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Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda is one of the top luxury hotels setup on a large expanse of land and at the highest point of the island in Southampton Parish. The hotel offers stunning panoramic views of the south shore, the surrounding lush tropical gardens and its own private golf course. 
All rooms have wonderful views of either the Great Sound water area, the South Shore (the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach is part of this) or the private golf course. 
Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Bermuda 
Fairmont Southampton Bermuda 

Rooms and Amenities

The plush luxurious rooms all have private balconies with a great view of the water. Rooms are generally spacious, with one king or two double beds. Bathrooms come with tub/shower combinations. If you can afford it, the choice rooms here are in the Fairmont Gold floor. We had stayed once in this gold floor for 3 nights. This is like staying in a hotel within a hotel, pampering its guests to ultimate luxury. It offers an array of services from shoeshine to private check-in and check-out, complimentary continental breakfast, newspapers, and the use of a fax and VCR. 
A Gold Floor Room 
Photo: Fairmont Southampton 
The hotel has recently completed a renovation. All rooms now have upgraded facilities and features including flat screen TV, a balcony, new bedding, wall coverings and draperies. The bathrooms have also been redesigned and now have marble tiles, vanity, more fixtures and lighting. The Fairmont Southampton has also renovated its lower lobby. 

Dining Options

There are several dining options in Fairmont Southampton. 
This is the newest addition to their bouquet of restaurants which brings Mediterranean cuisine on the menu for their guests. The selections you will find are plentiful with homemade pasta to signature land and sea dishes. 
Great seafood with superb views of the ocean. The earlier Whaler Inn restaurant has been revamped and fully renovated to this new restaurant. It serves seafood and other dishes, nicely blending Asian and European flavors. 
Great steaks and seafood in an old manor house. 
This is the only sports bar in the western end of the island. It offers great views of Turtle Hill golf course and the ocean. 
A brasserie located at the lower level serving international food. You can choose to dine inside or by the poolside. The restaurant looks like a cricket club. 
Jasmine Lounge 
Great place to relax, have a drink along with some snacks or light entries or salads, long flat pizzas, sandwiches etc, and enjoy the view of the south shore. The lounge also serves traditional British Afternoon tea. Open daily for lunch. Dress code is resort casual. 
Windows of the Sound 
Located steps away from the main lobby, this is a breakfast room with wonderful views of the ocean. They serve full American breakfast in buffet style. On Sundays, they also serve Bermuda style Brunch. Open 7am to 11am, Sundays 11am to 2pm (for brunch). Dress - resort casual. 
The Dock at the Waterlot 
A lovely lounge by the dockside with wonderful view of the water. A great place to view sunset as you have a cocktail and dine al fresco while the music plays on. Serves grilled fares from outdoor kitchen. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm to 10pm. Dress code - resort casual. 
Cabana Bar and Grill 
This is the private beach club and beach bar of Fairmont Southampton. You are right on the beach on a chaise or on the sand next to campfire as you have your cocktail. Open daily from 11am to 5pm. 
Fairmont Southampton offers host of amenities for families with children and special programs for kids to keep them happily engaged. Visit Great hotels for families and kids to get full information. 
Nightlife is a bit sedate here, and not every restaurant has a bar that's open to non-diners. Jasmine Lounge has live music, usually a jazz combo, beginning at 8pm. 
If you enjoy a pub, try out The Cellar Club Lounge located next to the indoor swimming pool of the hotel and accessible through the mezzanine floor. This is a third party operated nightclub and gives an ambience of an old English pub with a small dance floor. As you enjoy a cocktail, you can dance to live music, or play pool on a custom made cherry wood table, or watch sports on plasma screens. There is a local band that performs here in the evenings. The night club is a favorite to locals on Sundays. 
Update 2013: The Cellar has closed down. There were several complaints from the hotel guests about loud late night noise. The hotel didn't want a nightclub any longer in its premises. 


The 31,000 square foot Willow Stream Spa facility has 15 treatment rooms. It’s a great facility where you can have a simple massage or a pampering rejuvenating treatment from head to toe. Lush with the natural aroma-therapy of its tropical surroundings, this is a top class elegant spa. Fairmont Southampton Hotel Bermuda is decorated in 18th-century English style. Grand staircases connect the public rooms on the three floors. 
The hotel has it's own beautiful private beach, which is next to the Horseshoe Bay. If you don’t want to leave the premises of the hotel on a day, you can enjoy a self-contained complex within the hotel premises full of bars, restaurants, shops, and athletic facilities that are among the best in the island. 
Our favorite pool is Polynesian waterfall, with streams of heated water spilling from an artificial limestone cliff. It's possible to swim here even during winter due to the greenhouse above. 
The hotel has trolley carts that carry the guests around the sprawling landscape of the hotel grounds. The hotel also has its own shuttle buses that drop and pick up the guests at the nearby public bus stop. They also run a private ferryboat to take guests from the Waterlot Inn to their sister hotel Hamilton Princess which is also managed by Fairmont group. 
Golf Course at Fairmont Southampton 
Update December 2019: An affiliate of US-based Gencom (an investment and development firm) has announced acquisition of Fairmont Southampton Hotel. The hotel will however remain under the brand and management of Fairmont Group. The acquisition comes with a commitment of long term investment into the hotel to restore it to its past glory. The investment firm had earlier acquired the luxury resort Rosewood Bermuda in Tuckers Point (Hamilton Parish). This is now the second acquisition by the firm in Bermuda and is being seen as a positive development. 

