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UPDATE: There has been a major renovation of Whaler Inn and now the restaurant is known as Ocean Club. It has a new decor and a new menu.
Whaler Inn Bermuda, part of Fairmont Southampton Hotel, is one of our most favorite Seafood restaurants in the island. This restaurant offers some of the widest range of seafood dishes in Bermuda. All these are prepared by using fresh fish delivered daily by the local fishermen. 
Sitting atop a low hill, Whaler Inn Bermuda has a phenomenal view overlooking the crashing surf, pink sand and the rocks. As you relax on the padded iron armchairs in the terrace, you can watch the sun set over one of the island's most secluded beaches. One of the unique features of this restaurant is the panoramic view you get through the huge windows. 
Some of the great items to begin with are the baked oysters Rockefeller, Bermuda fish chowder, or roasted pumpkin-potato gnocchi served with roasted sunflower seeds. 
One of our favorites at Whaler Inn Bermuda includes the grilled Bermuda seafood triangle of tuna and swordfish fillets, and shrimp on sugarcane brochette, each with different sauce. Other excellent dishes at Whaler Inn include the well-seasoned portions of fresh fish such as yellow-fin tuna, barracuda, shark, Wahoo, or dolphin fish - either broiled or sautÚed in butter. We love the hearty pasta and seafood combination served in a fresh tomato-basil sauce. á 
However, if you want something over and above seafood, grilled pork chop with pumpkin-and-potato mash, or chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes with corn risotto and spiced pineapple coulis can be some terrific choices. Some of the great dessert favorites are lime cheesecake, passion fruit tart, and coconut-and-chocolate-brownie sundae. The Whaler Inn Bermuda restaurant is usually closed for one month in winter, usually January. 
Location and Contact 
Address of Whaler Inn Bermuda is 101 South Road, Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Southampton Parish. You can call Whaler Inn Bermuda at 441/238-8000 for reservations. 
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