Clearwater Beach Park Bermuda

This is a beautiful and shallow water beach located at the south eastern end of Bermuda at St. Davids. It partially covers the northern coastline of Cooper's Island and is not much known to the tourists. If you are willing to go a little off the usual tracks and like to enjoy a relatively secluded beach, then this is a great beach to visit. 
When there are cruise ships in port and the popular beaches get crowded with tourists, then this is one beach that can still offer you some peace and tranquility. The water here is calm and the beach is ideal for families and kids. Over the weekends, many local families come here for picnics though. 
Clearwater Beach Imagery 
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Clearwater beach is also good for snorkeling. Although you won't find reefs here and therefore no reef fish, the sea grass on the shallow ocean floor offers many interesting things. You can see conch shells and turtles. The entire beach park spreads across some 12 acres of land area and includes the public beach and designated picnic areas. The Clearwater park area also has a playground, public toilets etc. There is also a roller blade rink at the beach site. 
The Gombeys Bar and Restaurant is right on the beach and boasts of being the only real beach bar in the island. It serves island food like Bermuda fish chowder, jerk chicken grill, fish sandwich etc and quite popular to the locals. It also offers beach chairs, umbrellas, snorkel gears etc on rent. X Closed 
This is not a natural beach though. It is an artificial manmade beach which was created at the time of land reclamation in the mid 1900s. The land reclamation was done to build the nearby U.S Naval Air Station which was operational until 1995.The entire Cooper's Island was then a restricted area. After the U.S closed its base, it was opened out to the public. 
Being close to the airport, you will often see airplanes departing or landing. You get wonderful views of St. David's from the Clearwater beach with the St. David's Lighthouse seen at a distance. Lifeguards are on duty until sunset during the summer months. 

Nearby Attractions

There are several other lovely beaches in Coppers Island which you can easily walk down to. Next to Clearwater beach is Turtle Bay Beach. This is also another wonderful small stretch of sands full of rock formations fringing it. Look at the rocks and you will feel as if you can slide down some of them. Don't try that out. They can be very slippery. As you look out from the shore, you will see dark patches of turtle grass on the water, which provide feeding grounds for turtles and fish.  
Walk down further along Coopers Island Road and you will find the beautiful Long Bay, a 250 meters beach all to yourself. The other great beaches located close by are Annie’s Bay, Well Bay, Fort Hill Bay and Soldier Bay beaches. They all are picturesque beaches and in easy walking distances from Clearwater. You can spot turtles from all these beaches. Some of these beaches are excellent for snorkeling. Several snorkel tour operators choose these beaches as snorkeling site. You can see sea fans, parrot fish, silver fish, sergeant majors etc and even corals. 
There is an excellent nature reserve here known as Coopers Island Nature Reserve which has great nature trails and gives you an added option to explore Bermuda's plantation and bird life. It's accessible from the Cooper's Island Road. In fact Clearwater Beach is located next to the entrance of this reserve. Just walk down and enter through the gate. 

How to reach Clearwater Beach

Clearwater beach is located at Annie's Bay on Cooper's Island Road in St Davids. While Bus route #6 operates between St George's Town and St Davids, not all buses will go up to Clearwater Beach. Only some of them take the Southside Road and exit via St. David's Main Road, and also provide service to Clear Water Beach. Check out with the driver or a local before you board the bus. Bus #6 operates every 1 hour and takes 25 minutes to reach Clearwater beach from St. George's town. You won't get a direct bus to the beach on Sundays. 
The easiest way to get to the beach is by taking a taxi from St. George. You may not get a taxi on your return. So hire a taxi by the hour (minimum 3 hours). Alternatively you can call a taxi from the beach. The taxi company 'BTA Dispatching' is based in St David's and operates a large fleet of taxis. You can call their 24x7 call center (441-296-2121) and get a taxi. 
There is usually minibus services to the beach (during summer) from St George (call 441-297-8199). There are also tour boat excursions that take tourists to Coopers Island these days. 
Road Map 

