Cooper's Island Nature Reserve Bermuda

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve is located at the eastern end of Bermuda in St. Davids. This 12 acres of unspoiled and beautiful nature reserve is now part of Bermuda's national parks. Until 1995, the area was restricted and occupied by the US Military. On it's east is the Cooper's Island Road, and on it's west is the beautiful Castle Harbor. Clearwater beach and Turtle beach are two beautiful public beaches located next to the reserve. 
These shallow water beaches are popular picnic areas for families and can get quite crowded over the weekend. But, once you are inside the reserve, it's quiet and serene. 
There are nature trails through a vast stretch of woodland area. Although much of the reserve is filled with introduced plantations like Brazil pepper, casuarinas and allspice, there are patches where you can find heavy concentration of Bermuda cedars, palmettos and olivewoods. 
Cooper's Island Nature Reserve (boardwalk) 
The nature reserve has a pond which has been restored in recent times. You can walk over a boardwalk that goes across the pond and a salt marsh. The pond is home to a large population of endemic killifish. Although small in number, you can see giant land crabs in the salt marsh. 
Many birds like herons, egrets and kingfishers come here and roost in the plantation around the salt marsh. Close to the reserve, Well Bay is an excellent area for spotting turtles. 
Reserve (Boardwalk) Imagery 
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From the reserve, you get a marvelous view of the Castle Harbor and the small islands on it. Many of the islands in the harbor are breeding grounds for rare birds and animals. 
One of the islands on Castle Harbor is known as The Nonsuch Island where Bermuda's national bird Cahow is conserved, which was nearing extinction at one stage. The reserve is open all days from sunrise to sunset. 
There is a beach bar & restaurant next to Clearwater beach. They also provide beach rentals. 
NOTE: As a nature reserve, no fishing is permitted around the Cooper's Island shoreline and this is legislated under the Parks Act. There is a large sign by the gate stating that fishing is prohibited. You can not take your dog into the nature reserve either. Driving is also not allowed here. 
How to reach the reserve 
There is no public transport that goes all the way up to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve. Only some services of bus #6 cater to Clearwater beach which is located next to the reserve. You will need to check with the bus driver if the bus will go all the way up to the reserve. There is however a shuttle service available between St. George (Kings Square) and Clearwater Beach. 
Another option is to take bus #6 from St. George up to St. David's Lighthouse. Then walk along the Ruth's Bay Road towards west. On a small junction, take Orange Hole Road and keep walking towards west. You will get Cooper's Island Road. Bear left and you will reach the reserve. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews & Comments 
Patricia Castagno (June 2016) 
We will be in Bermuda next week on a cruise. What is the easiest way to get to the reserve from the dockyard? Please include costs. Thanks for your help. Also is the Fun Bus still in service, if so, where can we get on ? 
Raj ( June 2016 
Take orange route ferry to St. George, and then a minibus shuttle to Clearwater Beach/Cooper's Reserve. Check the timings of the ferry (it does not run on the week ends). You can of course take a taxi all the way, but that will be expensive.