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What to expect

There is no scarcity of taxis in Bermuda. Taxis are either cars or small mini-van type vehicles. Depending on its size, the capacity could be 4 to 7 persons. Unlike in several other island destinations, taxis in Bermuda for point to point transfers are always metered and do not operate on a shared basis. That means you need to reserve a taxi and pay the full fare. If you are in a small group of your own or are able to make a small group with fellow passengers, you can of course split the cost, but to the taxi driver, there should be only one person who pays the full fare. 
You can also book a taxi by the hour as well and there is a government stipulated hourly rate for small and larger taxis. This is useful when you take an island tour. Check out Taxi Tours for details. 
Some taxis are wheelchair accessible. There is no separate charge for persons with wheelchairs. As per the driving law in Bermuda, persons on front seat are required to put on seat belts. However seat belts are not mandatory for people sitting at the back. The kids are safest at the back seats. 
A taxi in Royal Naval Dockyard 
Bermuda Taxi 
Taxis in Bermuda aren't cheap. Unless you book a shuttle transfer, taxis are the best option for traveling to and from the Airport, and also in the nighttime when other public transports like buses and ferries cease to operate or their service get reduced. 
However it may not be always easy to get taxis on Saturday evenings, Sundays and public holidays. All taxi drivers in Bermuda are self employed and therefore they work independently as and when they like to. Although not common, at times you may find that a driver not wanting to go short distances while another one not ready to drive for long. 

Current Taxi Fares

All taxis in Bermuda are metered. For a 4-passenger taxi, the meter reading starts at $5.15. For a 7-passenger taxi, the meter starts at $6.45. This is the initial or the base fare. The meter changes every 1/5 of a mile. Fare for each mile of travel is $2.75 for a 4-passenger taxi and $3.50 for a 7-passenger taxi. 
If you travel for 10 miles, you will end up paying: Initial Fare + (10 x Per Mile Fare), which is 
  • $5.15 + (10  x $2.75) = $32.65 in a 4-passenger taxi; and 
  • $6.45 + (10 x $3.50) = $41.45 in a 7-passenger taxi 
    15% Tips on the total fare is the usual norm in the island. 
    NOTE: The above fares are normal fares and are applicable for Monday through Saturday and between 6am to midnight. For 4-passenger taxis, an additional surcharge of 25% is added between 00:00 - 06:00 hours as well as all time on Sundays and Public Holidays. For 7-passenger vehicle this additional surcharge is 50% of the normal fare. Luggage in the boot costs extra ($1 per item). 

    Do taxis in Bermuda take credit cards?

    Some of them do, but most taxi drivers still take only cash. So, if you are taking a taxi from a stand or calling one over phone through a taxi company, ask them if they accept cards or not. 
    However, there is an online app 'HITCH Bermuda' providing taxi dispatching service that accepts all major credit cards (you can download the app to your Apple or Android mobile phone). These taxis are regular metered taxis, but you pay a metered fare which is slightly higher than Bermuda Government regulated fare tariff. HITCH also adds a surcharge to the fare on a flat rate per ride. Once you mention your location and destination, the app will show you the expected fare between the two places. 
    Note that, HITCH dispatches only those taxis that are registered with them. All taxis in Bermuda are not registered with this app company. While you pay an extra fare over normal taxi fares when you use this app, it can be quite convenient to get a taxi, particularly when there is no taxi stand in the proximity. 
    You can find more information about this online taxi app in a section below. 

    Last Fare Revision

    Last fare revision took place on May 1st 2014 whereby taxi fares were increased by 25%. This is the first raise since December 2007. However the first 5 minutes wait time remains free as before. But each subsequent 3 minutes wait time increases from $1.30 to $1.60. The larger taxi vehicles which were earlier allowed to carry 6 passengers, can now carry up to 7 passengers. 
    Taxis are now allowed to display advertisements to make extra earnings. Taxi fare for sightseeing tour has also been revised to $50 per hour for smaller taxis (capacity of up to 4 passengers) and $70 per hour for larger taxis (carrying 5 to 7 passengers). 