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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Lisa Beason (March 2019) 
I notice on the 2019 bus schedule/route that the #6 bus has a note that it does not service Clearwater Beach any more.  What would be the closest alternative? 
Raj ( March 2019 
Best alternative... A 950-meter walk from the junction of Southside road and Cooper Island Road (still serviced by bus #6 taking Southside Rd). Next is to take a taxi from St. George. And next is to see if a beach shuttle is available by the Tobacco bay guys or others from St. George. 
ED (March 2019) 
Do I get bus 10/11 from the caves into St. George 1st? This trip is 20min? Then do I have to go to the main St George bus terminal to catch the #6 to Clearwater Beach? 
Raj ( March 2019 
Take bus #1 or 3 from the caves... takes 20 mins to St. George bus terminal, and then take bus #6 (via Clearwater beach and not the one that goes via South Side Gate1 / Main Road)... takes around 25 minutes. 
Lisa Beason (February 2019) 
We will be taking the ferry from the Dockyard to St George's and were hoping to visit Cooper's Nature Reserve and Clearwater Beach. It doesn't look as though the bus goes down that far. What would be our best bet for visiting for a few hours?  Taxi?  And while I'm on the subject, is there a place to rent chairs and umbrellas at Clearwater Beach?  Are facilities available? 
Raj ( February 2019 
From St. Georges some services of bus #6 go all the way to Cearwater beach, but not all, so check with the driver. Alternatively you can take a taxi. Gombeys Bar and Restaurant on Clearwater beach rents chairs and umbrellas. From Clearwater beach you can easily walk into Cooper's Island Nature Reserve. 
Penny Ondy (January 2019) 
Will be visiting via cruise may 2019.  Interested in going to Gombeys Bar at Clearwater beach in St George.  Saw in 2015 you advised someone to take the orange ferry to St George.  Then at King Square take a beach bus for St Davids.  Something like $6 all day pass.  I'm sure the fare has gone up, but my question is:  is this still what is recommend? Has anything changed? And approx how long is the bus ride?  Thank you in advance for your reply! 
Raj ( January 2019 
Take the Orange ferry to St. George. The beach bus no longer operates, instead take bus #6 to Clearwater (note that all services of bus #6 do no go up to Clearwater, some do, so ask the driver). Kings Square to Clearwater beach is 4.5 miles and it's about 15 minutes bus ride. 
Susan (August 2016) 
Thank you, I've found so much great information on your site. My party is considering spending our beach day at Clearwater Beach or Cooper's Nature Preserve. There is a mention of some services and rentals possibly at Clearwater, but I want to know if that information is still current? Also, if we rent snorkel equipment at Clearwater, would be likely be allowed to take it to the other beaches in Cooper's Preserve, so long as we return it to Clearwater by the end of the day? Any updated information would be great. Thank you! 
Raj ( August 2016 
You can rent chairs, umbrellas etc at Gombeys Beach Bar adjacent to Clearwater beach. You need to check with them for taking snorkel gears to other beaches. Turtle beach is nearby, and they may allow. 
Karen Lelonek (July 2015) 
I am arriving in Bermuda via cruise ship on . I went to Clearwater Beach the last time I was there via bus. I loved the beach and want to go back but was hoping for an easier way to get there. I looked at the orange ferry schedule and believe that this might work since I will be there during the week. Is the ferry terminal in St. George within walking distance of the beach? If not, what would be your suggestion? What would be the approximate cost for a seven passenger taxi to get there from the dockyard? I also saw something about the Bermuda Fun Bus but haven't been able to find enough information to see if that is an option. All I could find was that I could catch it in Hamilton. Thank you so much for any help and information you can provide. 
Raj ( July 2015 
Hi, take the Orange ferry to St. George if that works for you. Clearwater Beach is not at a walking distance. At Kings Square, you can take the newly introduced Beach Bus for St. Davids which also serves Clearwater Beach other than Carter House, St, David's battery, St. David's Lighthouse etc. You can get day tickets for $6 at the Visitors Information Center at Kings Square. The bus makes several round trips and you can hop on and hop off any number of times.