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Shelly Bay Beach Bermuda

Shelly Bay Beach is located in Hamilton Parish. The beach has been named after Henry Shelly, one of the crew members of the wrecked ship Sea Venture. It was in this ship that Sir George Somers and his men landed up in Bermuda in 1609 which led to the first settlement in the island. The ship got wrecked at a reef near St. George's. There are plenty of trees along the shore that shade Shelly bay beach. The beach has lovely soft white sand. 
Shelly Bay Beach is often rated as the number one beach for kids and families in Bermuda because of its extensive stretch of shallow waters. The beach is ideal for novice swimmers and children. Once you reach the beach entrance, you will need to walk up a few steps to see the sandy beach and the ocean water. This beach is our son's one of the favorites for swimming and snorkeling. There is a shallow reef nearby which is his favorite snorkel site. 
Shelly Bay Beach, Bermuda 
Shelly Bay Beach Bermuda 
You can rent snorkeling equipment here. Shelly bay is also popular for the island's wind surfing community and ideally suited for the sport during northern wind conditions. 
Not much facilities on Shelly bay beach. Toilets are available but no rentals like snorkel, chairs or umbrellas. Yardie Kitchen once located near the beach served nice Caribbean and local cuisine including wraps, burgers, curries, fries etc. The cafe had good changing and bathroom facilities. It was opened in 2007 by Sharon Stevens also known as 'Miss Yardie'. The cafe offered breakfast, lunch and dinner with both sit-in and take out options. X Cafe Closed 
Shelly Bay Beach, Bermuda 
Along the beach there is a mangrove tidal pool. You can find many colorful and different species of birds here. The nearby Shelly Bay Beach Park has picnic facilities and extensive parking area. The park is about 100 yards walk from the entrance. This free public park has climbing frames, swings and other playing facilities. It's a great playground for children. We have noticed that local soccer and cricket teams play matches at this park during weekends. 
Shelly Bay Children's Playground 
There is an wooden boardwalk along the western edge of the beach that takes you through a scenic reserve. As you walk over the footbridge or the boardwalk, you can see the rock formations along the coast line and the crystal clear water. 
You can clearly see through the water and right up to the bottom. After you have walked for a while, turn back and you can get a full end to end view of the tree lined Shelly beach a little far away. The long boardwalk finally links up with a section of Railway Trail which is well known as a scenic walking trail. The entry to the railway trail is about half a mile away and near the erstwhile Railway Museum. 
Shelly Bay Boardwalk, Bermuda 
If there is one negative point about the beach ... its proximity to the street. Depending on where you are on the beach, you are likely to hear the noise of cars passing by.  
Shelly Bay Beach Imagery 
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Don't miss the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo which is at a walking distance from Shelly bay beach. If you like walk through a scenic village, walk across to nearby Flatts Village
The large grocery / departmental store Shelly Bay Market Place is located just east of the beach. This is a branch of the island wide chain of MarketPlace grocery stores. This is the main grocery store on North Shore Road and gives you an opportunity to pickup essentials and food on your way back. 

How to reach Shelly bay beach

Visit the Beach Map to view the location of Shelly Bay beach and several other great beaches. 
The beach is located off North Shore road at Crawl Hill in Hamilton parish and between Hamilton City and St. George's. You can take bus #10 or 11 that operate between Hamilton City and St. George's to reach Shelly Bay. If you are coming from the Royal Naval Dockyard, then first take a ferry to Hamilton city (20 minutes) and then a bus for the beach (another 25 minutes or so). Access to the beach from North Shore road (i.e. the bus route) is easy and the approach is quite scenic. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Stephen (July 2012) 
Unfortunately the cafe at Shelly bay beach is now closed and you can no longer use the restrooms. With a hungry little one, we were not able to stay very long. Too bad because would have a perfect spot to spend the whole day!