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Warwick pond, a nature reserve is located in Warwick Parish of Bermuda and stretches along the Middle Road. Spread across 9 acres of marshy and wooded land and having a large pond, this reserve is still unexplored by many. 
So if you would like to walk along quiet trails in the woods watching variety of birds and enjoy the serenity, Warwick Pond and Nature Reserve is the place for you. The property is owned by Bermuda National Trust. Since December 19, 2009, Warwick Pond has been renamed as Sherwin Nature Reserve in memory of Dennis Sherwin who served the Trust as president between 1987 to 1990.  He was a passionate advocate of nature reserves and its environment. 
The pond here is the second largest fresh-water pond in Bermuda after Spittal Pond. There is also a lookout deck over the pond. Warwick pond is a home to many migratory and resident waterfowls including barn swallows that you will see during fall and common snipes in winter. The reserve is full of cedars and allspice trees. 
There is a nice walking trail here which has been improved in 2003 and now having better pathways and handrails. There are sign boards all around telling you the stories and origin of the plantations and the animal life. You will be able to clearly identify and understand the different habitats like the pond, marsh, forest and the associated flora and fauna like Bermuda's native cedar, palmetto and killifish. 
The boards at the reserve also tell you the difference between Bermuda Palmettos and the invasive Chinese fan palms. The pathway here also links to the Bermuda Railway Trail. Some parts of the farm land in Warwick Pond is rented to the farmers for farming and cattle gazing. 

Location and Contacts

Olivebank Drive, Warwick. The entrance is on Middle Road at the turning of the Tribe Road #3. There is a well marked signboard from Bermuda National Trust at the entrance. Take bus #8. Check out Bermuda Tourist Map to view the location. 
Warwick Pond is open daily from sunrise to sunset. There is no admission fee. 
You can contact Bermuda National Trust at 441/236 6483 for more information. 
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