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The Presbyterian Christ Church in Warwick Bermuda has taken a very positive step recently to engage more closely with the community and the needy in the island. They have opened a facility called the Loads Of Love that offers showers and laundry services to the homeless in Bermuda. This facility has been opened in March 2011. Bermuda has been facing increasing problems with homeless people as the cost of living continues to shoot up in the island. 
There are some 400 to 500 people who sleep on the streets every week. This facility is an effort to help such homeless so that they are able to take hot shower and wash their clothes. It will be initially be open only on Saturdays between 8:30am to 1pm. 
The facility which has been created by extending and converting a former storage building of the church, will be run by volunteers. There have been over 60 volunteers who have signed up to extend support for this noble cause. Many of them are from the church's congregation and have never dealt with homeless before. The church has been able to raise some $25,000 fund to create this facility, most of which have come in form of generous donations. 
There are two shower units, two industrial washing machines and two drying machines in the facility. While the users queue up for their turn, they will also be given something to eat. If their clothes are no longer washable, they will also be offered new clothes. 


Loads of Love facility is part of the Christ church in Warwick, and is located on the Middle road opposite to Belmont Hill Club. Bus route #8. 
For further information call 441/236-1882 or e-mail [email protected] 

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