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Bermuda Railway Museum

Located in Hamilton parish, Bermuda Railway Museum holds a nostalgic memory of the days when railways were in operation in the island. Between 1931 to 1948, Bermuda government operated the railways along the coast line. Maintenance was becoming very expensive.  
Many parts of the 22 miles long railway tracks were on wooden or metal bridges that crossed various parts of the ocean, and were difficult to maintain. Rot and corrosion was another major problem. The earlier Railway Station room for Bermuda Aquarium has now become the Bermuda Railway Museum. It is very small like the size of a garage. It now holds memorabilia from the old Bermuda trains. 
There are model trains and you can listen to the audio on Bermuda's Railway history. You can buy many items here like the original old signs, rails, spikes, books, maps, prints, and other stuff. China and cedar make items are also on sale here.  
Bermuda Railway Museum 
Bermuda Railway Museum 
The museum and the shop is privately owned and the proprietress is Rosa Hollis. 
Update June 2014: The owner of Railway Museum and shop Ms. Rosa Hollis passed away in July 2011. The museum closed down before her death and is still closed. 

Open Hours

The Railway Museum is open between 10a.m to 4p.m from Tuesday through Friday. Admission is free. 

Contact Info

You can contact Rosa Hollis on her Email ([email protected]) to request a tour of the museum. She can also open the Museum for you on request if it's closed on a day. 

How to reach Bermuda Railway Museum

The Museum is located along the Shelly Bay stretch of the walking trail. Get off at the bus stop after Bermuda Aquarium Museum &Zoo. Bus #10 or 11. 
Address: 37 North Shore Road, Phone: 441/293-1774. 
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