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St. George's, Bermuda

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Update: CV Cafe closed down in August 2017
CV Cafe opened in October 2012 on Water Street at St. George's. This is part of an already running family business (Conscious Vibes Fair Trade) owned by George and Michelle Wales. Michelle runs the day to day operations. 
The cafe serves breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee as well as beer and wine. Some of the major winning points for this cafe includes its laid back and friendly atmosphere, excellent quality food at very reasonable prices and maintaining good level of service. They source Fair Trade products as much as they can, otherwise use fresh organic produces. This ensures the quality and the fair pricing. 
As you enter, there is a round table on one side with chairs and a separate sitting area at the corner with comfy sofas. This is where you can sit for hours reading news papers or surf the net on your iPad using their wi-fi (at very reasonable rate). Soft music plays at the background. There is also an outside patio where you can enjoy your food and coffee. 
In coffee they make one of the best latte in the island. They also offer nice fair trade tea on tea pots. Breakfast is served until 11am. You get eggs, waffles, sandwiches, juices, fruits and of course coffee and tea. 
Lunch menu comprises of paninis, wraps, sandwiches, soups and salads. Try out the Tuna or the chedar panini or even the chicken panini, they are great and prepared to perfection. The portions are quite adequate. They also offer great ice creams sourced from Bailey's Ice Creams (available during summer though). They also keep smoothies made from frozen fruit, juices, milk and yogurt. 
Homemade cakes include variations like carrot cake, ginger and pumpkin slice, banana break, Hummingbird cake, apple cake and more ... absolutely delicious. 
CV Cafe also serves beer and wine. They have received Best of Bermuda awards from The Bermudian magazine. Other than food, CV Cafe offers local handcrafted products and artwork as well as products certified by Fair Trade. 

Indicative Rates

Hot chocolate with whipped cream: $4.50 (great chocolate flavor) 
Panini with chicken, onions mushrooms and cheese: $8.95 

Open Hours

They usually open by 8:30am and remain open until 5pm, Monday through Saturday. Sunday is usually closed. 
Winter hours are reduced. 

Location and Contact

CV Cafe and Conscious Vibes Fair Trade 
8 York Street, Lower South East Building, St. George's, GE05 
CV Cafe is located off Water Street at St. George's, next to the existing Conscious Vibes Fair Trade store.  
Phone: 441/297-0208; Email: [email protected] 
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