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Warwick Camp is located in Bermuda's Warwick parish on the south shore and opposite to the entrance of Chaplin Bay. Set up in 1870s, this is now the Head Quarters and the only facility of the Bermuda Regiment (also known as Royal Bermuda Regiment which is the only defense unit of Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory). 
Earlier, this vast stretch of area was used by the Bermuda garrisons mainly for the purpose of training and rifle ranges. The South Road that passes through the camp was earlier known as the Military Road. It is today a public thoroughfare. Warwick camp has several rifle ranges that are used even now. The longest range in use is 100 meters, although there is a provision for using a range of up to 750 meters. There are also two other smaller rifle ranges of 25 meters each. 
There is plenty of grassy and wooded area inside. Warwick Camp is equipped with Firearms Training System which allows simulation of war so that the soldiers can practice shooting year round in a warlike situation. It's a strange experience when you see such shootings taking place on one side and there are tourists enjoying the beaches right adjacent to it.  
Warwick Camp Entrance on South Shore Rd. 
The camp ground is also used for the training of Regiment recruits. There are 12 barrack rooms, a canteen and an officers mess inside. The Headquarters of Bermuda Regiment has its own building which also contains armory. The magazine storing small arms is still used by the coastal artillery battery. There are two 6-inch cannons mounted on top a hill. These were the last guns built by the British in Bermuda in 1939. 
These guns were mounted to guard against any invasion from the south shore during World War II. Another important feature of the camp is its large parade ground. Most of the regiment's ceremonies are carried out at this ground. 
There is a small guard room at the rear of the camp. There are also small houses here to accommodate officers and their families who are resident in the campus. Although visitors are not allowed, with special permissions you can take a quick tour towards the hillside. 


Warwick Camp, 
South Shore Road, Warwick, Bermuda. Opposite to Chaplin Bay. 
Bus route #7 (operates between Hamilton and Dockyard). 
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