Top Attractions In St George Bermuda

Although apparently looks a bit sedate, actually St. George's town and the parish have numerous interesting places to visit and plenty of things to do. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, the town of St. George has large number of historical buildings, museums and private houses with old and traditional Bermudian architecture. 
Additionally the place has lovely beaches, several historical forts from British era, nice parks, walking trails, water sports activities and lot more. It offers unparalleled opportunity to explore 17th century life in Bermuda as you walk along the unusually narrow streets. 
Here are the main attractions and activities in St George Bermuda. 

Beaches in St. George

Although quite small, this is the most popular beach in St. George. Snorkeling and swimming are excellent in the shallow waters. You can see lots of fish. It has a beach bar, rentals, water sports and other facilities. 
This beach is located on one side of Fort St. Catherine and hence the name. It overlooks the beautiful Gates Bay. Good for swimming and snorkeling. It's a quiet beach and not much facilities. 
Another small wonderful beach on the other side of St. Catherine's fort. View of sunset from here is one of the best in the island. Has a bar and restaurant here. 
It's located in St. David's. Shallow waters makes it excellent for swimming. Clearwater is a manmade beach though. There is a beach bar and other facilities. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months. These beaches are not much known to the tourists. There are hiking trails and a playground here as well. You get wonderful views from here with the St. David's Lighthouse at a distance. 
Drew's Bay Beach 
A small beautiful beach below the Barry Road at the north eastern end of St. Georges. Will take about 25 minutes walk to reach from Kings Square. Excellent for snorkeling and swimming. 
Building Bay 
Also on Barry road and close to Alexandra Battery. Great for collecting colorful sea glasses. 

Churches in St. George

This is believed to be the oldest continually used Anglican church in the Western hemisphere. There are two graveyards in the premises, one for the black and the other for the whites where many prominent personalities of those days had been buried. The church is located on York Street. 
Just behind the St. Peter's Church, this is an old private home built in 1699 reflecting traditional Bermudian architecture using white limestone. It has a nice garden setting. 
The construction of the church started but never finished because religious leaders of the parish decided to invest the money in repairing the damaged St. Peter's Church instead. Unfinished church is located on Government Hill road and about 15 minutes walk from town square. 
Ethiopian Orthodox Church 
The interior of this church is full of intricate icon paintings done by an Ethiopian priest named Samuel. In 1977 the status of the church was elevated to Diocesan following consecration of the old chapel and it became part of Archdiocese of Latin America and The Caribbean. The church is located at 16, Old Military Road, St. George (Phone: 441-297 8411) and requires about 15 minutes walk from the town square. 
Ebenezer Methodist Church 
It's located at 7 York Street (Phone: 297-1771, Email: [email protected]) and quite close to the town square. Sunday service is at 11am. Prayer night every Friday at 7pm. Contemporary worship service takes place every 1st and 3rd Saturday of a month at 7pm. 

Historical Forts in St. George

Located at the north-eastern tip of St. George Island, fort St. Catherine’s historic exhibits and artifacts and well-preserved interior, make it one of our top choice of forts. 
Built in the 1860s at the eastern edge of Bermuda at St. George's, Alexandra's Battery was last manned during the world wars. There is a tiny beach next to it which is well known for sea glasses. 
A fortification on the north shore built initially in 1612 and later renovated in 1788. 
A small fort built in the 1600s to stop enemy boats to enter from the open sea into the St. George's harbor. 
The fort located at the eastern most edge in Bermuda at St. David's Island. It has two powerful guns of early 1900s that had a range of 7 miles. There is a nice adjacent parkland which is great for scenic views and picnics. 
Located in Castle Harbor, there are a number of forts of historic importance in Castle Island and in the string of islands close to it. Most of these forts are not accessibe to publc though. 
Both these forts are located in St. George's Bermuda in Retreat Hill and were built in mid 1800s to protect the north eastern coastline of Bermuda. 
Located in Paget Island in St George's Harbor, Cunningham Fort built in 1875 was a result of several reconstruction of the earlier Paget Fort. 
This is another eastern fort in Bermuda that was built to protect the Town of St. George's. Fort William was built by Bermuda's first Governor Richard Moore. 
Located at Ferry Point in St George's, this egg shaped fort was built in 1828 by the British Army. 
Built in 1688 by the British, this fort was used to guard the western entrance of Ferry Reach channel. 
The fort located at Ferry Island, was originally built in 1790s by the British to guard the water area that connected St George and Coney Island. 
Built in 1730s at St. David's island, Fort Popple was named after Governor Alured Popple. 

Museums and Historic Buildings in St. George

This is an 18th century home and now a museum, showcasing collections from a famous family who lived here. The kitchen in the house was once operated as a barber shop by a slave who escaped from South Carolina and came to Bermuda in 1862. 
Located at King's Square, Bermuda National Trust Museum is one of the oldest stone buildings in Bermuda. It features Bermuda's role in America's civil war out of many other things. 
One of Bermuda's oldest buildings, this is where the parliament sessions of Bermuda were held till 1815 before the capital was moved to Hamilton city. 
The lighthouse stands on the highest point on the Eastern tip of the island and sends its beam 20 miles over the ocean. 
Old Rectory is an old private home built around 1699 reflecting traditional Bermudian architecture. 
This is one of the oldest buildings in Bermuda built in 1730s. The retained artifacts and documents reflect old private life in the island. 
The museum captures the social and historical heritage of blacks including sports, social history of black slavery, politics, professional and personal accomplishment. This is the Bermuda's only black history museum. 
One of the oldest buildings in Bermuda and residence of early governors, now houses an art gallery and a guest apartment. 
One of the oldest homes in Bermuda, Carter House is made of stone and reflects the old vernacular architecture of Bermuda. 
This was originally the first jail building in St. George built in 1622. 
The institute was earlier known as the Bermuda Biological Station, and does research on deep sea and coral reef behaviors. 