    Taxi Fares Between Popular Places in Bermuda

    Taxi fares between two points may vary depending on traffic condition as charges for waiting time can get added. Following are approximate fares between important places in Bermuda for a 4-passenger taxi during normal traffic hours. You may add 15% tips for the total pay out. 
    Between Dockyard (Kings Wharf Port) located at Sandy's and... 
  • Horseshoe Bay Beach: $38 
  • Southampton: $38 
  • Warwick: $40 
  • Hamilton City: $54 
  • St George's Town: $78 
  • L.F. Wade International Airport (St. George's): $75 
    Between L.F. Wade International airport located at St. David's (St George's Parish) and... 
  • St. George's Town: $17 
  • Hamilton Parish (Grotto Bay Beach Resort): $17 
  • Smiths Parish: $32 
  • Devonshire: $38 
  • Hamilton City: $43 
  • Paget: $44 
  • Warwick: $49 
  • Southampton: $55 
  • Sandys: $69 
    Between Hamilton City (City Hall and Arts Center) and ... 
  • St. George's Town: $47 
  • L.F. Wade International Airport (St. George's): $44 
  • Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton: $29 
  • Dockyard (Kings Wharf Port) at Sandy's: $54 
    Between St George's Town and... 
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort (Hamilton Parish): $21 
  • Crystal Caves (Hamilton Parish): $23 
  • Hamilton City (City Hall and Arts Center): $46 

    Taxi Stands in Bermuda

    Taxi stands in Bermuda are also known as Taxi Ranks. You will find taxis waiting at various places. There are taxi stands in 
  • Hamilton City - on Front street near Goslings liquor store as well as near Butterfield bank, and on Church street next to City Hall and Art Center.  
  • St. George - at Kings Square which is the main town square in St George. 
  • Royal Naval Dockyard (near Kings Wharf cruise terminal) 
  • At the Bermuda International Airport on arrival. 
  • You will also find taxis at popular tourist places like the Horseshoe Bay Beach (but not always). 
  • All hotels and even many restaurants will call a taxi for you. 

    Taxi Operators and Calling Numbers

    Unless you take a taxi from a stand like in dockyard, Hamilton city or airport, you will need to call a taxi operator. Here are the most popular and credible taxi service operators in the island: 
    Bermuda Island Taxi 
    They are a large operation (earlier known as Bermuda Radio Cabs) and in business for over 40 years. They have over 200 air-conditioned cabs of their own and access to over 400 cabs of different types in their network including wheelchair accessible taxis. 
    They offer airport transfers, daily pick up and drops, sightseeing tours, dine around tours, customized service etc. Their main office is in Hamilton City. They also have operations in St George and Clearwater beach area (at St Davids). 
    Phone: (441) 295-4141; Email: [email protected] 
    BTA (Dispatching) Ltd. 
    This company is in operation since 2006 and today they have a fleet of over 420 taxis in their network. They use a GPS based advance taxi dispatching system. The company's office is located at the airport in St George's Parish. They too offer services including airport transfers, general and leisure travel, dining and island tours etc. They have wheelchair accessible taxis. 
    Address: L. F. Wade International Airport, No 3 Cahow Way, St. George's 
    Phone: 441-296-2121 (call center 24/7); 441-294-3772 (airport office) 
    PremierCo-op Transportation 
    (formerly B.I.U. Co-op Taxi Transportation) 
    1 Crow Lane, Pembroke (near Hamilton), Bermuda 
    Phone: (441) 824-7000; Email: [email protected] 
    Book a taxi through mobile app 
    There is no Uber like service in Bermuda yet. An online company offers mobile app based service (HITCH Bermuda) which works on GPS and can help you call a normal taxi that has GPS system installed (note that many taxis in Bermuda do not have GPS system and is out of this network). You can download the app from their website, google play store (for android) or app store (for iphones). 
    You need to register using your credit card which is automatically charged at the end of your trip. The fare is slightly higher than usual taxi fare... base fare for 4-passenger taxi is $5.92, fare for every mile is $3.16 and waiting is $0.63 per minute. The base fare for 7-passenger taxi is $7.43, fare for every mile is $4.03 and waiting is $0.86 per minute.  
    There is a 25% surcharge on these rates on Sundays and public holidays as well as between mid-night and 6am. If you cancel after 2 minutes of booking, the base fare would be charged as the cancellation fee. Payments are done through the app using your credit card. At the end of the ride, the receipt is automatically sent to you through the app. You can book a 4-passenger or a 7-passenger taxi. 

    Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Bermuda

    Both BTA Dispatching Ltd and Bermuda Island Taxi services that I mentioned above provide wheelchair accessible taxis. The following are specialized taxi services on handicap travel. 
    1) Access Bermuda: This small operation is owned by Keith Simmons. He has a custom made van which has a side entrance with a ramp for easy wheel chair or handicap scooter access. 1 Loyal Hill, Devonshire, Bermuda. Phone: (441)295-9106. Email: [email protected] 
    2) Here is another wheelchair accessible taxi contact. It's run by a very knowledgeable man who is also a Blue Flag certified tour guide: Renalda Bean, 37 Dunscombe Road, Warwick, Bermuda. 
    Phone: (441) 236-9601; (441) 334-8835 
    3) You can also contact Vince Minors (Phone: 441/337-2438) or Disabled Transit (Phone: 441/505-9106) to know about services and rates for wheel chair accessible taxis. 
    You will find a lot of Bermuda Taxi contacts in the phone book as well. You can also ask your hotel concierge for the one nearest to you.  

    Taxi Tours in Bermuda

    Since car rentals are not available in Bermuda, one of the great options for touring the island in a small private group is by taxi. And some of the taxi drivers in Bermuda are government certified tour guides. They are known as Blue Flag certified taxi drivers and their taxis would have a small blue flag fluttering in front of the bonnet. These guides have special knowledge about the island, its history, as well as flora and fauna. They can fill you with a lot of information as you take the tour making it more memorable. 
    Taxi tours are charged by the hour. There are government stipulated hourly rates for taxis. For hourly use, you need to hire a taxi for minimum 3 hours. Visit Bermuda Taxi Tours for details. 

    Airport Transfers

    4 and 7 passenger Taxis are available in plenty once you come out of the arrival area. Shuttle transfers on per person rates as well as private group shuttles like minibus or vans are also available (you should ideally book shuttles in advance). For airport transfers, check out Bermuda Airport Shuttles. AND, for your return flight, keep in mind that the taxi in general is likely to be 15 minutes late in picking you up. It's kind of "Bermuda Time", as they say. 
    Raj BhattacharyaBy Raj Bhattacharya 
    Raj, a seasoned travel writer and Bermuda destination expert, has extensive global travel experience. This website reflects his profound insights, garnered over nearly two decades of dedicated findings and research on the island. Raj has assisted countless Bermuda-bound visitors by providing direct, personalized responses to their queries and imparting his wealth of knowledge through this platform. This site serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking informed and reliable insights into Bermuda's treasures. 
    Know more about Raj Bhattacharya 

