Bailey's Bay and Coney Island Bermuda

Bailey's Bay and Coney Island are located along the North Shore Road in Bermuda. The best way to explore this area is by taking the Railway Trail at Hamilton Parish. You need to start from Shelly Bay and go towards east along the trail. You will see a picturesque marine cove called the Burchall Cove on the way. As you move ahead, you will reach a hilly neighborhood known as Crawl. This is a beautiful residential area with wonderful cottages and picturesque landscape.  
Bermuda's famous artist Otto Trott has his gallery in Crawl. As you go further east, you will reach Bailey's Bay. This is a harbor for small boats and have a small little beach. You will see farmlands around and beautiful landscape. The tiny village at the Bailey's Bay is ideal to explore on foot. 
Bailey's Bay Bermuda 
Bailey’s Bay Bermuda 
Update December 2014: A 740ft footbridge has been opened on December 13, 2014 over Bailey's bay. This bridge forms a part of the Railway Trail. As you walk, you get wonderful views of the bay and the harbor. It took over a year to construct the bridge. 
Bailey's Bay Footbridge 
Bailey’s Bay Footbridge 
Bermuda's oldest and famous pub the Swizzle Inn is located nearby. There is also a nice restaurant Jamaican Grill located at Bailey's Bay area (just before approaching Coney Island) that serves West Indian favorites like jerk chicken, coconut fish, and cocoa bread. 
Further east, you will reach Coney Island. There are nice parkland and coves here. Across the water area you can see the Ferry Island and the western tip of Ferry Reach Park of St George. This is where the first ferry of Bermuda was introduced during the early settlement days of 17th century. 
For about 250 years, ferry was the only transport that connected the main island of Bermuda with St. George. It is heard that a local ferryman used to ferry people in exchange of one pound of tobacco per person a year. Tobacco was then the main source of economy in the island.  
The causeway that was constructed in 1871 to join St. George with the main island of Bermuda, finally eliminated the need of this ferry. In 1931, Bermuda Railway Tracks were also introduced between these two points, which of course does not exist today. You can still see the structures that once supported the tracks across the water area. 
Coney Island as seen from Ferry Island 

How to reach Bailey's Bay and Coney Island

Bailey's Bay and Coney Island are in North Shore road of Hamilton Parish. Bus #10 and #11 go there. Best is to take the section of the Railway Trail here and hike. The place can also be explored on a moped or a bicycle.  
Note that Crystal Caves, Grotto Bay Beach Hotel and Blue Hole Park are all quite close to Bailey's Bay area and are within walking distance of one another. 
Road Map 
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