Anchor Restaurant, Bar and Lounge
Formerly Freeport Seafood Restaurant

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This is a relatively new restaurant but has already started carving out a name for itself. If you are a repeat visitor at the Royal Naval Dockyard in west end, then you would know that this was the location of erstwhile Freeport Seafood Restaurant which has been taken over in May 2016 jointly by two couples and is now The Anchor Restaurant, Bar and Lounge. 
The restaurant is located few yards inside the gates of Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandy's parish. You won't miss the pastel pink cottage style building with white triangular limestone roof. 
Photo: Anchor Restaurant 
The new owners have over 50 years of aggregated experience in hospitality industry and offers contemporary cuisine along with Bermudian specialty. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and also offers takeaway. There is a bar and live entertainment (Friday to Monday) as well. 
In breakfast, the restaurant prides itself making the best poached eggs in the island. So if that's what you are looking for, then go for Classic Benedict with a twist which comes with two poached eggs on toast. They also have a range of sandwiches (egg, chicken, sausage, tuna etc) and even garlic humus. Other options include salad, pancakes, eggs of your choice, waffles, French toast, beverages etc. 
If you are there on a Sunday, try out their Sunday brunch which is served in buffet style. They are well known with the local community for the local breakfast on Sundays including Codfish breakfast. They prepare the dishes starting at 6am so that it's ready by the time you are ready for your brunch. The spread includes soup station, selection of salads, cold cuts, 6 hot entrees, breakfast station, carving station by chef specialized in local cuisine and a dessert station. 
In lunch the menu includes soups (including Bermuda fish chowder), several types of salads and more. In starters they have chicken wings, vegetable egg rolls etc. If you are a burger lover the good news is they prepare great burgers and fish sandwiches served with French fries. 
In burgers you can try out the Anchor burger (beef) or the chicken grilled burger. A good option for heavy eater is the club sandwiches prepared in classic style (chicken, turkey, roasted beef etc). 
Another great option in lunch is to go for the flavorful fish special (usually Yahoo) or Bermuda style fish and chips. In desserts you get options like chocolate cake, apple pie, coconut custard pie etc. 
The owners have positioned the ala carte dinner as semi fine dining. Appetizers in the menu includes soups (like Bermuda fish chowder), shrimp cocktail, cajun seared scallops etc. You get a few choices of salads as well. In entries the choices are more ... chicken breast, local fish fillet, strip loin, jumbo shrimp, pork loin roasted, sea fool grill (scallop, shrimp and local fish), rack of lamb, pork loin etc. 
There is also curry of the day (with rice pilaf, poppadum and mango chutney) prepared by the chef. The dessert menu includes pudding, cakes, tarts, bulees etc. 
There is a bar here as well. You can even get after dinner drinks like port and sherry, liqueurs etc. 

Indicative Prices

Classic Benedict: $15.50; Sandwiches: $7.50 - $10.50, Coffee: $3, Tea: $2.50 
Sunday Brunch: $39.95 
Soups: $7.50-$8.50, Salads: $13.75, Starters: $13.50, Burgers: $13.95 - $17.95, 
Entrees (lunch): $22 - $27.50, Entrees (dinner): $28.50 - $38.95, Desserts: $6 - $9.50. 
17% Gratuity is added to your bill. 

Open Hours

Anchor Restaurant, Bar and Lounge is open daily between 7:30am-10pm. 
Bar hours: 11:00am - 12:00am 

Location and Contact

Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandy's Parish, Bermuda 
The building is right inside the gates of the dockyard and to the west of the clock tower mall. 
Phone: 441-232-1345, Email: [email protected] 
Bus routes: #7, 8 (both buses operate between Hamilton and dockyard). 
Check out this Dining Map of Bermuda to see the location of Freeport Seafood (now anchor). 
Road Map 
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