Bermuda Dining Map

The map below shows location of many great restaurants in Bermuda. Depending on your tour plans within Bermuda, you can choose the one of your convenience and liking. Note that I have shown the restaurants located in Hamilton City and St. George in separate dining maps. 
You can see the Hamilton Dining Map by clicking the small box at the central area of the map in Pembroke where it says "Hamilton" with an arrow pointing towards it.  
Similarly you can reach the St. George Dining Map by clicking the small box at the eastern end of the map where there is a small box saying "St. George" with an arrow pointing towards it. Hamilton city has the largest concentration of restaurants and eateries. There are also several nice restaurants in the town of St. George.  
However there are many restaurants in the map which are our personal family favorites. To know which ones are those, you will need to visit Favorite Bermuda Restaurants
Bermuda Dining Map 
Hamilton City Dining Map - Bermuda St. George Bermuda Dining Map Bermuda Dining/Restaurants Map 
Cartography courtesy of Frommer's Travel Guides 
Below I have shown the names of the restaurants against their numbers. Click the restaurant links below to get details about them including pictures, food quality, service, reviews and our experience, contact details and lot more information. 
Bacci 10 
Blu 11 
Landfall 21 
Lido 15 
Ocean Club  14 
Rustico 20 
Sapori 16 
Swizzle Inn (at Bailey's Bay) 24 
Waterlot 10 
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