Summary of Facilities

  • A secluded private beach club with an adjoining bar and restaurant  
  • The Resort Pool - An outdoor heated pool open 24-hours. 
  • Indoor heated pool (Spa Pool) with waterfalls and gardens. Reserved for Spa Guests. But can be used by other guests with additional charge. 
  • Health club with state-of-the-art Cybex equipment 
  • A shopping arcade with a beauty salon 
  • Nine Restaurants and Bars 
  • Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other water sports arrangements 
  • Par-3, 18-hole Turtle Hill golf course and 6 tennis courts. 
  • Moped rental 
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    Location and Contact Info

    The Hotel is located on South Road in Southampton Parish. Bus stop (#8 operating between Hamilton and Dockyard) is at a short walking distance. The hotel provides a shuttle service to and from the bus stop. Hotel guests can also avail an exclusive ferry service that operate between the Waterlot Inn dock of Fairmont Southampton and the Hamilton Princess Hotel Dock at Hamilton City. 
    Road Map 
    101 South Road, Southampton Parish.  
    Visit Bermuda Hotel Map to view the location of the hotel and several others nearby. 
    Toll Free (US and Canada): 1 (800) 257-7544; Toll Free (International): 800 0441 1414 
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    Nearby Attractions

    The world famous Horseshoe Bay Beach is at a walking distance from the hotel (little over a mile along South Road). The Gibb's Hill Lighthouse is also nearby. It is one of the oldest cast iron lighthouses in the world and from here you can get a glimpse of some breathtaking views of the Bermuda shoreline. The Dining Room at the base of the Lighthouse is a cozy air conditioned place great for some filling lunch of fresh fish sandwiches or Gnocchi along with great views of the ocean. You can also visit the nearby St. Anne's Church which is a beautiful Anglican church built in the early seventeenth century. 
    The Henry VIII Restaurant, Sushi Bar and Pub is close by where you can drop in for some fresh and good quality sushi and sashimi and the feel of dining at an attractive old fashioned English establishment. Two other nearby budget restaurants are Island Cuisine and Wok Express
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    Visitors' Reviews

    Drew O. (August 2017) 
    Hello Raj, Thank you for the wealth of information on your site.  We'll be travelling to Bermuda in a week.  I'm wondering what the easiest / fastest way would be for us to get from Fairmont Southampton to St. George's: 
    Does the Orange Ferry route actually stop in Hamilton?  If yes, do we take the hotel shuttle ferry to Hamilton and then on to the Orange Ferry? If not, is it easier if we take Bus #7 or 8 to the Dockyard and then the Orange Ferry?  Or should we take Bus #7 or 8 (or the hotel shuttle ferry) to Hamilton and transfer to Bus #1, 3, 10, or 11?  Thanks in advance for your advice. 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) August 2017 
    Hi, Orange ferry does not stop at Hamilton. You can take the hotel's shuttle ferry to Hamilton and then bus #10 or 11 to St. George (will be faster than #1 and 3). Alternatively take bus #7 from South Road (#7 bus stop is nearer from Fairmont Southampton than #8 and the hotel offers a shuttle to the stop) and then transfer to #10 or 11 at the bus terminal at Hamilton (note that bus transfers are free, do take transfer slip from the driver). 
    Drew O. (August 2017) 
    Thank you very much, Raj!  It's like you read my mind - I was just wondering about whether bus #7 or #8 would be easier from the hotel and whether to take bus #1/3 vs #10/11 to St. George!  I hope you don't mind me asking a couple more questions: 
    So for Southampton to St. George, is it faster to take #7 then #10/11 (if the times of the hotel ferry to Hamilton don't work out) or is it faster to take #7 to Dockyard then the ferry to St. George? Also, if my 13 year old son uses tokens to take the bus / ferry, is it the same price ($2.75) regardless of how many zones? Thanks so very much for your help again! 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) August 2017 
    Drew, although dockyard and Hamilton would nearly take the same time by bus from Fairmont, the Orange route ferry has very limited runs (3 to 5 depending on day of the week, and it doesn't operate on weekends). So unless you can time it right, there can be a long wait at Dockyard. Suggest you take bus #7 to Hamilton. Yes, child fare (as applicable for your son) is $2.75 by token irrespective of zones. 
    Patrick Lasalle (August 2017) 
    My wife and I love Bermuda and have never found anything to dislike. Over the past few years we have become close friends with a few Bermudians. We understand the reason for high prices and deal with it by eating several times at Island Cuisine rather than complain. Love the Fairmont. This year we stayed on the Gold floor for eight nights and enjoyed every minute of it and hope to return next year. Thank you for always helping us plan our visits. 
    RJ (July 2017) 
    I have always wanted to go to Bermuda. Finally I had the chance to go (July 12, 2017). Stayed at the Fairmont Southampton. This hotel is very nice. Room was great ,staff was great, food was great. Beach was beautiful. The outdoor swimming pool was nice but it is a bit small. There is an indoor pool at the Spa but you have to pay per day to use it. I would like to see a swimming pool for Adults only as there were a lot of children in the outdoor pool.