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your site is lovely and filled with great information. my boyfriend and I are pondering a trip to Bermuda but are worried about costs. Your dining pages state $$ as mid - range, would you mind giving me a specific dollar value. sorry to be fussy, but everyone has different ideas of mid range right :) thanks so much! 
Neera Dhir (April 2011) 
Hi Neera, The restaurant price ranges (i.e the categories) mentioned in my site are only indicative. The actual prices may vary between two restaurants. To give you an idea, a main course in a mid-range ($$) restaurant in Bermuda can be typically between $25 - $30. A soup or a salad typically costs $7-$10, and a starter about $15. 
However the pub food prices are usually a little lesser. For example in Swizzle Inn (a $$ category and one of the oldest and best pubs in Bermuda, and famous for their Rum Swizzles), a typical dish would be around $15 or so. Any specialty dish like Rock Fish would cost about $28. 
If you like to be dead sure about the prices of a restaurant, just go to their website and download the menu. Unfortunately not all have websites and I do not provide links to their websites from mine. You will need to search it out. Hope this helps. Have a great time in Bermuda!! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2011 

Price Categories and Indicative Dining Costs in Bermuda

$ (Budget) = Soups and Salads: $5-7, Appetizers: $6-12, Main Courses: $18 - $25 
$$ (Mid Range) = Soups and Salads: $8-$12, Appetizers: $15-$18, Main Courses: $28 - $35 
$$$ (Upscale) = Soups and Salads: $9-$14, Appetizers: $18-$27, Main Courses: $32 - $42 
$$$$ (Top End) = Soups and Salads: $13-18, Appetizers: $16-18, Main Courses: $40 - $65 
Posted by: Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) January 2015 

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