Shelly Bay Market Place Bermuda

This is a branch of the island wide grocery chain The MarketPlace. It's located east of Shelly Bay Beach and quite convenient for those who would like to pickup essentials on their way back from the beach. If you are a tourist, expect prices far higher than in the U.S or Canada. Prices in Bermuda particularly in super markets and grocery stores can be sometimes overwhelming to visitors. 
However on Wednesdays, Shelly Bay Market Place offers 5% discounts on grocery items. Other than a full service grocery store, the complex (known as Shelly Bay Plaza) also has a pizzeria, clothing and other stores, as well as a self service Laundromat. The grocery store has some nice branded food items from U.S, Canada and UK. 
You will also get the following at the Market Place grocery store: 
  • In-Store Bakery 
  • Phone Cards 
  • Organic Items 
  • Beachwear including towels and coolers, toys, kitchen supplies etc. 
  • Portuguese and Filipino Products 
  • Liquor and wine (except for Sundays) 

    Open Hours

    Shelly Bay Market Place is open everyday from 8am to 10pm (on Sunday 1pm to 6pm). This is one of the main grocery stores on North Shore Road. 

    Location and Contacts

    110 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish 
    Phone: 441/293-0966; Email: [email protected] 
    Buses #10 and 11 stop right outside Shelly Bay Market Place. Both routes operate between Hamilton City and St George. 
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