Gluten Free and Vegan Dining in Bermuda

Well if you have special dietary requirements like gluten free food or vegan / vegetarian food, then Bermuda does offer some nice options. More and more restaurants, eateries and grocery stores are coming up with such items in their menu, but still there is a long way to go. Gluten is a kind of protein found in food items like wheat, barley, rye etc which can not be eaten by those who are sensitive to it or have Celiac disease. It can cause major inflation in the intestine and other disorders. So gluten free food must not contain any of such substances that would have wheat, barley, rye in it. 
Below are the restaurants and food stores where you can get gluten free and/or vegan food items. Visit the links and you can get further details including open hours etc in their detailed descriptions. 

Location: Hamilton City

(Category: $$) 
Italian, Seafood, Vegetarian 
Located at Walker's Arcade, this relaxed and friendly bistro is owned and managed by Angelo, the person who once managed the popular restaurant Splendido in Horizon's & Cottages which later closed down. He boasts of offering full gluten free menu among a range of other options. In gluten free you get various types of salads including shrimps salad, mushroom salads, chicken salad, black bean salad etc, gluten free pasta, grilled salmon, chicken, fish, shrimps, scallops etc, sirloin steaks and more. 
They also have gluten free bread. The bistro serves late breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can dine inside or al fresco at the patio outside. They have take out option as well. Free wi-fi is available inside and outside. Located at Walker Arcade, Hamilton City, Bermuda. Monday - Saturday  9:30am - 9:30pm. 
(Category: $$$) 
Located on Pitts Bay road, this nice restaurant overlooking the harbor has several items on their menu which are gluten free. The gluten free bread here is excellent. Harry’s at the Waterfront Complex, 96 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, Pembroke. 
ABC Food Store and Cafe Eden 
(Category: $) 
The food store is managed by Seventh Day Adventist Church and primarily sells vegan as well as gluten free food items. Thy stock cheese, frozen meals, canned food, ice creams, snack bars, fresh juices etc. Cafe Eden is located inside the food store and offers vegetarian breakfast and lunch (with several vegan options). The veggie burgers are great. They also serve excellent smoothies and shakes. 
41 King Street, Hamilton. You can find the store up the street shortly after the Hamilton Fire Station and on the right. The food store is open from 9am onwards, closed on Saturday. Cafe Eden is open Monday - Thursday 7am-3:30pm, Friday 7am-12:30pm, closed on Saturday/Sunday. 
(Category: $) 
This is a quality Indian restaurant serving both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. They have gluten free options as well as dairy free vegetarian food. However do ask the owner about your requirements before you order. Park View Plaza, 57 North Street, Pembroke, Hamilton. You should ideally take a taxi (not in proper Hamilton). 
1609 Restaurant 
(Category: $$$) 
1609 is an in-house restaurant of Hotel Hamilton Princess which is managed by Fairmont group and follows the Lifestyle Cuisine Plus dining menu like other hotels in its group. The restaurant with al fresco dining has great harbor view. They have menu for a range of dietary needs. You get number of pasta dishes on the menu that are gluten free and are quite excellent. 
If you ask, the chef can also give you several other gluten free options. Although not marked in the menu, in vegan you can get plenty of choices starting from salads to pan-fried vegetables or vegetable curry with steamed rice, pastas, cut-fruit desserts etc. 76 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton. 1609 Restaurant is open daily, 11am to 10pm. 
(Category: $$) 
European, Thai, Fusion 
They are very conscious about food allergy and will go all the way to make your meal safe. While ordering just let them know that you want gluten free food and they will ensure that. Most items in the menu are gluten free anyway. Located at 22 Richmond Road, Hamilton. 
(Category: $) 
Nice gluten free pasta options (not marked in the menu though, just ask). Located at 25 Washington Lane, Hamilton. 
(Category: $$) 
Gluten free pasta. 20 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton. Serves lunch and dinner and offers take out. 
Juice n' Beans Cafe 
(Category: $$) 
Vegetarian, Snacks, Juice Bar 
Located on Front Street at a very convenient place and overlooking the harbor. They serve vegan (ask the staff) and vegetarian food. The menu is quite limited though. You get nice homemade samosas, soups, sandwiches, fruit shakes, smoothies, tea, coffee etc. For breakfast, the tofu scramble burritos are great. I like the honey tea as well. They also offer Indian vegetarian lunch. Seating is quite limited here. Located at 61 Front St, Hamilton City. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open daily (Sunday lunch onwards). 
Food Court 
(Category: $$) 
Range of cuisine 
The new food court at Washington Mall has several live food stations serving a range of cuisine including Italian, Mexican, Grilled, Chinese, 'Around the World' buffet etc and has a common large seating space. There are gluten free and vegan friendly options here. The food station Pasta Fresh serves gluten free pasta with choices of four different sauces. It' a good place for quick lunch or afternoon snacks. Washington Mall, Phase III lower level, 20 Church Street, Hamilton City. 
Cafe 4 
(Category: $$) 
Western, Sushi, Salad Bar 
They have both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food on the menu. Although vegan items are not marked, you get such options as well (ask the staff). You can create your own salad. Buffet with daily variations are served every day during lunch. Other items include soups, varieties of sandwiches and wraps (you can create your own), there is also a full Sushi bar. This place is good for a quick lunch although they serve breakfast and afternoon tea as well. You can dine indoor as well as outdoor in a nice garden setting which is quite unique in Hamilton. 
(Category: $) 
Coffee Shop 
It's located next to the ferry terminal in Hamilton. While they serve freshly baked items, every Friday they would make some nice gluten free items including homemade muffins, cakes, cookies etc. Located at 8 Front Street. Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5:00pm, Saturday: 7:30am - 4:00pm. Serves breakfast and lunch. 
Several Supermarkets and large grocery stores in Bermuda do a great job of offering varieties of both gluten free, vegan and organic food. Most also offer deli type food with vegan and gluten free options. Some of the common gluten free items include pasta (made of corn, rice, quinoa), bread, cakes and muffins etc. Miles Market (located at 96 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke, Hamilton) is one of them. Their vegan deli food are labeled and a popular one here is 3-bean salad. There is a seating area to have your food. You can also use their catering service Miles-to-Go to get your order delivered at your hotel. Another supermarket is The Supermart located at 125 Front Street, Hamilton. They boast of having the largest salad bar in the island (Open Monday to Saturday - 7am to 10pm, Sunday - 1pm to 6pm). 
Down to Earth 
(Health Food Store) 
A health food store selling a varieties of gluten free and health food. You will get gluten free bread here. 
Located at 'Bermuda House', 56 Reid Street, Hamilton. Open Monday - Saturday:  9am - 5:30pm 
It's Only Natural 
(Health Food Store) 
This is a health food store and offers mostly vegan items as well as gluten free and organic items. Although stocks and varieties are not huge, they keep several unique items which you won't find in larger stores. Some gluten free items include tea, herbs and spices, oil, beverages, bars, minerals etc. They also keep frozen food, household and baby products. Located at 8 Princess Street, Hamilton. Open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. 

