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Hamilton Parish is located in between Hamilton City and St. George's. While the Hamilton parish itself has quite a few lovely attractions and beaches, it sits between two of the most popular locations in Bermuda. St George is to its east and Hamilton City (in Pembroke) to its west. 
So if you are travelling between these two places, you won't be able to avoid Hamilton Parish. And therefore there have been quite a few restaurants, shops and other establishments that have come up here to take advantage of the passing traffic in Hamilton Parish. 
Listed below are all the popular restaurants and pubs in Hamilton Parish. Check out the links to see our family experience in these restaurants and detailed reviews along with pictures. The restaurant entries below are listed along with price category and the main cuisine they serve. 
($, Ice Creams, Fruit Juices and Light bites) 
Indigo X Closed 
($$, Indian, Chinese, Sushi, European, Italian) 
($, Jamaican/Caribbean) 
Although the main branch is in Hamilton City, they also have a branch in Hamilton Parish next to Bailey's Bay Cricket Club, Duck's Puddle Drive. Phone: 441/293-8899 or 293-8952 
($$, Bermudian) 
($$, Continental) At Grotto Bay Beach Resort 
($$, Italian/Pizzeria) 
($$, British and Bermudian cuisine) 
($$, Contemporary) 
A nicely decorated and cozy restaurant serving contemporary and innovative cuisine. They also serve nice Pizzas (even seafood pizzas during season) and excellent hand roasted coffee. Apart from inside-dining they also have an al fresco patio offering wonderful view of Flatts inlet. The restaurant is located in Flatts Village in Hamilton Parish. Service is friendly and overall food is excellent. 
($$$, Mediterranean) At Tucker's Point Hotel &Spa 
($$$, Bermudian cuisine) 

Here are some more eateries in Hamilton Parish

Yardie Kitchen 
This is a cafe and a snack bar located next to the Shelly Bay Beach having a wonderful view of the water. It serves Caribbean and local food like fries (chicken and mutton), wraps, curries, peas &rice and other dishes. There are both sit-in and take-out options. The cafe was opened in 2007 by the owner Sharon Stevens (also known as Miss Yardie). A storage area was converted into seating space. There is also seating on the outside terrace area. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The original branch is in Pembroke. 
Pizza House Restaurant 
The Pizzeria is located on North Shore Road in Shelly Bay Market Place and just east of Shelly Bay Beach. It serves pizza, sandwiches, snacks, cold drinks etc. It's open daily (Monday Saturday 10:30am10pm, Sundays 1:30pm9pm). Ph: 441/293-8465. 
BeanZ Caf 
Run by Ms Bean, this tiny cafe is located at the Workman's club in Crawl, Hamilton Parish. It sells burgers, fish sandwiches and other snack items. The former premier of Bermuda Ewart Brown had once eaten here. Phone: 441/293-1455 
Four Star 
(Formerly Upper Crust) 
This is the only Pizza delivery chain in Bermuda although they have sit-in and take-out options as well. Other than pizzas of different styles and size, they also offer sandwiches, chicken wings, desserts etc. If you ask for delivery, a delivery charge is added. 6 North Shore Road, Flatts Village, Phone: 441/292-9111. Update July 2012: While the restaurant originally had its name as Four Star between 1990 and 2006, the owners changed it to Upper Crust subsequently. However now it's back to the original name of Four Star. 
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