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Restaurants in Smiths Bermuda

The links below will give you our detailed review of the restaurants in Smith's parish Bermuda, their offerings, the best dishes they serve, pictures and lot more information. 
These are twin restaurants located at the Pink Beach Club. Bermudiana is a formal dining room serving international cuisine. Breaker's Ocean Terrace is an outdoor open area overlooking the sea where you can dine more informally. 
This is a British style pub offering wine and liquor with various pub style menu items including seafood, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, ribs, sausages with mashed potatoes, fish íní chips, lobsters etc. Other than some of the costly shell fish items, most of the dishes are reasonably priced. 
This casual cafeteria style restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can get great Bermudian breakfast including bacon, eggs and cheese. Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood came here in 1996 during one of his golfing holidays. Even Jimmy Carter once visited the restaurant. For regular meals it offers island fish specials, pizzas, calzoni, stromboli etc. There is a full Sushi menu available. You will also get home-baked loaves and gingerbread at the checkout counter. There is however no bar here. 
A relatively new family restaurant run by the Simmons at Collector's Hill. The restaurant follows the Boston Market (a US restaurant chain) concept and uses four main ingredients in its dishes - chicken, ribs, fish and pot roast. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and also has a take away section. There is ample parking space at the back side. 
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