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This is one of the latest additions to the bouquet of restaurants in the Fairmont Southampton that has replaced its erstwhile Gastro Pub offering in the beautiful Newport Room of the hotel. This is a shared dining restaurant that serves dishes inspired mostly from the Mediterranean region (from the coasts of France and Italy in the North, to Greece and Turkey in the East and Spain in the West, to the African region of Morocco in the South) along with diverse old-world cuisine. 
The interiors of the restaurant have been modeled along the lines of a ship and gives you a nautical feeling of dining aboard a boat on the high seas! 
The restaurant aims to bring alive not only the cuisine but also the culture of Mediterranean dining into Bermuda where they believe in sharing fresh food with loved ones and upholding the values of hospitality by bringing around one table, people of all generations in keeping with an open house mindset. Thus they have placed communal dining table and "wine by the carafe"- in spirit of the Mediterranean way of sharing food and wine. 
The ingredients used too are in consonance with the typical culinary habits of the region like authentic olive oil, marinated meats and aromatic spices. 
In order to recreate an authentic experience for their guests, the hotel had sent a team of four employees on a culinary expedition through the Mediterranean region of Europe before opening their doors. They have also sourced innovative dishes from Spain, Italy and Monaco to add to their glittering menu that includes plates of fresh seafood, paella and much more. 
They offer a Dinner, Dessert, Children's and Cocktail and Wine menu. Dinner menu is quite elaborate with choices from platters of Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Pita, kebabs etc, to classic dishes like Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, Lasagna, Rigatoni and much more. For dessert a Tiramisu prepared table side or a classic Mediterra coffee can be just the right kind of closure to a great meal. 

Open Hours

They are open every night for dinner between 6pm - 9.30pm during the summer months and are closed on Tuesdays during the winter months. 
Attire: Smart Casual 

Location and Contacts

The restaurant is located on South Road in the premises of Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Bus #7 services South Road and it's a short walk from the nearest bus stop to the hotel. 
Road Map 
Mediterra, Fairmont Southampton 
101 South Road, Southampton, Bermuda  
Phone: 441/ 238-8000 
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