Location: St. George's

(Category: $) X Closed 
This is a small eatery located at Kings Square right next to the Visitors Information Center. They serve coffee, tea and excellent sandwiches, wraps, burgers, fries etc. And there are gluten free and vegetarian options. While seating is limited, they offer take out food as well. Located at 7 Kings Square, St. George's.  Open hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm, Saturday:  10am - 3pm, Sunday: 10am - 4pm. 
Somers Supermart 
This is a branch of The Supermart of Hamilton. All items available at Hamilton branch are also available here including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat counter, deli type food, gluten free and vegan options etc. Open Monday - Saturday: 7am - 10pm, Sunday: 8am - 6pm. Located at 41 York Street, near Kings Square. Phone: (441) 297-1177 
(Category: $$) 
Although a Chinese restaurant, they have vegetarian options. Located at 13 York Street, St. George. 

Location: Royal Naval Dockyard

(Category: $) 
They offer nice gluten free items on the menu. All daily special sandwiches (such as ham, chicken, roast beef, avocado etc) are also available with gluten free bread. Cookies, desserts and cakes also have gluten free varieties. Serves breakfast and lunch. Open daily from 9am to 5pm. Located at 12 Royal Naval Dockyard Terrace (at the entrance to Victualling yard). Seating available on outside patio in a walled garden setting. 
(Category: $$) 
British and Pub Fares 
Good vegan options. Chickpea burgers, onion rings etc are some of the favorites. 
Anchor is the only restaurant at the Royal Naval Dockyard (Sandys) to offer gluten free and paleo food in dinner menu. 

Other Locations

Jasmine Lounge 
(Category: $$$) X Temporarily Closed 
Italian and Western 
Both the above restaurants are located at Fairmont Southampton Hotel in Southampton parish. As part of the Lifestyle Cuisine introduced in Fairmont group of hotels, you will get a range of options for your special dietary needs, including vegan and gluten free options. The menu includes gluten free pastas. However just ask the staff and the chef will be pleased to offer you a number of other options for both gluten free and vegan dishes. In fact during breakfast at Jasmine Lounge, they can also serve you gluten free pan cakes as well as chocolate covered pastries. During lunch or dinner, the vegan Pizza (long flat one served on an wooden cut board) with your choice of toppings is excellent. Restaurants are located at Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Shore Road, Southampton. Jasmine is open daily 11am-12am (Breakfast-to-go: 7am – 10am). 
(Category: $) 
Chine, Sushi 
Good vegan and veggie options and take outs including Sushi rolls, falafel burgers, pan fried vegetables etc. Located at 180 Middle Road, Southampton parish and walking distance from Fairmont Southampton Hotel. 
(Category: $) 
Bermudian snacks, breakfast and lunch 
This cafe is located inside the Masterworks Museum of Art in Botanical Gardens (Paget). They serve breakfast, daily lunch specials and snacks with beverages. Most dishes like salads, wraps, panini, quiche, sandwiches etc are available gluten free with choice of vegetarian or non-veg. Other than inside dining, there is also an outdoor terrace. 
Harrington Hundreds 
(Grocery Store) 
This up-market grocery store is located in Smith's parish and specializes in health and natural food, fresh organic food as well as vegan and gluten-free food. Open daily 8am to 8pm (closes on Sunday by 2pm). 99 South Road, Smith's Parish, opposite to the entrance of Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. Bus #1 (operating between Hamilton and St. George). 
This is a large farm that grows over 50 varieties of vegetables organically. Located at 10 Lukes Pond Road, Southampton. 
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