Traditional Homes and Architecture

St. George's being the first place in the island where the first human settlement took place in early 17th century, you can find many historical and traditional homes where the early settlers lived. These houses reflect the unique and traditional architecture of Bermuda. Visit Traditional Homes to know about such amazing homes and buildings in St. Georges and plan a tour to visit them. 

Parks and Public Areas

This is the town center of St. George where many annual festivals are held including the Pepper Corn Ceremony. The Visitors Information Center is also located here. 
The second largest parkland in Bermuda that offers some of the best of nature in terms of plantation, lakes, bay and a small beach (Whale bone bay beach), and trails. There are also three historic forts in the park area. A great place for families and kids. 
James Darrel, one of the most respected black pilots, was the first documented black Bermudian who was freed from slavery. The place in St. George where his house is located, is called Darrel's Square. 
There are some small nice gardens in St George's. While some properties may be private and may not be always open to public, you can still see the beautiful gardens over the walls or through the gates. 
Rocky Hill Park 
It's located on Mullet Bay Road, about 15 minutes by bus from St. George's Town (bus #1, 3, 10, 11). You get wonderful view of Mullet Bay and Bermuda's north shore from here. 

St George Golf Courses

Mid Ocean, an 18-hole golf course is ranked by the experts as one of the best in the world. Other than fantastic views, this course is accompanied by guest rooms, full-service clubhouse, tennis courts and beaches. 
Tuckers Point course has dramatic views and re-contoured fairways and bunkers. It now has new practice facility, a driving range, practice putting green and short game area. All greens have been rebuilt with Tiff-Eagle to make the course much faster and better. 
St George Golf course in Bermuda is located on a picturesque setting. It's a 18 hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones. X Closed due to hotel development work in nearby area. 

Water Sport Activities and Operators

Tobacco bay beach and Achille's bay are ideal for great snorkeling. You can rent snorkel gears from these beaches. The rocks at Tobacco bay are great for sighting angel fish, parrot fish, sea fans etc. Other beaches good for snorkeling includes the Drew's beach, Gates Bay, Clearwater etc. 
St. George is a great location for deep sea fishing. The boat will go past the eastern edge and beyond the famous North Rock reef off the north eastern water area. Following are some of the well known fishing charters here: 
Reel Hot 
Phone: 441-537-6040 (boat) or 441-297-2871; Email: [email protected] 
Albatross Charters 
14 Jacobs Point Road, St. David’s, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 331-8089; Email:[email protected] 
Phone: 441-297-8093 (office) or 441-334-8953 (cell); Email: [email protected]  
They are a premier watersport operator at the eastern end and located at Grotto Bay Beach Resort. They offer snorkel gears, paddle boards, kayaks, paddle boat, Boston Whalers motor boats, Sun Fish sail boats etc. They are in a great location to take a boat trip to Castle Harbor and explore some of the many small islands there, or just make a kayak trip to Whalebone Bay or Bailey's bay. 
They are located at Kings Square (at White Horse Tavern). They offer Parasailing, Jet Skies, motor boat tours, Kayaks, SUP Paddle board rentals etc. 
Ocean Breeze Sail Charters 
They offer charter sailing on a 41-foot Morgan Sloop (capacity maximum of up to 20 persons). The charter time and route can be customized. Mostly they go into Castle harbor. Captain Jerry is himself a certified tour guide. They are located at Somers Wharf, St. George. 
Phone: (441) 334-9846; Email: [email protected] 
Their booking office is on Water Street. They offer rentals including paddle boards, kayaks, snorkel gears, mountain bikes etc. They operate tours out of Cut Road. 

Shopping Highlights

This is a quaint waterside complex full of charming shops and nice restaurants. Located by the dockside of Water Street. 
Located on Queen Street of St George, this is one of the oldest and best perfume shops where you will be amazed to see how different kinds of scents are actually created. It is house in a 300 years old building where they actually make their own island inspired perfumes and bottle them. Free tours, 'Make your own scent' workshop and Traditional Afternoon Tea are also offered. 
Robertson's Drug Store 
Other than being a pharmacy, this multi-purpose store stock items including health and beauty supplies, household items, books, toys, cards, artwork, stationery and lot more items. 24 York Street, St. George, Bermuda. Open Mon - Sat (8am to 7:30pm), Sun (4pm to 6pm). Phone: (441) 297-1828; Email: [email protected]  
Davidrose Studio 
Has won several 'Best of Bermuda' awards. They been operating since 2009. The husband and wife team make exquisite handcrafted jewelry in diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. They specialize in custom, bridal and statement pieces. 20 Water Street, St. George. Open: Monday - Saturday (10am - 4pm). Phone: (441) 293-7673; Email: [email protected] 
It's a typical old European style street market that sets up on Water Street. Vendors put up temporary stalls selling all kinds of local produces including farming products, clothes, local food and knick knacks. It is usually held on Saturday or Sunday and from April onwards until November.  X Discontinued 
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