Boundary Sports Bar & Grille

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This is a relatively new addition to Fairmont Southampton Hotel's list of restaurants having closed the Italian outlet- Bacci. It is an upscale American sports bar, very modern in decor and yet relaxed, and the only one on at the west end of the island. 
With its inviting ambiance and warn camaraderie, this is a great place to unwind while you watch the action on the giant screens and enjoy a sumptuous meal. 
Boundary Sports Bar & Grille 
Source: Boundary Sports Bar & Grille 
The floor to ceiling glass windows offer a stunning view of the picturesque south shore beaches. They also have a pool and a terrace overlooking the golf course. They offer live television broadcasting of major international sports events from Premier League rivalries and weekly NFL games to Golf and the NHL. 
You can seat yourself either at the bar or the more comfortable and cozy lounge and yet be able to view the games from anywhere in the restaurant. 
They offer a classic pub menu with a new take on it. You can munch on some great starters of pub favorites like nachos, calamari and taco along with their wide range of beer selection and cool cocktails, while enjoying your favorite game. 
You can also go for some of the more elaborate affairs like the 9 Iron Chili, which has nine types of beans and vegetables served with a side of jalapeno cornbread. With a sprinkling of scallions on top, the Chili gives a bit of a kick along with its smoky and salty flavor. 
For entree, along with their selections of burgers, pizzas and sandwiches, you have a choice of some classic smoked-to-perfection dishes like the BBQ Family Platter, Char Grilled Wahoo, Half Smoked Chicken, St. Louis Pork Ribs etc. 
Finish off with an Iron Cookie that is a warm chocolate chip cookie served with vanilla ice cream. The cookie is crispy and gooey at the same time and comes with caramel sauce on top. 
You can also try the elaborate and mouth watering ice cream sandwich with its layers of peanut butter cookie, chocolate ice cream, raspberry jelly, whipped cream and marshmallows. 

Open Hours

Monday- Friday: 5pm - 12am 
Saturday and Sunday: 11am - 12am 
Attire: Resort Casual 

Location and Contact

The restaurant is located on South Road in the premises of Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Bus #7 services South Road and it's a short walk from the nearest bus stop to the hotel. 
Road Map 
Fairmont Southampton Hotel, in Golf Clubhouse 
101 South Shore Road, Southampton, Bermuda  
Phone: 441/238-8000 
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