Swizzle Inn South Shore

$$, British and Bermudian Cuisine 
In 2007, the popular Pawpaws Bistro in Warwick parish Bermuda  was taken over by the owners of the original Swizzle Inn. They had then converted that into a similar pub and restaurant as the original one and named it Swizzle Inn South Shore. 
The ambience inside is similar to its elder sibling. There are graffiti and posters on the wall. Chances are that you will be requested to pin your visiting card on a wall. This is the way the pub develops rapport with its clientele and remembers them. When you come back, you will still find your card on the wall and cherish your earlier experience. 
The Rum Swizzle is what the pub has been famous for. This is a potent pink rum-and-fruit concoction served in mini martini glasses. The locals tend to take them by pitchers. Be careful, the drink although looks harmless and inviting, is actually quite strong. The original Swizzle Inn was the one that had actually created this drink. 
Swizzle Inn South Shore Bermuda 
Swizzle Inn South Shore Bermuda 
The restaurant serves a number of salads including Greek salad. Other good choices for starters can include Bermuda Fish Chowder, shepherd's pie or Fish n' Chips. You also get nachos, burgers, sandwiches and French fries. 
There is a small gift store on site. They accept credit cards. Reservation is required only for group of 6 or more. 

Open Hours

Daily 11am-1am 

Location and Contacts

87 South Road, 
Warwick Parish, Bermuda 
The pub is located on South Road between Astwood Cove and Elbow Beach
Phone: 441/236-7459 
Bus route: #7 (operating betwen Hamilton and Dockyard) 
Check this Dining Map of Bermuda to see the location of the restaurant. 
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Visitors' Reviews

Tom Black (June 2012) 
We liked the new South side Swizzle Inn, lives up to the reputation of the original.  Ate there twice. Great 'Holy Chow' salad, and of course Swizzlers..