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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    Laurie Marucci (March 2022) 
    Can you tell me if I can hire a driver to take us from Kings Wharf  to Horseshoe Bay ? I know there is a bus and shuttles...but I am having knee surgery and a senior...and wouldn't be able to wait in long lines and be worries about returning back to the ship on time. If you can let me know of someone, I can contact, Id appreciate that ! Thanks so much ! I love your beautiful Island ! 
    Raj ( March 2022 
    Hello, you can book a taxi at an hourly rate (minimum 3 hours) and get around the island. There is a taxi stand near the King's Wharf and you will find ample taxis there. In order to know the details such as the hourly rate, some well-known taxi drivers and their contacts in case you want to book one in advance, suggest you go through Taxi service at an hourly rate
    Walt Novak (March 2022) 
    Seen cab fares for 4 people, but want to take a cab for 2 people from cruise ship to Boundary Sports Bar. Is there a flat rate? Will be coming there in May of 2022. I know there is a 15% tip. 
    Raj ( March 2022 
    The metered taxi fare will be the same irrespective of 2 or 4 persons. The only other option is to hire a cab at an hourly rate (minimum 3 hours) but that will be far too expensive for a bar visit. 
    Mary Ann (August 2021) 
    If it's allowed, and not too expensive, I'd like to go to The Swizzle Inn one day while we're in Port (Hamilton). I'm going on the Orion on 9/10/21. How much will it cost? Thank you. 
    Raj ( August 2021 
    One-way taxi fare will be around $26 for a small taxi (4-passenger) in normal traffic conditions plus 15% tips. The fare will be 25% more on Sundays and Public Holidays. 
    Jules (June 2021) 
    What is the approximate cost for 4 adults plus luggage from Wade Int'l Airport to Hamilton Harbour docked ship? 
    Raj ( June 2021 
    Depending on traffic, the fare for a 4-passenger taxi from the airport to Hamilton city would be around $45 + 15% tips + $1 per luggage in the boot. The fare will be 25% higher between 12am to 6am, or on Sundays and Public Holidays. Fares are higher for larger (7-passenger) taxis. 
    Tracey Garrett (July 2019) 
    Hi!  I was wondering if our cruise ship docs at Royal Naval Dockyard, can we just walk off the ship and find a taxi to hire for half the day to take us to visit Admiralty House Park and Crystal Caves.  Or, is that something we have to book in advance?  Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you, 
    Raj ( July 2019 
    Hi, you can find ample taxis as you walk out of the ship. There will be many taxi drivers out there offering tours. So no need to book in advance. 
    Michelle (June 2018) 
    So glad I found this site, lots of great info! I do have a question, we are coming to Bermuda next month on the Horizon docking at Hamilton. How far of a walk is it to the taxi stands? I get short of breath walking long distances. Also do you think it would be possible to do a short 3 hour tour and then dropped off at the beach, then just catch a taxi back to the ship? 
    Raj ( June 2018 
    Hi, there are taxi stands on Front Street in Hamilton and close to the cruise piers... there is one about 8-10 minute walk, next to Goslings Liquor store. Yes you can take a taxi tour and drop off at a beach. If you want to catch a taxi back, then I suggest you visit a popular beach such as Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton which has a taxi stand. You may not get a taxi in all beaches. 
    Arlene Mckim (June 2018) 
    What is the 2018 rate for taxi tours? All rates that I find are for 2014. We are three people interested in cost for all day? How many hours is all day? Half day? How many hours is half day? We will visit on cruise ship at Dockyard in October. Thank you. 
    Raj ( June 2018 
    Fares haven't changed since 2014... that's mentioned in the site. There is no half or full day hiring... it's by the hour and minimum is for 3 hours. 
    Jack Land (August 2017) 
    Hi Raj: Six of us will be hiring a taxi for a 4 hr. tour. Can we pay by credit card, or personal check, or is it cash only? 
    Raj ( August 2017 
    Hi, some taxis in Bermuda now accept credit cards, but most do not. So check with the driver before taking the ride. 
    Robert Kelly (January 2017) 
    If a fee for a 4 person is listed from point A to B as $36 is that for the entire trip of 2-4 people or PER PERSON? Also, If I took a taxi to Horseshoe Bay from the Docks how would I get a taxi back? 
    Raj ( January 2017 
    Taxi fares are for the whole taxi and not per person rate. There is a taxi stand at Horseshoe bay beach. However you may not always get taxis there due to high demands. You can alternatively avail minibuses that operate between Horseshoe Bay Beach and the dockyard during summer (usually April to October) or walk up to the main road for public buses. 
    Jon (July 2016) 
