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WindReach is a recreational and development facility located in Bermuda's Warwick parish and spread across an area of 3.7 acres which is fully accessible. Opened in October 1999, the facility has been promoting various activities and training programs for disabled and those with special needs. 
However over the years, it has become a great place for all kids and families. It has playgrounds, nature trails, multi-purpose activity center, petting zoo, campground and picnic areas. 
One of the unique offerings of WindReach is its therapy and educational experience to people of all ages having varying degrees of intellectual or physical disabilities, and therefore requiring such support. Over 30,000 visitors turn up in this facility every year, although many of them are kids with families coming for recreational activities or from various organizations in the island. 
Founder of WindReach Alexander (Sandy) J. Mitchell initially took up a land in Ontario in Canada and created a fully working and accessible WindReach Farm in 1989. Building on his earlier success, he created this WindReach Recreational Village in Bermuda and opened it on October 1, 1999. Mitchell himself was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was young, but never let that come on his way of work and life. 

Facilities at WindReach Bermuda

WindReach offers individuals, community groups and organizations to use their facilities for special events, birthday parties, seminars, conferences and meetings. 
The Petting Zoo has friendly animals like donkeys, miniature horse, parrot, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. 
The Sensory rooms are located at the lower level of the activity center. The larger room has vibrating ball pool and colorful interactive equipment to trigger great senses.  
The smaller sensory room is climate and light controlled. Here the remote controlled equipment includes a projector, swinging hammock chair, bubble tubes, fiber optic lights, 2 interactive wall panels, an aroma diffuser and a sound system. You can create your own wonderland here. 
WindReach Sensory Nature Trail is a combination of natural and man-made areas having a nature trail, a nature pond and a habitat of Bermuda skinks (small native lizards). The trail is accessible to visitors of all ages, abilities and needs. 
The Activity Center is a multi purpose building with an area of 5,000 sq. ft. that provides meeting/ entertainment rooms, fully equipped kitchens and accessible bathrooms at both levels. The activity center is rented out for meetings, social gatherings, art and craft shows etc. It is also used by the therapists to provide therapy treatments. 
Riding for the Disabled: This program at WindReach provides therapeutic riding to those with special needs. Therapeutic riding is about physical therapy and rehabilitation through special riding lessons. There are horses, ponies and full-time staff members at a newly expanded equestrian center. It has stables and show-ring as well. The staff, facilities and programs are certified by the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. 
Seniors Tea Sessions are held for the Island's senior citizens on every 4th Thursday of the month during winter. The seniors get an opportunity to get together for social interactions and enjoy games and music as well. Activities include sports days, history quizzes, horse carriage rides, baking competitions, singing etc. 
WindReach also offers Music Therapy to children with developmental disabilities and special needs, so that they can improve their ability to pay attention and learn more effectively. 
Apart from all the above facilities, there is a campground, a playground, tree houses and picnic areas within the 4 acre facility. 

Location and Contacts

57 Spice Hill Road, Warwick Parish, Bermuda 
Direction to reach: From South Shore Road, between Camp Road and Astwood Park take the turning into Warwick Lane. Once you reach the junction of Spice Hill Road, take west and go for about 1/4 mile. You will see WindReach Lane on your right. Bus route #7 operating between Hamilton and Dockyard takes the South Shore Road. 
Phone: (441) 238-2469, Email: [email protected] 
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