Fort Popple at Little Head Bermuda

Located at the water edges of St. David's Island in the eastern parish of St. George Bermuda, Fort Popple was built by the British in 1730s. In 1738, when Alured Popple became the governor of Bermuda, he figured out that all the existing forts were becoming dilapidated and the guns were rusting. 
He decided to revamp all the existing forts and started a major repair and renovation work in the island. At that time, he also built a small new fort at Little Head in St. David's Island. 
This small fort located right at the water edges was named in his honor and was called Fort Popple. Being so close to the water edges, the fort required frequent repairs. In 1793 Captain Andrew Durnford repaired the fort and in early 1800s, 7 guns were mounted on Fort Popple to protect St. David's, St. George's, Southampton Fort and Smith's Fort. 
However, it's position so close to the waters made subsequent development work very difficult. There was a searchlight that was built just behind the fort on the flat area. 
In 1875, when Fort Cunningham was built at Paget Island in St. George's Harbor, Fort Popple became redundant and was no longer used. 
The adjacent Little Head Park is a beautiful location with its panoramic views of the ocean and the rocky coastline. There are nature trails that we love to explore every time we visit the fort area. The fort itself is no longer accessible to general public though. 

How to reach

Fort Popple is located in St George's Parish at the St. David's Island and at a place called Little Head Park. Bus #6 originates from St George and serves St. David's. 
Road Map 

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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Pat Atkin (January 2018) 
Is it best to get off the bus at the lighthouse to visit Fort Popple? 
Raj ( January 2018 
Hi, you can go further up towards St. Davids Head in Great Head Park (by bus #6 service that operates on the Main road, i.e. St. Davids Road). Ask the driver so that you can get off at the right point. It's a short walk from there.