    Hi Raj!  Will the 7-passenger taxi fit 6 people and luggage (carry-on only)?  We have 3 hours to kill from when we land to when we can check-in to our rental, so we're thinking of doing a tour while we wait. 
    Raj ( July 2016 
    Hi, on a standard 7-seat taxi you will be essentially left with one empty seat and little space at the back. So 6 carry-on bags seems difficult unless they are small. However some taxis are larger than usual (look like vans) and might be able to accommodate. Another option is to book a tour in a private van, but you need to book that in advance and ask for a pick up at the airport. 
    Pat LaSalle (June 2016) 
    Hi Raj, Are the cabs in Bermuda equipped to take credit cards and is it up to the driver's discretion to accept them? 
    Raj ( June 2016 
    Most cab drivers do not accept credit cards. There are only very few that have such provisions. 
    Lauren (March 2016) 
    I was just wondering if we would be required to have our 16 month old in a  car seat in a taxi. We will be cruising to Bermuda and am wondering what the rules are. Thanks! 
    Raj ( March 2016 
    Taxis in Bermuda do not have car seats for infants, although it is mandatory in personal cars for residents. So you can take your baby in a taxi without a car seat (by law taxis are exempted from car seats). However it is always safer to carry your own car seat. 
    Robin Zukowski (February 2016) 
    Raj, We've cruised many times to Bermuda, but always docked in Hamilton. Now we can only dock at Dockyard for our upcoming trip in June. We love going to the Hog Penny and seeing Will Black, but the last ferry leaves pretty early to go back to Dockyard. Is there a taxi service that we can call to get a ride back from Hamilton to Dockyard after the last ferry leaves, since we'd like to stay at the Hogpenny until 11:30ish or midnight. There will be at least 5 of us. Don't trust riding the scooters at night - used to be a pro at it, not so much anymore since my slide on oil a few years back and got my Bermuda road rash! Any info would be appreciated! 
    Raj ( February 2016 
    Hi, a Hog Penny staff can help calling a taxi for you. If they are all busy, you can yourself call one. 'Bermuda Island Taxi' operates out of Hamilton itself (phone: 441-295 4141). 
    Melinda Lang (May 2015) 
    After a stay at Dockyard, I would like to get to the airport via St. George ferry instead of taking a taxi all the way around. I will have luggage. Could you please tell me if taxis are readily available after getting off the ferry at 10:20ish - Wed, May 20 or do I need to make arrangements. I need to get to the airport in a timely manner from St. 
    George (between 10:30 - 11:00). When we took the Dockyard-St. George ferry last year for a day trip - I noticed many transports for Tobacco Bay and Ft. St. Catherines etc. but didn't notice regular taxis - wasn't looking for them. Could you help me with any information? Much thanks! 
    Raj ( May 2015 
    You may not get taxis near the ferry dock of St. George's as soon as you get off. In fact the taxi stand is at Kings Square near Water Street which is few minutes walk from the ferry dock. There is no guarantee that taxis will be available there either. Better to make pre-arrangements or take a shuttle service. 
    Bill Henning (March 2014) 
    Hi Raj, your knowledge of the island has been quite helpful in planning our upcoming trip in April. I have a few additional questions: Do all taxi's use the same metering system and charge the same $ for a trip? We will be coming from the airport to Sandy's and Google maps says its a 19 mile trip one way. Calculating for 2 passengers and 4 bags plus 10% tip I get $55, which is not unreasonable to me. Does that sound right to you? Thanks! 
    Raj ( March 2014 
    Hi, Yes all taxis use same metering system. The only difference is between smaller (4 passenger) and larger (7 passenger) taxis. Larger capacity taxis have higher rates when they carry more than 4 passengers. It'll be close to the figure you calculated, will vary slightly depending on the actual distance to your hotel. 
    Jennifer (October 2012) 
    Very poor service. People were very rude to me on the phone. Waited for over an hour and decided that they were not going to come so we missed our plans for the night, Very disappointing. 
    Alex Ander (December 2012) 
    I totally agree with your comment regarding taxi services.  I, too, have waited for over an hour for a taxi to arrive - which is disheartening since I live pretty close to a frequented area. I do not think that it was a one-off situation. I find the service to be antiquated and they definitely need to 'step into the future'. 
    Raj ( December 2012 
    The above seems to be a one off case. My personal experience with my family has been quite different and good. Yes it's true that taxis do not always arrive exactly at the time committed. So you need to keep a little cushion. The people over phone and drivers have been very friendly and courteous.