Village just to enjoy the sleepy village with its great scenic views.  
Then take a quick drive along Hamilton City's Front Street that runs along the harbor. Notice the line of restaurants &shops on the other side of the road. 
While approaching the dockyard, visit couple of south shore beaches (Church bay, Warwick Long Bay etc.). If you find them to be crowded, then go to Daniel's Head in Sandys parish (lovely tiny beaches not much known to the tourists).  
If you have never been to Bermuda, then you should not miss out one of the world's greatest beaches - Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton. I would not like to include the beach as part of this tour schedule because it is likely to be very crowded. So plan a visit to the beach separately on another day early in the morning. During the early morning time, you won't find sun bathers who usually take up every inch of the sand here. 
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