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The full name of the restaurant is Speciality Inn Restaurant and Pizzeria. It's located in Smith's parish on South Shore Road and just below the Collectors Hill. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and specializes in Bermudian and Italian cuisine. However they serve other cuisine as well including Sushi. 
The capacity here is about 40 and the restaurant is quite popular with locals. The atmosphere inside is quite cozy and you will find many families come here for dinner. So the dinner time is quite busy here and you might need to wait for a while to get a table. However the service is very efficient and the wait is usually not much. The Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood once visited this restaurant in 1996. 
During breakfast, traditional items including bacon, eggs and cheese are quite popular here. On Saturdays, they serve codfish and potato breakfast. 
For lunch and dinner, some of the favorites includes Fish chowder (a thick soup prepared with grounded fish head) and red bins soup as appetizers. Among entrees, there are many choices. The menu here is quite elaborate and includes large varieties of Pizzas. 
There are many pasta items as well. Lasagna is served with Garlic Bread, Tossed Salad or Soup. The fresh fish items are very good. If you like chicken or other form of meat, try barbecued chicken or roasted lamb. 
One of the strong points about this restaurant is that the portions served here are quite large and preparations straight forward. Service here is excellent. A waitress of Specialty Inn (Vina Ann Outerbridge) recently received Bermuda Tourism Department's Best of the Best Award. This is a family and kids friendly restaurant. 
There is no bar here. You get non-alcoholic beverages like soda, juice, shakes etc. 
They accept credit cards. 

Open Hours

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 6a.m to 10p.m. 

Location and Contact

Specialty Inn, Collectors Hill, 4 South Shore Road, Smith's Parish, Bermuda.  
Bus route #1 (operating between Hamilton and St George). From Dockyard, take a ferry to hamilton and then the bus to the restaurant. 
Phone:(441)236-3133, Email: [email protected] 
Check out this Dining Map of Bermuda to see the location of the restaurant. 
Road Map 
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